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Afro Samurai (PlayStation3)

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Number One Headband difficulty

Successfully complete Story mode.

Treasure Gallery

Successfully complete Story mode.




"Doppelganger": Defeating Afro Droid

  • Swing at him until he does a dash attack. He will be briefly vulnerable afterwards. Use [Heavy Attack] combos and repeat the process.
  • When you can, enter Focus mode and charge an attack. He will do the same thing. At the last moment, change the attack to the opposite of what he is doing and you should be able to kill him fairly easily.
  • Use combos that he does not know. Because he was made from Okiku's memory of you in the past he does not know the things you have learned through your father's mementos or your side flips.
  • Use the [Heavy Attack] four times combo. That does three slashes then a jump slash, which he does not block well. Repeat that combo until he is defeated.

"The Empty Seven's Story": Defeating Brother One

You must reflect his bullets back at him, using a horizontal slice when his comic panel appears. Go into focus mode and wait for him to shoot the bullet before trying to reflect it.

"Kuma's Story": Defeating Kuma Unmasked

  • Keep executing the "Obedience Training" move ([Heavy Attack] three times, [Light Attack] three times, [Heavy Attack] three times, then [Heavy Attack]). The last hit of that combo will hit him, then quickly press [Heavy Attack] three times to damage him.
  • Run in somewhat wide circles so he cannot hit Afro. When he springs high in the air and lands, quickly get behind him and press [Heavy Attack] four times. There may be other opportunities to attack as well. If you run clockwise, you can get to his back after he does his shoulder-charge move. If you run counter-clockwise, you can get an opening after his kick combo. Cut off your combo after two moves if he blocks it. He will punch you after the third move, and once you are down it will be difficult to get back up.
  • When facing Kuma in his second stage, block timing is important. In the first round he does a two hit attack. Block the first attack, then block second attack immediately afterwards and hit him with a combo. In the second round it becomes a three hit attack. You must block, then in the third round it is a four hit attack. Keep close to him so he uses the timed-block attack, and not his spin or dash attacks.

"The Lowdown East Pass": Defeating the machine gunners

  • Do not try to cross the bridge. Instead, go around them. On the first one there is a ledge to the right just before the bridge. After flanking the machine gunners they will no longer have their guns and will be easy to kill.
  • There are two gunners in this area, and they must be ambushed from the side. For the first gunner, when approaching the bridge head off the ledge to your right to avoid the gunfire. Then, work your way up to the gunner with platform moves. Once you get close enough, the gunner leaves his gun and attacks you with basic moves. Use the same tactic with the second gunner. Engage him by flanking to his right and force him to leave his weapon.

"Okiku's Story": Defeating the spawning androids

Parry the androids' attacks then hold [Jump] and the Left Analog-stick in the proper direction to throw them into the metal prongs on the generator that are producing electricity. Note: You might need to circle around to the next metal prong so the thrown enemy hits it.

"Okiku's Story": Defeating Brother Six

Created by hellochocobo85.

  • To defeat Brother 6 with the flamethrower, start by either running a circle around him until he stops shooting fire or hit you with the fire. If he hits you, he will laugh and give you an opportunity to attack. Use the Dashing '[Light Attack] Slash to stun him. Next, use the [Light Attack] four times combo until he shoves you away. After hitting the ground, immediately use the Dashing [Light Attack Slash. If done fast enough, you will interrupt his attack and stun him. Repeat the combo on him, then repeat the entire process through all of the phases.
  • Keep chaining dash [Heavy Attack] attacks from side angles and he will drop quickly.
  • Dash attack, hit with [Heavy Attack] three times, then Focus Back Flip so you do not get tackled. Repeat the process. He should not be able to get a hit in after you get close.
  • Wait for an opening and kick once. Let him reset his position (watch for the flamethrower and foot to set back in fire mode). Kick again only one time, then repeat until he goes down and hit him with a Focus Slash of your choice. Do the same thing for the second and third rounds which he leaves himself open for a kick while he tries to put the flamethrower on the ground. If you make a mistake, remain close enough until he tries to use the ground attack then kick him before he gets it off. Note: Do not push forward while kicking; this allows you enough room for when he swings the flamethrower shooting close fire spurts. However you will have to reposition yourself if you kick him in a corner or the wall.
  • When he jams the flamethrower in the ground, you can attack him before he jumps. Also to get a quick hit in, try dash attacking followed by a three hit combo, then Focus attack him. There are also two bears that can be used to heal you.
  • When he is done using the flamethrower, dash at him and hit him as many times as possible. Then, use Focus so you can back out and keep doing the same thing until he uses his flamethrower on the ground. When he throws fireballs at you, use Focus to dodge them.
  • At the start of the battle it is difficult to get close because he starts firing his flamethrower. Once there is an opening, dash in and dash-attack him only once. Immediately after hitting him, run away a few steps then start to turn back. By the time you have turned back around he should be standing back up and getting ready to attack again. As soon as he is back in this position, repeat the process of dashing in, dash-attack once, then dash away. You can also Focus Slice him when he leans over and appears to rest. This happens twice during the battle. If you are having problems with his area-of-effect attack, simply jump over the circle of flames and dash in.

"The Empty Seven's Story": Defeating the enemy waves

This is particularly difficult in Number One Headband mode. Keep Overfocusing and Focusing until all the ninjas are dead. When the larger opponents appear, keep parrying then Focus Slicing them. Get them near the edge and you can Focus Slice them off of it. To get healed, get a flush or a straight when playing Body Part Poker.

"The Empty Seven's Story": Defeating Brother Six

  • Hit him directly in the back only. You can dash attack around him enough to hit his back sometimes. Some of his attacks where he slams the ground will give you enough time to run or flip around and hit him before he pulls his staff off the ground.
  • When he slams his stick on the ground, dash and maneuver behind him then unleash a four hit combo.

