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Alice: Madness Returns (PlayStation3)

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Complete the indicated chapter to unlock the corresponding dress.

Classic: Infernal Train (Chapter 6). When equipped you will regain health when shrunk.
Misstitched: The Dollhouse (Chapter 5). When equipped your Shrink Sense duration is doubled.
Royal Suit: Queensland (Chapter 4). When equipped your health is limited to four roses total.
Silk Maiden: Oriental Grove (Chapter 3). When equipped your enemies drop twice as many teeth.
Siren: Deluded Depths (Chapter 2). When equipped your enemies drop twice as many roses.
Steamdress: Hatter's Domain (Chapter 1). When equipped breakables drop more teeth and roses.

New Game + mode

Successfully complete the game. You can start a new game session with your previously earned weapon upgrades, dresses, bottles, health, memories, teeth, snouts, and radula rooms.

Troubling Visions

Collect all the bottles for a chapter to unlock the "Troubling Visions" (concept art) entry for it in the "Extra Content" menu.


Walkthrough (PC)

Walkthrough (PlayStation3)

Walkthrough (Xbox 360)



Kill Or Be Killed challenge

  • Upgrade the Pepper Gun in order to kill the babies and Eyepots from a distance. Use the umbrella to block the tea attacks and knock the big enemy's charges back at him. You can now attack, dodge and repeat the process until he has been defeated. This will require some time.
  • Take out the Eyepots first. Lock on, get close, and when they are about to stomp, teleport backward and shoot them with the Pepper Gun. Teleport back in and slice them up while they are stunned. Repeat the process as needed. The Menacing Ruins can be defeated by knocking their fireballs back at them, then keep attacking at close range with the Vorpal Blade, teleporting in and out and side to side to avoid attacks.

Chapter 2: Unbreakable ice patch

When in the area on the way to the mockturtle there is a Hobby Horse ice patch that appears to be unbreakable. You cannot break it from the "top". Go back outside before going to the Bottled Ship. Notice that there is a small pond of water that goes into the ice on the cliff at the bottom (where a spring mushroom is located). Use your Shrink Sense to find an invisible platform that will begin moving into the ice and allows access to a secret area. To exit the area use the other spring mushroom to catapult yourself through the unbreakable hobby horse ice patch.

Chapter 3: Getting past the cave

After entering the cave, you will go down some steps. There will be a platform to the left with two vases. Walk up to the painting on the left side and interact with it. This will take you into the next area of the chapter.

Chapter 4: Pig Snouts

At some point you will be able to hear Pig Snouts but not see them. You must use your Shrink Vision to be able to find them.

Chapter 4: Entrance to Red Queen's area

Run over to the switch that triggers the platform and leave a Clockwork Bunny there. Then, sprint to the other switch and get the door open. Note: Trigger it before the real attempt to avoid the intermission sequence using up time. Next, sprint to the middle area to the invisible platforms. Shrink momentarily to see where to go. From here, jump off the platform as soon as possible to the invisible beam above it. Next, sprint to the door. Note: You may need to shrink under it to get in.

Chapter 5: Defeating Colossal Ruin

Get on the opposite platform from the Ruin. This is to have a gap between the two platforms separating you and the Ruin. The Ruin will not try to cross the bridge. The gap will prevent it from charging you. Fire the Pepper Grinder at the doll heads that stick out of its body. Throw clockwork bombs to distract that Insidious Ruin that appear during the battle. When the Colossal Ruin loses all the doll heads and starts to charge you with its flame attack, abandon the gap and face it normally. Use the Teapot Cannon on the giant doll head that appears and attack him as usual. If you try to knock him down and stun him with the gap between you, an invisible wall will prevent you from hitting.

Upgrading weapons

Select the "Weapons" option at the menu. A certain amount of teeth are required to upgrade weapons. Select the weapon to be upgraded and an the option to upgrade it will appear if you have enough teeth collected. It is recommended that the Vorpal Blade be upgraded to level 4 before any other weapon. It is your main weapon, and you will use it most frequently. All the other weapons work fine at their lower level for their specific purpose, such as hitting Eyepots, etc.

