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3D Pinball: Space Cadet

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Cheat Codes

Debug mode

Type hidden test during game play. You can now click and drag the mouse to control the ball. Press one of the following keys to activate the corresponding debug function. You can end this mode by typing end hidden test after letting the ball drain. Game play then returns to normal, but you still cannot record the high score.

Display and edit high-score table
Display current system memory
Increase game ranking
Display frame rate in title bar
Immediately get new ball when one is lost
Low fuel
Field multiplier increases

, , , , , , , and

Unlimited balls

  • Type bmax at the full screen when the game first starts up. Note: This will work on Windows XP, but not on Windows NT 4.0.
  • Note: When the above code says "full screen", it does not mean the full screen when the game starts up. Press [F4] to enter the full screen game mode and the code will work. The extra balls will appear from the yellow wormhole.
  • Note: Enabling this code will disable high scores from being recorded.

Extra balls

Type 1max during game play to earn extra balls. Note: This will work on Windows XP.

Activate Gravity Well

Type gmax at the start of the game to activate the Gravity Well. Note: This will work on Windows XP.

Complete promotion

Type rmax during game play to instantly complete promotion. Note: You will not earn points doing this.

1,000,000,000 score

Type hmax during game play.

Play in red

Type omax during game play.


Enable the hidden test code, then type secret to go up one rank from Cadet to Space Admiral and others. Note: This also changes the missions on the buttons on the left near the ramp.

Increase field multiplier

  • Type Incredible or Imax to increase the field multiplier. The fifth time you hit the targets, you will boost the field multiplier to 20x. The sixth time you hit it will result in 50x. The seventh time you hit it will result in 100x. The eighth time you hit it will result in it not turning off after 60 seconds. This also increases the booster targets and the flags, as well as the re-entry lights and attack bumpers, the launch attack bumpers, the hyperspace chute (including kickout)m the multi color rectangular lights, and the progress and rank lights. This works until you reach Fleet (level 9) or lights are all on.
  • Type smax in normal mode or press S in Debug mode. If the four field multiplier lights are lit (done by hitting the three field multiplier targets each time), you can now increase it to 20x by pressing S or typing smax again. To increase it to 50x, press S a second time in Debug mode or type smax in normal mode. The field multiplier returns to 10x or the normal amount after 60 seconds.

Lights do not reset or turned off after 60 seconds

Type Lmax or press L to stop resetting or automatically turning off the lights (longer than 60 seconds). Press L once to get the lights on for 60 minutes, or twice for 24 hours, or three times for an unlimited amount of time. This will not affect your score or high scores. Note: Do not enable the hidden test code.

Change ball speed

  • Type Speed up to five times to increase the ball speed. Type stop to return to normal speed.
  • Type max to increase the ball speed. Type 2max to return to normal speed.
  • Enable the "Debug mode" code, then press M up to four times to increase the speed. Press 2 to return to normal speed.

Cheat code note

A cheat code will not work if you have the any of the player controls mapped to a letter in the code.


More points

  • Light up all three lights at the top by going through the slots. The bumpers will change colors and are worth more points.
  • When deploying a ball hit it soft so it only goes up to the third light on the far right side. You will get 75,000 points.
  • To earn points, start a game. When playing a game, send the ball through the Hyperspace Chute to spin the flag. While it is spinning, start a new game. That flag will still spin and you will earn some points at the start of the new game.
  • Enable the bmax code to keep getting balls when you lose them. You can get a very high score by doing this. If you do this and get a high enough score, keep pressing [Bump] so it says "TILT" and you will lose a ball. Note: You can also use the 1max code after you lose a ball to keep going. This way, you do not have to tilt the board when you want to quit.
  • If you restart a bad game when you are going through a wheel door at the correctly moment, you will get the points for it.
  • Enable the hidden test code, then click and drag the ball into the wormhole that is next to the beginning tube. When you drag it to the top it will say "Jackpot awarded", "Reflex shot", or some other things. Keep forcing the ball up when you get to the top to rapidly gain points.
  • Enable the hidden test code. Type R until you reach Fleet Admiral. Click and move the ball up into the hyperspace tube and hold it there. You will gain 100 to 200 points per second.
  • Enable the hidden test code. Move the ball to where the flag is flipping rapidly then press M. The memory will appear. Release the ball and press [Enter]. The ball will still be on the flag but you will not have to hold the mouse. Allow the game to idle in this state for easy points.
  • Enable the hidden test code. Get the multiplier up to 10x (knock down the yellow tabs that are up at the top four times in a row), then use the flipper to get fast points.

Move lights

Move the lights at the top by moving the flippers.

