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Adventures To Go

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This game is titled Adventures To Go in North America and Europe, and Chuumon Shiyouze! Oretachi no Sekai in Japan.



Use the following combinations.

5 Year-Underground Prison: Badland, Forest, Plain, Prison(2)
Alkata Monument: Plains(3), Forest, Cave(2), Capital
Bandit's Lair: Plains, Forest, Cave(2)
Druid Forest: Forest(2)
Fenrir's Artic: All Arctics
Goat Plain/Cave: Plains(2), Cave/Beastman
Hot Sand Desert: Desert/Beastman(3)
Mindshard Dungeon: Dungeon(4), Wizard (4)
Remote Lands: Forest, Plain(2), Badland
Water Maze Of Love: Water Dungeon(3)


Use the following combinations. Note: Some crystals have more than one combination. Note some crystals have an alternative combination

Page 1
Heal: Love(2)
Restore: Ice, Light
Revive: Love(3), Light
Heal All: Love(3), Mind
Fire Blade: Blade, Fire
Fire Spear: Blade(2), Fire or Blade, Fire(2)
Fire Tornado: Earth, Wind, Fire
Steam explode: Ice, Fire(2), Wind
Page 2
Firestorm: Earth, Fire, Power, Wind
Big Bang: Time, Fire, Mind, Power
Ice Ball: Ice, Earth
Ice Spear: Ice(2), Earth(2)
Blizz Spear: Ice, Blade, Wind
Ice Coffin: Ice, Time, Earth, Love
Ice Storm: Ice, Earth, Power, Wind
Light Arrow: Blade, Light
Page 3
Light Spear: Blade(2), Light
Light Dance: Blade, Light, Power
Purify Light: Blade, Mind, Light, Power
Poison Drop: Ice, Dark
Poison Rain: Ice(2), Dark(2)
Drain Life: Blade, Dark, Mind
Dark Blast: Blade, Dark, Fire, Power
Dispel Wind: Blade, Earth, Wind
Page 4
Dark Dragon: Blade, Dark, Earth, Power
Earth Needle: Earth, Blade
Earth Spear: Blade, Earth(2) or Earth, Blade(2)
Wind Blade: Blade(2), Wind
Killing Gust: Blade, Wind(2)
Bladestorm: Blade(2), Mind, Wind
Meteor: Earth, Light
Meteor Shower: Earth(2), Light
Page 5
Meteor Storm: Earth(2), Light, Power
Fire Shield: Fire(2), Love
Fire Barrier: Fire, Love, Mind, Light
Ice Shield: Ice(2), Love
Ice Barrier: Ice, Love, Mind, Light
Iron Wall: Earth, Love
Steel wall: Earth, Love(2)
Temper: Light, Power(2)
Fury: Light(2), Power(2)
Focus: Love, Mind, Light
Haste: Time(2), Light
Magic Barrier: Earth, Mind, Light
Paralyze: Time, Dark
Seal Magic: Dark, Mind
Para. Arrow: Time, Dark, Mind
Slow: Time(2), Earth or Time, Earth(2)
Page 7
Null Magic: Time, Dark, Light
Reflect Magic: Love, Mind, Light(2)


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