Defeating Cannon Crabs

  • Drop a Clockwork Bomb near the crab, then detonate it to flip the crab on its back. Use a weapon to damage the crab once or twice. After two or three rounds of doing this, the crab will lose its cannon and can be flipped using either the same method or hit with the ground smash from the Hobby Horse. Repeat the process until it has been defeated.
  • Use the Hobby Horse and keep hitting the crab. Then, use your Vorpal Blade once the crab is knocked onto its back. You can also try using the Tea Cannon against the crab.
  • To kill the Cannon Crab in the mini-game, just drop an exploding barrel on it or shoot a cannonball at a nearby explosive to blow up the crab.
  • Use the umbrella to knock the cannon back at the crab. Then, attack the crab while it is on its back until its arm is ripped off. Then use the Hobby Horse and one more Vorpal Blade attack to kill it.
  • Throw a Bunny Bomb at the Cannon Crab and set it off. This will flip the crab on its back. You can now attack its underside with any weapon. Be careful, as the crab will get back up fairly quickly. Once you have hit it a few times, be ready to dodge or throw another bomb.

Defeating the Card Executioner

When in the queen's castle, after defeating the Card Guards the Card Executioner will appear. After hitting him several times, keep dodging his attack. Eventually Alice will say that she cannot fight him and a door will open. You can find the door at the north end of the room.

Defeating the Eyepot

When facing the Eyepot in the Hatter's Domain, shoot it with your Pepper Grinder until it falls to the ground. Then, run up and slash him until he begins to stand back up. When he opens his eye, start the process again. He should be defeated after two or three times.

Defeating Madcap with shield

  • Notice there is a slight pause before it attacks. Evade the attack, then attack it with your knife.
  • Run up to the Madcap and immediately dodge. This triggers the enemy to attack, and you will have already dodged it. Once his fork is stuck in the ground, run up and hack away.
  • The Hobby Horse works well, as it breaks enemy shields. Use it against the Madcap with the shield, Cannon Crab, and other similar enemies.

Defeating the Menacing Ruin

You are given an umbrella for use to defeat a Menacing Ruin. Lock on the Menacing Ruin. One of the Menacing Ruin's attacks is to throw a ball of fire. You may need to move around the Ruin to see this attack move. When it does the move, it will reach behind its back, pull out a ball of fire, and hold it before throwing it at you. When this happens, move back from the Ruin and open the umbrella as it throws the ball of fire at Alice. With the proper timing, the ball will rebound off the umbrella and hit the Ruin, breaking its arms and its ability to defend itself.


The dodge move is directional and can be controlled. Hold Left, Right, Forward, or Away to dodge in that direction while locked on the enemy. This is an important tactic when fighting enemies such as the armored card guards who can only be damaged from behind after they attack you.

Using DLC dresses

From the main menu, select the DLC option and purchase the "Weapons Of Madness And Dresses Pack". Once purchased, press [Equip] at the title screen menu (with the "Continue Game" option). Then, press Left or Right to cycle through the various dresses to change into it. When you discover the new weapons during game play, wait until the game auto-saves, then exit out to the menu. Press [Equip] again and select the upgraded weapon in the same manner that you changed dresses. There are a total of four extra weapons and six extra dresses. The upgraded weapons are as follows.

Vorpal Blade to Vorpal Cleaver
Pepper Grinder to Octo-Grinder
Hobby Horse to Knightmare
Teapot Cannon to Catnip Cannon

Psychonauts reference

In Chapter 4, just after you do the first chess puzzle, you will get chased into a hole by the giant unbeatable card monster. When you first arrive down there, go a short distance ahead and look at the right wall to find a heart stone. Shrink down to learn that it is a fake rock. Run into the keyhole tunnel. On the other side will be a floor where you can use a bomb to break. Do so, then go down the stairs to get a memory and some extra teeth. Notice the skeleton sitting on the chair. It is Raz from Psychonauts. He can be identified by the red goggles, his shape, and the position that he is in (which is the stance he uses for a mind attack). With this in mind, it looks like Raz is dead, and there will be no Psychonauts 2.

