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Age Of War

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Recommended turrets

Remain defensive and build up your turrets. The most powerful turrets for each age is as follows.

Stone Age: Egg Automatic
Castle Age: Fire Catapult
Pilgrim Age: Small Cannons, then upgrade to Explosive Cannons
Modern Age: Double Cannons
Futuristic: Blue Ion Cannons.

Easy wins

  • Buy a turret, preferably an upgraded version, such as the Egg Automatic, Fire Catapult, or Explosive Cannon (recommended). Allow enemies to close in to your base. Build either a single infantryman, or a infantry/archer team. They will kill the maximum for their gold by being within range of the turret, and will die long before getting in range of your enemy's turret. You may not have full life by the end because of enemy archers, but it is the easiest way to win.
  • Waiting until at least five men on the enemy side are created. Then, use your special to get enough money for the egg launcher. Do not create units unless needed, and build up money by your turret.
  • Buy a lot of turrets. When enemies are about to hit you, pause game play. The enemy must start the attack again and your turrets will continue to hit the enemy. Note: This does not work with long range units from the third age or later.
  • Save as much money as possible. Buy all four turret spots, then buy two fire catapults, one explosive cannon, and one double machine gun from the fourth age. Do not buy any infantry unless the enemy is at the large tree in front of your base. Once you evolve to the fifth age, sell all your turrets and buy four ion rays. Nothing should get to your base. When you have enough money buy some super soldiers.
  • Get to the Future Age, then build three Ion Turrets. Wait for about 15 to 30 minutes (without recruiting anything) until you get 450,000, then recruit three Super Soldiers.
  • In the Future Age, get the Ion Cannon. When fired it shoots many shots and kills the CPU's infantry, then the bullets will hit the enemy base.
  • When you reach the Future Age, save all your money. Purchase an Ion Cannon and keep making your Turret Tower to the top. Fill all the spaces with Ion Cannons. The turrets will stop everything.
  • Get to the Future Age. Get four turret spots. Have two Titanium Shooters and two Laser Cannons. Save until you have 80,000 gold and sell a Laser Cannon. You will now have enough for an Ion Cannon. Repeat this process. When you have four Ion Cannons, wait until you have enough for lots of Super Soldiers for easy wins. Note: The Ion Cannons will defeat anything that gets near your base.
  • Play through the game in any mode, and try to save as much money as possible during the first four ages. In the fifth age, the Future Age, get all the turret spots and fill them with blue Ion Rays. Almost as soon as the enemy creates units, they will be destroyed by the Ion Ray. After they are destroyed, any stray blue circles will hit the enemy base. This will result in an easy win after about half an hour under the Easy difficulty setting.
  • When you get to the Modern Age, get all the turret stations. Put rockets on all of the turret stations. When you get to the Space Age, get a group of blasters. It might take awhile but it is a good way to win.
  • In the first age, get turrets and save for a lot of Dinoriders. Wait until your enemy gets to the second age. Note: You may want to put up a few men for extra defense while waiting. Then, get a lot of Dinoriders and keep them coming. After three or four minutes, go to the next age and get some Swordsmen and Crossbowmen. Sometimes they will go in front of the Dinoriders.
  • When you get to the fourth Age, build four turret locations. Purchase all four double shooters then go to the next level. Play any other game in a new tab and allow your old game to remain idle. Return after a few minutes. Create eight Super Soldiers and ten Blasters behind them.

Easy money

Upgrade until you get to the last upgrade (in the Futuristic Era). Get enough money to have all the turret spots. Get four of the red cannons. If you have the patience to wait a few hours, you will have enough money to buy anything desired.

Recharge special attack

Immediately after using a special attack, pause game play. The special attack will recharge while the game is paused.

Special attack line

Pause game play as soon as you click to use your special attack. Wait for it to stop shaking. The special attack will all come down at the same time and kill most of your enemies. Note: This cannot be done in the third age.

Faster reloading

When you have weapons like the fire launcher, pause game play when it fires. The weapon will reload and fire faster.

Turrets attack enemy bases

Select Easy mode. Go to the last age and build four Ion Cannons. They will destroy everything as soon as it comes out, then they will accidentally shoot the enemy base.


Keep healing special

Play in Easy mode and evolve to the third age. Intentionally begin losing. Immediately before you are about to lose, use your special which heals the men. After losing, play in any desired mode. When you make units, they will have that healing special from the third age.