"The Empty Seven's Story" Levers

After defeating enough waves of enemies, an "elevator" goes up and down above you. There are three levers that must be pulled. However, as soon as you pull one, the others are released. Pull one lever, then climb up and defeat the Boss. Repeat the process for the other levers. Take not of which levers you already pulled, and only pull each lever only one time.

"Justice's Story": Defeating Justice

  • During his stage one battle, dash to the sides and hide behind a tree. Justice will approach the tree. Dash around it and use a three hit combo and stick on him with longer combos. If he pushes you away, get near another tree and repeat the process.
  • During his stage one battle, avoid his gunfire when the battle begins. Position yourself so that a tree blocks him from shooting you. Slowly approach him. After you get close enough, he will stop shooting. At this point, hack and slash until he starts teleporting. Continue to attack him when he appears. After this he will lose his arms and start shooting spikes from the ground. Dodge the spikes, then Focus Slice them. Repeat the process until he comes after you in his mutated form. Fight this form in the same manner as you fought the first form.
  • During his stage three battle, his shockwave attacks can be deadly. Let him do the windmill, then hit him with focus and [Heavy Attack]. A intermission sequence will play. Again, use the same strategy. Another intermission sequence will appear. Look for an attack where he lunges both arms forward. Get behind him and use focus and horizontal [Light Attack]; or a dash and slash. Eventually he will become stunned. Execute some combos until he has been defeated.

"Kuma's Story": Defeating the teddy bear

Block his attacks as he hits you. When you see a flash on his sword or a slight pause, attack him. Repeat the process until he is defeated.

"The Lowdown East Pass": Cutting the ropes

  • You must have precise timing. When in Focus mode and you press [Heavy Attack], a white line appears to show the slice target. However, you must charge the [Heavy Attack] slice until the precise moment when the tip of your swords glows the brightest in order to cut the rope. Line up the rope, go into Focus, hold [Heavy Attack], then release it when you see the tip reaches its peak moment.
  • Stand by the rope and do a Focus Vertical Slash. Release it as soon as the sword is just above Afro's head. That should break the rope.

"The Lowdown East Pass" Defeating Brother Six

  • Press [Focus] and time your vertical attack to slice the RPG. Kill the normal enemies while avoiding the grenades. Repeat the process until he has been defeated.
  • Focus, then hold Vertical Slice. Immediately before the rocket hits you the controller will vibrate heavily. This indicates the RPG is in slicing distance, and the glow of your blade should be at the very tip.

"Ninja Ninja's Story": Defeating Ninja Ninja

  • When you fight Ninja Ninja, every time you hit him with a normal attack he will clone himself. The only way to kill him is to use Perfect Slices (in Focus). The best way to do this is to attack him till you get Overfocus, then use that to destroy them as soon as possible.
  • Parry their attacks, then pounce your opponent to destroy him with one hit.
  • Fight until you get Overfocus. Then, back into a corner and get them as close in as possible before using Overfocus. If you do not kill them all while you are in Overfocus they will begin cloning themselves again.
  • If you block, he will create clones. This will also happen if you swipe at his afro. You can kill him without going into Focus or Overfocus, if you are careful in what combos you use. Parry as much as possible and isolate them. Getting into the middle of them will get you killed.

Defeating Daimyo

You will know that he is about to do a big attack when his weapon sparkles. Time your blocks to parry his attacks. When he is open use any desired combo until he backflips away. Repeat this until he has been defeated.

Defeating Sword Master

Time your blocks to parry his attacks and leave him open. You will know that he is going to use a big attack when his weapon begins sparkling. Use any combo until he begins blocking. After you have locked swords with him twice, he will become faster and stronger. Continue to parry him and combo back if you are skilled at timing your moves. Otherwise, Focus Dodge and attack.


To parry an attack, hold [Block] just as an enemy is about to attack at close range. They should recoil after their attack lands, indicating that you have successfully parried that attack. Some enemies, such as Daimyo, and Kuma, have a shimmer on their blade that lets you know when to begin parrying. Note: Some enemies, such as Bosses or giants with clubs, cannot be parried.


After parrying an attack, immediately press [Jump] to pounce on the enemy you parried. Pressing [Jump] by itself will make Afro jump off without doing anything further. Pressing [Jump] while holding the Left Analog-stick in any direction with make Afro throw the pounced enemy in that direction, where they should die when they land. You can also press [Light Attack], [Heavy Attack] or [Kick] to have Afro perform an execution move. Note: Some enemies, such as armored Samurais and electrified Androids cannot be pounced, and Afro will be damaged in the attempt.

Bullet reflecting

When the picture of the gunman appears, trigger your inner focus just as he fires his gun. Hold [Light Attack] and the bullet will catch on Afro's blade. When the light reaches the edge of the blade, release to send it shooting back at the gunman.

Easy Make combo

Find all the mementos in Okiku's Story. The Easy Make combo allows you to skip parts of a combo. For example, if a combo is [Light Attack] three times, [Heavy Attack] three times, [Light Attack], you can simply press [Light Attack], [Heavy Attack], [Light Attack].

Full focus meter indicator

The gem that hangs from Afro's katana will gleam the brightest when your focus meter is full. To fill the meter easily, land more hits on an enemy than getting struck.

Otsuru Bears

Use the Otsuru Bears to fully heal Afro's health and restore some focus if you have none.

Straight flush in Body Part Poker

To get a straight flush, cut off an opponent's arm, then another person's leg, and someone's head in any order.

Display statistics

Press L3 + R3 during game play.


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