Easy "Eyes On The Size" achievement or trophy

 PlayStation3    Xbox 360   Complete Chapter 3 (Oriental Grove) then use the "Chapter Select" option. Select the last part of the chapter called "Peak Temple". As soon as you walk out go up the stairs along the mountainside. When you reach the top you will find two large teapots at the entrance to stairs that lead to a building. Get behind the teapot on the left, then turn around so that you are facing the back of it. Use your Shink Sense to find the Spicy Horse logo and the achievement or trophy will be unlocked.

Easy "Level-Headed" achievement or trophy

 PlayStation3    Xbox 360  Complete the game, then select the final chapter and go directly to the Boss battle. If you defeat the boss without using hysteria, you will earn the achievement or trophy.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards. Note: Wearing the DLC dresses will not disable the ability to earn trophies.

Platinum For All Other Trophies (Points): Platinum For All Other Trophies.
The Strong Survive (Bronze): Complete the Game on Easy Difficulty.
The Imaginative Endure (Bronze): Complete the Game on Normal Difficulty.
The Persistent Flourish (Silver): Complete the Game on Hard Difficulty.
The Beginning of the End (Bronze): Complete Chapter 1 on Nightmare Difficulty.
Madness Prevails (Gold): Complete the Game on Nightmare Difficulty.
Strike a Deal (Bronze): Upgrade a Weapon.
More than a Mouthful (Bronze): Fully upgrade a weapon.
Armed to the Teeth (Silver): Fully upgrade all weapons.
Shooting the Moon (Bronze): Collect 4 Jars of Rose Paint.
Painting the Town Red (Silver): Complete all Radula Rooms.
Family Memories Fond and Faded (Bronze): Find all Liddell Memories.
Everything Fit to Remember (Silver): Find all Memories.
Nothing Like the Smell of Bacon (Bronze): Pepper All Snouts in a Chapter.
Seasoned Campaigner (Silver): Pepper All Snouts in the Game.
Ship of Fools (Silver): Complete HMS Gryphon without taking Damage.
Just Peachy (Silver): Collect all the Peaches in the Scroll of Destiny.
Grandmaster (Silver): Complete a Chess Puzzle without failing.
That's Using Your Head (Silver): Complete Off With Her Head Part 2 in under 6 minutes.
Dress-Ups (Bronze): Equip a Different Domain Dress.
Weapon Schizo (Bronze): Hobby Horse to Vorpal Blade to Hobby Horse Combo.
Grind 'em All! (Bronze): Kill 5 Botterflies in a row with the Pepper Grinder.
Neighslayer (Bronze): Hit 4 enemies with a single Hobby Horse ground smash.
Tea Party (Bronze): Destroy 10 Ruin Barriers.
Level-Headed (Gold): Finish the game using Hysteria only once.
Eyes on the Size (Bronze): Find the hidden Shrink Sense Decal.
Brollyant (Bronze): Kill 10 Bitch Babies with Deflection.
Beware of the Lagomorph (Bronze): Kill 30 enemies with the Clockwork Bomb.
Cold Arms, Cold Heart (Silver): Defeat the Drowned Sailor without taking any damage.
Pulling His Strings (Silver): Defeat the Dollmaker without taking any damage..
No quarter! No mercy! (Bronze): Defeat 100 Ruin Enemies..
52-Pick-Up (Bronze): Defeat 52 Card Guards.
Calm In the Face of Death (Silver): While on your last Rose, kill 5 Enemies without activating Hysteria.

Additionally there are twelve secret trophies.

No Happy Returns (Bronze): Back to Wonderland.
End of Innocence (Bronze): Complete Vale of Tears.
Hatter's Demise (Bronze): Complete Wonderland Chapter 1.
Grim Folly (Bronze): Complete Wonderland Chapter 2.
When Worlds Collide (Bronze): Complete Wonderland Chapter 3.
The Harder they Fall (Bronze): Complete Wonderland Chapter 4 .
The End of Daze (Bronze): Complete Wonderland Chapter 5.
Snicker-snack! (Bronze): Acquire the Vorpal Blade.
Ground Pork (Bronze): Acquire the Pepper Grinder.
Strange Hobby (Bronze): Acquire the Hobby Horse.
Death by Darjeeling (Bronze): Acquire the Teapot Cannon.
Venting Frustration (Bronze): Spend 7 minutes on steam vents.

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