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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Go to the center of the BattleonTown area. Click on the exclamation mark above Valencia's head, then select the "Special Codes" button. Enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Effect Code
Thirteen1 Badger helm Thirteen1
Beckett's shop Oicu812
Dragon Con shop Dragonkhan8234280



Type the following chat commands to perform the corresponding emote.



Type /join followed by one of the following room names to travel to the corresponding area.



Defeat the following monsters to get the indicated item, pet, or weapon.

Black Wolf: Finish all
Bone Axe: Defeat Jack Sprat.
Box Guardian Blade: Defeat Box Guardians.
Brown Wolf : Buy from Aria.
Carnax Blade: Kill Carnax (for Guardian only).
Commander Sword: Defeat Undead Commander.
Dark Crystal : Buy from Aria.
Dark Wolf: Do all of the Willow Creek quests.
Death Doll Pet : Buy from Aria.
Dollar Staff : Kill Sneevil.
Dragon Wings : Kill each dragon seven times.
Dragonslayer Armor : Do all of Ganloth's quests.
Dragonslayer Helm: Buy from ganloth.
Dragonslayer Sword : Buy from ganloth.
Elemental Rock Hammer: Defeat the Rock Elemental.
Elite Blade: Reach maximum level.
Fish Mace: Defeat Fishman Soldier.
Giant Protector Blade: Defeat Grizzle Pit.
Golden Phoenix : Buy from Aria.
Grand Inquisitor Armor: Kill.
Grizzle Spits Sword: Kill Grizzle Spits.
Hydra Blade: Buy from blacksmith in Sword Haven.
Inquisitor Captain Short Polearm: Defeat the captain at Citadel.
Inquisitor Guard's Spear: Defeat the guards at Citadel.
Inquisitor's Guard Helm: Defeat the guards at Citadel.
Light Staff: Kill Red Dragon.
Morning Star: Defeat Zardman Boss.
Orc Axe: Defeat Orcs.
Paladin Armor: Finish all.
Pet Parrot : Buy from Yulgar.
Pet Spybot : Do the third quest in Dwakel Crash Site.
Phoenix Blade: Defeat Red Dragon
Platinum Axe of Destiny: After the cinematic at /join dragonfire, it will reward you with the item.
Plungerizer: Found at Rip In The Sky.
Primitive Stonehead Spear: Kill Zardman Hunter.
Protosartorium Armor: Kill
Red Dragon Pet : Buy from Ganloth.
Red Dragon Wings : Buy from Ganloth.
Red Paladin: Finish all, and a shop will open.
Reign Bringer: Buy it at the Swordhaven blacksmith.
Rogue: Buy from trainer rogue.
Skeleton Hand: Defeat Skeleton Warriors.
Skeleton Hand: Kill Skeleton Warriors.
Soul Scythe: Defeat Soulseeker
Staff Of Imp Fire: Defeat Fire Elemental in Bludrut2.
Templar Helm Of Light: Defeat Red Dragon.
Trident: Defeat Fishman Soldier.
Turkey Head: Defeat Turdraken.
Turkey Tail Feathers: Defeat Turdraken.
Undead Plague Spear : Defeat Jack Sprat.
Vamparic Gladius: Get rank 6 Vampire and buy it from Brysin.
Vampire Emissary: Get rank 6 Vampire and buy it from Brysin.
Violet Sphere: Kill.
Warrior: Buy from trainer warrior.
Water Draconian Sword: Defeat Water Draconian.
Water Draconian Wings: Defeat Water Draconian.
Wave Cutter: Defeat Sharbait in Lolosia or buy it in the Pirate shop.
Wave Cutter: Defeat Sharkbait.
Wolf Warrior Blade: Get rank 3 Vampire and buy it from Brysin.
Zardman Stone Hammer: Defeat Zardman Grunt.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding item.

Blade Of Twilight: Get rank 6 Lycan and buy it from Faopaw.
Zephyr: Buy it from Warlic's Robe shop in Battleontown.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding pet.

