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Aliens vs. Predator (Xbox 360)

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Reach the indicated rank to unlock the corresponding skin.

Marine: Gibson: Rank 2
Predator: Claw: Rank 3
Alien: Warrior Dome: Rank 4
Marine: Connor: Rank 5
Predator: Stalker: Rank 7
Alien: Ridged: Rank 10
Marine: Moss: Rank 13
Predator: Hunter: Rank 16
Alien: Praetorian: Rank 19
Marine: Johnson: Rank 22
Predator: Wolf: Rank 25
Marine: Rookie: Rank 28
Predator: Spartan: Rank 31
Alien: Nethead: Rank 34
Marine: Gibson: Rank 37
Predator: Lord: Rank 40
Marine: Van Zandt: Rank 43



Audio Diary locations


Alien: Entering Building B03

After knocking the "radio transmitter", you have to kill all marines in the area then go through a gate. After this, your objective is to enter a building with an unarmed civilian inside. To do this, you have to find a vent between two buildings. Start at the main gate where the electrical fence is broke. There are two buildings on the right. The vent is between the two little buildings that create an alley. The vent is at the start of that alley. Note: If you go to the end of that alley, you can turn left at which point a turret will shoot you, or turn right to find a wall that leads to the main gate and the generator. Once inside the vent, follow it to an very small vent with smoke coming out of it. Use it to enter the building.

Alien: Exiting the sewers

When in the sewers you will eventually reach a large room with giant fans. Kill every Marine in the fan room and harvest the civilian. The objective marker should now appear. It is a circuit breaker that cuts off power to the fans. Destroy it, then go up the fan shaft to the next objective marker.

Alien: Ventilation shaft

As the Alien in level 3, the Queen will tell you to get to the bottom of a shaft with a giant fan at the top. As you get close to it, another Xenomorph will be swept away and blown into the fan. If you use your Focus, you can see two vents on the opposite wall. Choose either of them and you can safely jump to it despite the power of the fan. As you go, you will find more vents to hide in. Use them to make your way down.

Alien: Out of bounds

As the Alien you can eventually reach the jungle and exit in a Marine complex. To the far side is a downed ship with "MARLOW" painted on the side. If you climb up this ship you will find a flat area of land on the other side of the electrified fence. Moving too far however will result in an instant death.

Alien: Disabling smart guns

Located in several levels are red gas canisters with a small pilot light on them. These can be pushed easily by walking into them. If you can get behind the smart gun, push it as close as possible and strike it once with a heavy attack (should be a tail strike). You will have a small amount of time to flee before it explodes, disabling the smart gun. Note: Some smart guns will require a nearby terminal to be activated and some simply cannot be turned off, as they are used as a device to herd you in a certain direction.

Alien: Restoring health

Perform a head bite on an already dead Marine to fully restore your health.

Alien: Countering grabs

You can counter an incoming grab by blocking. This is only effective if you have enough health and against grabs from the front.

Alien: Recommended tactics

  • It is essential that you learn how to melee effectively. Learn the basic counter, block, then light attack combo. You must also be able to block Predator light attacks, by noticing the differences in attack time between light and heavy attacks. You can also parry a Predator heavy attack, by using a light attack to disrupt it.
  • You can fake a heavy attack in order to confuse a Predator. Start a heavy attack, and when you see the Predator try to light attack to counter it, immediately block then counter him. Then use a heavy attack while he is stunned.
  • When facing Marines, never stay on the ground. Always bug crawl on walls and ceilings. Attack from above, pounce a Marine, then slap him with a single light attack to kill him. Alternately, sprint up to him from a blind spot and use heavy attack then slap him with a light attack while he is stunned.
  • This combo will kill a Marine in two hits. Run up to Marine, use a light attack, then back up and run to his side while charging heavy attack. He will not be able to parry the heavy attack because he is stunned temporarily by the light attack.
  • When in tight corridors, stay on ceiling and walls and execute consecutive rapid heavy attacks to kill Predators and Marines quickly.
  • Learn the constantly changing Alien reticule. The extending tip at the center of the reticule is always facing towards the ground. When on a wall, it will point to the left or right to indicate where the ground is located, as long as you are looking parallel to the wall. The shadow reticule is important when sneaking up on Marines. When the reticule is surrounded by a yellow-green highlight, you are in darkness. The larger and brighter the highlight, the more difficult it is to see you. Movement can give you position away to Marines, and a Predator's Alien Vision negates darkness completely.

Marine: Defeating the Praetorian in the research lab

Use the shotgun/pulse rifle. Knock her over with grenades empty the shotgun on her until she is dead. Remain up on the stairs where you began, then slowly fall back around the corner. Eliminate any Xenomorphs that appear. When Praetorian appears, use grenades on her feet, then run around to get where she originally appeared. Throw another grenade at her when you are clear of the blast radius. There should be more grenades and some shotgun ammunition down there. Keep tossing grenades and shooting her with the shotgun, while eliminating any stragglers. Keep some distance between you and the Praetrian to remain safe. After defeating her, stock up on and pulse rifle/sniper ammunition, then go down the elevator to complete the level.

