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A-Train HX

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This game is titled A-Train HX in Europe and Australia and A Ressha de Ikou HX in Japan.


Getting trains to stop at stations

In the "Options" menu you can select whether to set schedules by track (have the train perform a different action depending upon which track they come into the station on) or set a general schedule regardless of which line the train is on. Select the desired train and enter the "Station" settings. Adjust what action you want the train to take each time it reaches that station (pass through, wait oncoming, Wait one hour, go straight; reverse, etc.)


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

National Conquest (80 points): Clear all included game maps.
Railway Kingdom (60 points): Total railway assets exceed the total of non-railway assets by over 15% when the game is cleared.
Railway Microstate (60 points): Total rail length is less than 300 when the game is cleared.
Harmony With Nature (60 points): Blocks of trees exceed 300 when the game is cleared.
The Great Leap Forward (60 points): Clear the game within 5 years.
Subway Mall Expansion (30 points): Number of underground malls exceeds 100.
Tube Expansion (30 points): Total length of rails in tunnels exceeds 100.
Bustling Metropolis (30 points): City population exceeds 100,000.
Station Expansion (30 points): Number of stations exceeds 30.
Public Transport King (30 points): Total rail length exceeds 2,000.
Industry Leader (30 points): Total assets exceed 30 billion.
Factory Head (30 points): Number of factories exceeds 30.
Leisure Industry Leader (30 points): Number of leisure facilities exceeds 20.
Company Expansion (50 points): Number of your properties exceeds 60.
City Expansion (50 points): Number of other companies' properties exceeds 1,000.
Top Trader (40 points): Share trading profits exceed 10 billion.
Property Baron (40 points): Profits from property exceed 20 billion.
Sign of Success (40 points): Bank interest paid exceeds 500 million.
Top Taxpayer (40 points): Taxes paid exceed 10 billion.
Take to the Skies (30 points): Construct an airport.
Port of Call (10 points): Construct a port.
Bullet Train in Service (30 points): Complete the bullet train project to open a bullet train line.
Maglev Train in Service (60 points): Complete the linear train project to open a maglev train line.
Tourist Trap (50 points): Construct all types of landmarks.

 Japan  Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Big City Population (30 points): Population of the town exceeds 100,000.
Domestic Prominent Enterprise (30 points): Sum total of property exceeds ¥3 trillion.
Growth of Leisure Business (30 points): The number of leisure facilities exceeds 20.
Growth of Real Estate Business (40 points): Profit on sale with real estate exceeds ¥2 trillion.
Important Point of Industry (30 points): The number of factories exceeds 30.
Large Amount Taxpayer (40 points): Tax payment amount exceeds ¥1 trillion.
Nationwide Conquest (80 points): Clear the existing game map entirely.
Started Aeronautical Business (30 points): Construct the airport.
Started Harbor Business (10 points): Construct the port.
Success of New Station Development Program (30 points): The number of stations exceeds 30.
Symptom of Management Success (40 points): The interest paid to the bank exceeds ¥50 billion.
Top Trader (40 points): The profit due to buying and selling the stocks exceeds ¥1 trillion.
Underground Town Propulsion Project Success (30 points): The number of underground towns exceeds 100.