Skill Shot

  • A hidden Skill Shot tunnel is in the deployment chute. Launch the ball partially up the chute and allow it to fall to the first yellow arch light. There are six yellow arch lights in the chute that are worth a varying amount of points.
  • To unlock the Skill Shot, the point range for each light up are as follows.
First: 15,000 points
Second: 30,000 points
Third: 75,000 points
Fourth: 30,000 points
Fifth: 15,000 points
Sixth: 7,500 points

Complete one mission for promotion

Complete cadet with the science mission. Just as the mission lights are flashing, drain the ball as quickly as you can. If you do not want to lose a ball, make sure have an extra ball or replay. After the ball returns to the plunger, you will be on the next level with full mission lights. Now you only need complete one mission for each level. Make sure you get an extra ball or replay before repeating this trick otherwise you will not make it very far.

Extra balls

  • Hyperspace is one way to earn extra balls. The other way is to upgrade the three flags directly above the drainage chute three times in quick succession. Each time you do, another light below the flags will light up. Get all three to light up together to earn an extra ball. This has the advantage over the hyperchute, as you are in complete control. With hyperspace, the ball still has to go into one of the launch chutes to earn the extra ball -- and it is a matter luck if that happens or not.
  • Near the launch ramp, there is an array of three flags. Hit all the flags and get a level 1 commendation. Do this again and get level 2. Once you get level 3, you will get an extra ball. Hit the flags again and get an extra ball again, for an unlimited amount of extra balls. Note: The lights for the level commendations disappear very fast; be quick about hitting the flags. Be patient and hit the flags. Eventually, you will get up to level 3 and be rewarded with extra balls. This method is far more successful than the Hyperspace way because you earn them instantly and are not required to go down the out lanes, where you can lose the ball while getting the other one.
  • Earning the right to get Extra Balls using shots up the Hyperspace Chute from the left flipper requires finesse. Every game plays differently, but the rule is "the softer the shot, the better". A strong flip of the flipper requires absolute accuracy, hard to achieve and maintain consistently. A soft shot give you much more margin for error. Your accuracy can be off a little and still make it to the top of the chute with a soft shot. To achieve a soft shot, let the ball roll down the flipper to whatever spot works on your computer, then hold Z. Do not flip it hard as if you were hitting a baseball. Think "push" or "press" rather than "flip". Also, remember to hold Z until the ball has left the flipper. Once you get the hang of it, your percentages will improve noticeably. One thing to remember is that when a game goes on for a while, the strength of your "press" on Z will vary. What worked half a half hour ago will not work anymore. When you are missing the Hyperspace Chute, try to watch the ball to see whether it is hitting the upper lip of the Chute opening or the lower one. It it is hitting the upper lip, you need to adjust by activating the flipper slightly later. If it is hitting the lower lip, press it a little sooner. In a long game, your "press" point will move up and down the flipper, and you will need to adjust. After the Extra Ball light is lit in the Out Chutes, the next problem is how to get the ball over there. There are no guarantees, but this tip works fairly frequently. Shooting from the left flipper, aim for the Yellow Wormhole using the same "soft" shot technique. Unless you are a dead shot and can hit the Yellow Wormhole just about every time, a near miss will frequently send the ball into the left Out Chute, and sometimes even the right one. The reason for this is that a near miss usually hits the upper or lower lip of the Wormhole, often ricocheting it on the flat trajectory necessary to get the ball into the Out Chutes. Of course, it si best to try this trick when the Center Post is up, and even better when the yellow Replay light is lit (in case you "accidentally" make the shot into the Wormhole), but any time is worth the gamble. Another way into the right Out Chute is much tougher, but is very gratifying when it works. Using the left flipper, let the ball roll almost all the way off until it is just barely still in contact with the flipper, then flip it hard. Sometimes, the ball will roll up the right flipper and up its chute, and the "English" will take it over the top into the right Out Chute.

Beginning bonus

When you first shoot the ball, do not use enough force to send the ball up to the top. Get it past the first light, and if done correctly, it should go back down and to the left on a little ramp for a "Skill Shot Bonus". How many points you get in the bonus depends on how far the ball went before dropping back. If you get the ball to light all the lights in the shoot-off ramp then make it drop back, you can get up to 75,000 bonus points. The lowest bonus is 15,000.

Refuel ship

There are two ways to refuel your ship. The first is to pass the ball through the slot above the left hand flipper (under the launch ramp hole). The easiest way to do this, obviously, is to go through the launch ramp. For the second method, there is a bridge where the launch ramp is located. It has colored lights through it. Shoot the ball all the way through and spin the flag, and your ship will be refueled.