Dinozard: Go to the Frogzard Hunter, click "Dinozard Island" and complete the quest.
Gatta: Found at Gatta Island.
Light wolf: Go to werewolf lair at Darkovia Forest and find the yellow wolf.
Permafrost: Keep battling monsters until you face Lord Arrgthas then defeat him.
Random wild animals: Keep battling at the "Battle Monsters" sign until you end up with a crate.
Shark: Purchase Feral Garb at Dark Jungle.
Thunder Kitten: Complete the quest at Thunder Mountain.
Truffle: Purchase at Aria's shop.


Complete the indicated task to obtain the corresponding class.

Acolyte: Juvania's Shop, Trainers, must be rank 5 healer class (members only).
Assassin: Complete all the ninja trainer's quest just outside of Noobshire to open the shop.
Barber: Buy at trainers for 15,000 gold.
Beast Warrior: Buy at upgrade shop.
Berserker: Buy at upgrade shop.
Dragon Slayer: Complete all of Galanoth's quests.
Enforcer: Keep defeating the mithril man at the crash site.
Healer: Buy at trainers for 1,000 gold.
Mage: Buy at trainers for 1,000 gold.
Ninja: Buy at trainers for 15,000 gold.
No class: Buy at the seasons shop in Battleon Square for 2 gold.
Paladin: Buy from Artix at the inn at Swordhaven; must have level 10 healer and level 10 warrior.
Pirate: Complete all the quests at Lolosia to open the shop.
Protosatorium: Keep defeatubg Protoatorium at the crash site.
Renegade: Buy at trainers from the first girl on the left
Rogue: Buy at trainers for 1,000 gold.
Rustbucket: Do the last quest at the crash site.
Sorcerer: Buy at trainers from second girl on the left
Warlord: Buy at trainers from the boy.
Warrior: Buy at trainers for 1,000 gold.

