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3D Brick Breaker Revolution (iPod/iPhone)

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Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.
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Apprentice Classicist: Complete 10 levels in Classic Mode.
Apprentice Revolutionary: Get to Level 5 in Revolution Mode.
Backpacker: Get to Level 25 in Revolution Mode.
Barely Made It!: In Time Attack Mode, clear a level with less than 4 seconds remaining on the clock.
Blue-Collar Millionaire: Get 1,000,000 points in Revolution Mode.
Bonus Champion: Complete 100 bonus levels in Revolution Mode
Bonus Grabber: Complete 1 Bonus Level in Revolution Mode.
Boss Breaker Jr.: Destroy 1 Boss in Revolution Mode.
Boss Breaker Pro: Destroy 10 Bosses in Revolution Mode.
Brick Basher: Break 5,000 basic brcks.
Destroyer: Break 100 unbreakable bricks.
Dr. Strangelove: Use 50 Nukes.
Explorer: Get to Level 150 in Revolution Mode.
Immortal: Get 100 extra lives.
King Climber: Get to Level 300 in Revolution Mode.
Know Your Place, Robot: Complete Classic Mode.
Lose-A-Life Award: Lose 50 extra lives.
Master Classicist: Complete 30 levels in Classic Mode.
Mighty Laborer: Get 500,000 points in Revolution Mode.
Professional Adventurer: Get to Level 200 in Revolution Mode.
Score Hoarder: Get 500,000 points in Classic Mode.
Score Millionaire: Get 1,000,000 points in Classic Mode.
Score Scavenger: Get 100,000 points in Classic Mode.
Scorer: Get 50,000 points in Classic Mode.
Stonecutter: Break 1,000 rock bricks.
Traveler: Get to Level 50 in Revolution Mode.
True Traveler: Get to Level 250 in Revolution Mode.
Veteran Boss Breaker: Destroy 50 Bosses in Revolution Mode.
Virtual Blacksmith: Break 500 metal bricks.
Wanderer: Get to Level 100 in Revolution Mode.