Upgrade engines

Upgrade engines by lighting all three lane lights on the launch ramp area. You can control the location of lit/unlit lights by hitting the flippers, just like the way you can control the ones at the top of the board. The easiest pattern of play is to use the left flipper just as the ball is entering the flipper, to pop it onto the launch ramp. Launch Training is therefore the quickest way to make Ensign. Make it a habit to always go back for two repeat shots on the launch ramp for a good point booster. Note: A flipper hit on balls being ejected from the hyperspace tube can fairly often send them back there. You also get a bonus for this repeat hit if done immediately.

Reflex Shot Award bonus

Shoot the ball up the launch ramp (the purple ramp to the left of the screen) and let it drop through the hole. When the ball gets to the middle of the left flipper, shoot the ball. It should go up the launch ramp again and you get a Reflex Shot Award. Note: This can be done as many times as you want, but requires precise timing.

High scores

  • It is almost pointless to pursue the specific mission targets of the current mission. Rather, since the inevitable end of your game is the final draining of the third ball, changing the focus of your games to always having a center post in place and always having an extra ball or a number of extra balls available to greatly increase the number of fairly high score games. The key to both these goals is the Hyper Space ramp. By directing the ball from the right flipper (contain the ball with the flipper held stationary, let it drop, then direct the ball into the chute. With a little practice you should be able to do this 95% of the time) into the launch ramp. The next shot from the left flipper into the Hyper Space ramp is a little more difficult but you should be able to master a 75% success rate for this one. The ball must go right to the end of the ramp. As you continue to make this sequence of shots over and over, you will activate the center post and also have an extra ball available. When this is the case, then go after the specific mission of the moment. By always doing this before pursuing specific targets, your games should be greatly extended.
  • When using the Hyper Space routine for gaining a center post and extra balls, it is only necessary to start the sequence from the right flipper to the launch ramp and then off the left flipper into the Hyper Space chute. Once the ball has gone to the end of the Hyper Space chute and awarded whatever is appropriate for that play, it will kick back down and it is very often possible to send it right back up into the same spot where it just came from -- namely right back up into the Hyper Space chute. The goal is to send it up the chute as many times as possible. When you finally miss, the ball will start to move around the table and the actual mission of the moment can be pursued. Also, quite often the ball will kick out of the Hyper Space chute and off the left flipper into the launch ramp which you then use the left flipper again to direct the ball right back into the Hyper Space chute.
  • When you do not have an extra ball available and the ball in play has ended up in the Black Hole and it is likely to kick out into the right hand drain chute (thus costing you a ball), at the very moment it is about to leave the Black Hole, use your left table shift key to move the table and usually you will avoid the ball draining. Only hit it once otherwise it will tilt. Another note, this same Black Hole kick out will often put the ball right into the extra ball spot when same is still available.
  • The white bar across the Launch Ramp that registers the points awarded, if and when the ball has stopped just before it. Let it sit there for as long as possible before shifting the table to move in on through. The slower the ball goes under this bar the more points you will receive (usually about two to three million points, but can be as high as 15 million points. Note: Watch your fuel level so that the mission is not aborted.
  • You can also experience very substantial run ups by slowly turning the flags.

Far right tube

The most common tube passed back through, in the Launch area, by a ball bouncing among the bumpers, is the far right tube. Always rotate the lights to keep that tube dark as it is most likely to be lit again by the ball bouncing around.

Upper area tube patterns

The tube patterns on the upper areas are that a ball in the left tube, and especially the right tube, is bounced back up through the same tube 20% (left tube) to 40% (right tube) of the time. Always move the light out of that tube when the ball goes down through it. When a ball is shot back into the entry area by the right catch ramp, it always places the ball into the left entry tube. Always move a dark spot to that tube to insure weapons upgrades.

Get to the Launch Pad

Launch the ball on the Hyperspace. After launching, the ball will hit the left flipper (do not move any flipper) then bounce into the right "rebound". After the ball hits the right "rebound" press X. This works about 70% of the time.

Easy launch chute

When the ball is returning from Hyperspace Launch, it will bounce off the left flipper. If you are patient and resist moving the flipper, it will almost always bounce into the Launch chute. This works for a full Hyperspace Launch - not if the ball merely goes into the chute but does not fully launch.

Secret missions

Hit all three of the mission lights (the buttons on the left you hit to choose a mission). You can now play a special mission that is worth more points than a normal mission.


Go into the hyperspace tube. A light will turn on to tell you how many times you have gone in. If you go in once, you get a hyperspace bonus. If you go in twice, you will get a jackpot. If you go in three times you will get a center post. If you go in four times and you will get an extra ball. If you go in five times you will get a gravity well and the hyperspace counter will start again.