Easy gold

  • Go to Lair and fight Wyverns until you have three or four Wyvern Pets. Sell them all for 2,500 gold each.
  • To get easy money if you are level 5 or higher, go to the forest. Fight the Boss Zardmen. Keep fighting him until you have a Krom's Brutality or morning star in your inventory. Both of them sell for 5,000 gold. Note: You can have more than one Krom's Brutality and morning star in your inventory.
  • Go to the dragon's lair. Kill only the golden, purple, and green dragons. Take the weapons that they drop and sell them. You can stock up on all the dragon's weapons, but you can only have one of each type in your inventory at a time.
  • Use the following trick for easy gold and experience in ten minutes. Note: You must have many allies to come with you. Go to the Crash Site. Click the speech bubble on the armored woman, then click "Quests". Accept the following quests: "Quadrolithium", "Dam Balloons", and :"Bumper Bolts". Go across the bridge. Kill the Dwakel Warrior and Dwakel Blaster. Each monster drops three quest items for your quests there. After completing the quests sell the three reward items. You will earn 7,000 gold in minutes. Repeat this as many times as desired.
  • Accept the first three Crash Site quests (Quadrolithium, Dam Balloons and Bumper Bolts). Kill Dwakel Blaster to get a helm that sells for 1,250 gold. Kill Dwakel Warrior to get a sword that sells for 3,750 gold. You can also kill Barrier Bot for a helm for 2,500 bonus gold. Go back to finish the quests. This will result in 200 gold (quest gold reward), 7,500 gold (quest items rewards), 7,500 gold (Dwakel Bubble Helm, Dwakel Warrior Sword, and Barrier Bot Helm), and 500 gold (Dwakel's gold drop) for a total of 15,500 gold.
  • Go to the Crash Site and talk to Tarvarya. She is the first person there. Go to "Quests" and accept "Quadrolithium", "Dam Balloons", and "Bumper Bolts". Then, go to the building with the chickens. Battle the flamethrower Dwakel eight times. He is the easiest Dwakel to defeat. Afterwards, turn in your quest items and get the Osculation Helm, Battery Cell Pack, and the Spybot. Sell them to get about 7,500 gold each time.
  • Use the following trick to get 10,000 gold in about five minutes. Go to the Forest Of Chaos. Kill seven Chaos Wolves. Then, kill Chaos Bear at least four times. If you have Barbaric Tribesman Armor, sell it to get 8,000 gold. Note: The armor is for upgrades only.
  • Get in a group of two or three. Go to the dragon lair find Bronze Draconian. Kill it two or three times until you get the Mammoth Crusher Blade. You can sell it for 5,000 gold if you do not want to keep it.
  • Choose monsters that groups of players farm. Wait until it is almost dead, then run in and help finish it off. Mages can do this easily with fireball.
  • Go to boxes with more than one friend. Kill Grizzle Split until you get a Giant Protector Blade. You can sell it for 7,500 coins.
  • Go to Forest Of Chaos and find the bear after killing seven wolves. Attack it until it drops. Sell the things that drop for gold.
  • This is the easiest way to get Adventure Coins and gold, even if you are not a member, is to type /join ballyhoo how it is then click on the girl's bubble.
  • Go to the Crash Site and accept first three quests. Kill the Blasters eight times, then turn them in. Sell the items, and if you obtained a Drawkel Bubble Helm it is a bouns.
  • Click on "Story" in Battleon, then "Chapter 1". You will see Swordhaven Burning. Notice the healer by the portal. Talk to her and get the "Fire Gem" quest. Have your group of about three players, including yourself. Kill the Fire Skeleton Mages. You will get the gem after about ten kills. Turn the quest in to get the Burn It Down staff. Sell the staff for 12,500 gold.
  • Kill the Hydras until you get good armor or a weapon and sell them.
  • Unlock all of Cornelis' quests. Then, click the "!" sign on top of a green creature. Next, click "Quests" then the "Arm Yourself" quest. Kill the Boss, which is a Stone Golem at the very top of Cornelis. He only has 800 health. If you get the "Stone Golem Arm" quest item, go back down to the green creature. Click the "!" sign then "Quests". Select "Arm Yourself" and turn it in for 500 gold and 500 experience points.
  • Go to Pete Noggle in the river. Accept his last quest. Then, go to the shallows. Go all the way to the right until you see the Water Element. Attack it. It is very easy to defeat. Once you get the quest item, the Water Essential, return to Pete Noggle. Turn in the quest to get 500 gold and 500 experience points.
  • Go to Dwakel and accept the first three quests. After you kill the required amount of Dwakels, get the quest items and sell them at a shop to get 7,500 gold.
  • Go to Greenguard West and find a group. Kill the Black Knight repeatedly, selling every drop in between. All of his drops sell for 6,250 gold, and the Staff Of The Fallen drops nearly every time.