Cycling the hyperspace tube

Regarding cycling the hyperspace tube for post up and extra balls, if you do not want to have to deal with the gravity well and dropping a ball down the side shoot to get a replay, wait for the post to drop down before getting it again. The third Hyperspace on a single ball triggers the Post-up. Once at this stage, if you wait for the post to drop before getting another Hyperspace. Each Hyperspace you get takes you back to Post-Up, as often as you can do it. Note: A much more controllable Hyperspace shot is from the tip of the left flipper.

Left flipper shots

Left flipper shots are usually best done by catching the ball first, then releasing it and shooting. A quick shot goes up the Launch Ramp, a shot toward the flipper's end is a Hyperspace shot, and a shot from the very tip can hit the flags on the right or the worm hole on the lower right area.

Right flipper shots

Right flipper shots include a possible Hyperspace from the tight early area of the flipper, the far right wormhole or upper bumpers from about one third of the way down, a shot at the enter flags from the mid area, a Launch shot from about four-fifths of the way down, or a re-fuel tube and upper/re-entry shot from the tip.

Using time wisely

Until you reach about 40 million points with several levels of play achieved, it takes two minutes to gain each one million points. The arithmetic is fairly simple -- to get to 30 million takes about an hour of continuous play. A game that results in 86 million points will take almost two hours. A 70 million point game takes just a little over an hour and a half. If you do not have at least 5 million points when the ball number changes from one to two, press [F2] and start over. There is virtually no point in trying to achieve a high score if that is only where you are at when the number two ball shows on the board.

Time Warp mission: Rank advance

  • Once you have attained the level of Commander (level 6) you can select the Time Warp mission by lighting all three mission lights. This is an easy mission to complete. You need only hit the various rebound bumpers 25 times, followed by a launch chute. This sends you "forward in time" and will usually advance you to Admiral l (level 8) instantly.
  • After accepting the Time Warp mission and you hit the bumpers, you will be instructed to go up a launch ramp or hyperspace chute. You can choose either forward or backward in time. If you go up the launch ramp you will go forward (up a rank). The hyperspace chute makes you go backward (down a rank).


Do the skill shot then do not touch the flippers. Just let the ball fall, and the game will give you a re-deploy. You can shoot it up and then attack bumpers.

Replay function

The replay function is the red light next to the left flipper. If you lose your ball and the red light is on, you will get another ball. The replay action is better than an extra ball because when you lose, you do not abort your missions and do not have to start all over again. To get the replay function light on, you have to open the wormholes by hitting the Space Warp target (the small red button near the entrance of the Hyperspace chute). The wormhole lights will then light up to a color (red, yellow, or green). You now have to get the ball in the wormhole of that color to turn on the replay function.

Skip the new game music

While the game is starting a new game, press [F2] again during the music and sound effects to start the game immediately.

Change background music

Note: This procedure involves changing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Enter the game folder and delete the "pinball.mid" file. Get any MIDI file desired, save it in that folder and rename it to "pinball.mid". Note: It can only be a MIDI file.

Play while the game is in tilt

This trick requires extremely good timing. While the game is playing the new game music, press [F2] then press all of the bump table buttons simultaneously a couple of times. The box will say "TILT!", but you can still launch, use the flippers, and get points. If you are unsuccessful, close the game, open it again, and start over.

Keyboard touch

As your score climbs higher and higher, it becomes more difficult to touch the keyboard as softly and gently as possible. It becomes a bit of a challenge to see how softly you can do it and this seems to lead to much higher scores. Perhaps because you have to control the amount of force applied, better control of the game is achieved.

Red streak

When you start the game and the ball is dropped, press [F2] to restart. When the ball is redropped again, enable the hidden test code. Then, press Y to access the frame rate. After that deploy the ball using [Space]. Do not hit it. When it goes between the flippers and you lose a ball press H. When the high score screen appears, press [Enter]. If the ball does not make a red streak behind it, press [F2] again and it should work. Note: This does not work every time.


Created by lildude4231.

Cheat demo


Time Warp mission while at Fleet Admiral

While at Fleet Admiral level, complete the Time Warp mission by launching. This sends you forward. Only problem is, there is apparently nowhere to go forward to and the game will freeze.

Saving the score with cheats enabled

After enabling the hidden test code, get the amount of points you want on balls 1 and 2 and play normally on ball 3. It will then save save your score.


Strategy: Mission lights and ranks by Living Dog

Strategy: General tactics by CPMariner

Strategy guides from GameFAQs