Easy experience

  • Train at the crash site. Train on the Dwakel Blaster, Dwakel Flamethrower, and Barrier Bots. They all give 150 experience points when killed.
  • Accept and complete all the trainer quests. Turn all of them in at the same time for over 800 experience points.
  • Go to the Lair Of Dragons. Go to where Ganaloth (the dragonslayer) is located, and accept all the quests up to Dragonslayer Veteran. Note: If you are a member, do not accept the Dragonslayer quest. Keep the window open and kill the Wyvrens in the same room as Galaloth. You can gain 800 experience points for a ten kill minimum from all the quests, plus the general experience you get for killing Wyverns.
  • Go to the Pizza Castle in Sword Heaven and do her quest. If you repeat it, you will get 100 gold and lots of experience points.
  • This trick requires a Necromancer that can use Zombie Hands (requires 30 MP). Necro Heal will exchange 10% of your health for 10% of your mana. Try to get the largest gap between your mana and health as possible, to get the greatest amount of mana for your health. Eventually, you will be able to use Zombie Hands continuously because you will keep getting much more mana for health, and Zombie Hands will restore health from mana.
  • Type /join lair to go to the Vasalkar lair. Accept the first three Vasalkar Lair quests, "Dragonbane", "Dragon Scales", and "Dragon Souvenirs". For some bonus experience points, accept the available Dragon Slayer quest (Dragonslayer Veteran and Dragonslayer Reward quest recommended if you want to kill wyverns and/or Dragonslayer Veteran if you want to kill Bronze, Venom, and Purple Draconians).
  • Type /join hachiko to go to Hachiko. Every monster here results in 180 to 195 experience points when you are in level 15.
  • Type /join citadel to go to Citadel. You will need at least five friends and have completed the Citadel quests. Accept the "Grand Inquisitor's Penance" and "Grand Inquisitor's Surprise Visitor" quests.
  • Type /join cornelis to go to Cornelis. Accept the "Ruined Ruins" and "Blueish Glow" quests. After getting all the required items , return and turn them in.
  • Type /join cornelis to go to Cornelis. Accept the "Quickdraw" and "Arm Yourself" quests. Go to the Golem. Keep the Quickdraw's "Go To Camp" and "Stay Here Longer" bar open. Fight Golems until you get the quest item. Click "Return To Camp" to get back down fast, then repeat.
  • The Chaos Lord Vath has brought new monsters. One of those monsters is very unique and can boost your experience points. Try attacking the monsters at The Citadel or Drow Soldiers.

Kung Food achievement

Complete the harvest quest then go to Oishii. There is a button at the upper right part of the screen. Hit people and the number will increase.

Defeating the Rock Roc while on the Chaos Dragon

Keep shooting fireballs at it (or get close to it, hold the Left Mouse Button then release it to deal a little more damage). Repeat this until you have about 500 HP remaining. Then, go down to the ground and to where you are running. Eat the rangers to get health. When your health is high enough, begin attacking again. Repeat this strategy until it dies.

Greenguard Forest Bosses

There are four bosses at Greenguard Forest. Use the following commands to reach them.

Greenguard Basilisk: /join trunk
Green Dragon: /join greendragon
Deathgazer: /join deathgazer
Super Blob: /join well

Defeating Valkrie the red dragon

  • Have a Mage class with Ice Shards. Join a lair of your choice and go to the red dragon. Have the Mage walk in the door. Remain at the door. Hit the red dragon with Ice Shards then run out. Repeat this seven times then attack. The red dragon will no longer be able to hurt you.
  • Use a rank 2 or higher Mage class. Hit it with an Ice Shard then run outside where the Dark Draconians are located. Then, go back and attack the red dragon with Ice Shard again. The dragon should heal you and restore your mana. After you hit it with the shard again, just continue the battle as usual.

Surviving Boss battles

Train an Enforcer class until it is level 8 to get the "Event Horizon" power. This reduces all damage you take to zero for twelve seconds. When a Boss is almost defeated and your HP are very low, use it.

Unlocking the Paladin class

Have Healer class and Warrior class both rank 10. Go to Swordhaven and enter the inn. You will find Artix and Robina inside. Talk to Artix. Artix's Paladin shop will be unlocked, allowing you to buy a variety of Paladin items.

Changing alignment

Go to Battleon, then click on "Story". Select to go to the witch, is in Chapter 1. Walk through the inside the castle. Go to King Alteon's room. Talk to him and watch the cinematic. You will eventually have the choice to become good or evil.

Recommended armor

Try using the following armor.

Scorpion Assassin Armor (30,000 gold)
Imperial Plate Armor (200,000 gold)
Dark Armor (membership and evil side required, purchase at evil kingdom near the lair)


Repeating quests fast

Get a quest and leave the quest window open. Complete the quest and get your reward. You can then repeat the quest from the open window while remaining at the quest location.

Sliding movement

Click a location, then select "Rest" while your character runs to it. You will slide and stop there. You can also click another location while sliding to continue moving in a sliding position.