Marine: Escorting Tequila to the security door

During the Marine campaign when you have to escort Tequila to the security door, she may not unlock the door. If this happens, it indicates that not all Xenomorphs have been killed. Walk around and look for them hiding on the walls, or a facehugger crawling on the floor.

Marine: Avoiding instant kills

In multi-player mode, keep your back against walls to prevent getting killed instantly by Aliens or Predators.

Predator: Entering the compound

Shortly after the start of the game, you will receive a mission update marked "Enter The Compound". Set the dead Predator to self-destruct and kill some Xenomorphs, move close to the doors. Look up and find a jump point on top of the wall above the steel doors. Jump up there to enter the compound.

Predator: Entering Security POD 1

While playing as Predator, in the level after getting the Combistick you must enter a building called "Security POD 1. You are told to cut the power, and the objective marker is on a recharge station. Simply punch the small power box above the recharge station.

Predator: Putting out the flames when escaping the refinery

When escaping from the collapsing refinery, one of the objectives is to "Smash the pipes to put out the flames". Drop to the ground and look into one of the tunnels that are on fire. On the ceiling is a pipe you can hit with a Smart Disc. You only need them to hit it once, then retreat to the large circular light area and hold off the aliens until you get a message to get out of there. All but two aliens will retreat, then you can go through the passage with the flames.

Predator: Alien Vision

You will get Alien Vision once the Elite Mask is obtained. It allows you to see the Xenomorphs. The mask is near the end of the campaign, inside the pyramid on a large pedestal.

Predator: Combi-Stick

You will eventually obtain the Combi-Stick in Campaign mode. The Combi-Stick is a ranged weapon that retrieves itself after a short time. It is slow moving compared to other projectiles, but deals massive damage. If your target is not killed by it, it will get pinned to the wall for you to finish it off.

Predator: Recommended tactics

  • In multi-player mode, remain high and block frequently. Make use of your invisibility, and continuously switch views. Watch your back for aliens. The Combi Stick and Caster are required equipment.
  • Do not use heavy attacks. Rely on the light attack for speed and agility.
  • When fighting Marines, remain invisible. Jump down next to a Marine and start a heavy attack. Once it hits, you will have an opportunity for an instant kill grab attack, giving you bonus experience points. This tactic works very well in Predator Hunt. This tactic works well against Marines because they can only stop your attack with a melee attack, but they only have a very short time to find you before it is too late. This does not work as well against Aliens because they can see you even while cloaked.

Defeating Marines

Close combat is difficulty. Most Marines will just unload on you, but they can also block your light attacks and counter with a melee bash of their own. Try to land a light attack hit followed by a heavy attack.

Defeating Predators

  • Watch their movements. Always be ready for a Predator's light attack by blocking during a fight. Predators block by holding their claws in front of their face. When you see this happen, do not use a light attack because they will block and counter. Instead, get just out of range of a quick light attack then use a heavy attack, followed by another; then use one or two light attacks or execute a front grab.
  • A predator's heavy attack is coming when it holds its right claw back in a charge. This is also accompanied with a loud growl. To counter this, quickly use a light attack. Do not block, as it will have no effect on the Predator's heavy attack.

Entering the Predator temple

Turn the switch at the temple, and an object with a red symbol will appear. There are also two other switches that you have to press. One is found below the gap you jumped. The other switch is found to the left of the first switch you pressed.


In some levels of the Alien and Marine, you can hear the Predators classic vocal sounds in the background. In some levels as the Alien you can just see the blurry shape of a Predator moving when you enter a new area. There are also Predator Mines laid out in certain areas that only the Alien can reach.

Civilian fear

In some areas, Civilians will be so terrified of you they will actually kill themselves before you can get to them.

Easy multi-player kills

 Xbox 360  As a human, use block (LB + RB) and keep your back to the wall. When an enemy uses a light attack, as soon as it deflects, press RB to hit them and shoot them. If they used a heavy attack, immediately punch them (RB), and shoot them to death. As a predator or alien, block (LB + RB) and when they do a light attack, block, press RB, then press LB. Afterwards, you should be able to grab the enemy and kill them. Note: This also works for single player and Survival modes.

Finding collectibles

As an Alien or Predator, activate your Focus to have collectibles appear as flashes on the HUD.

Easy "Ain't Got Time To Bleed" achievement or trophy

Created by acidglow.

Easy "I Like to Keep This Handy" achievement or trophy

  • Shooting both barrels of the shotgun counts towards unlocking this achievement or trophy. Try this in Survival! C-block. Fight off three waves of Xenomorphs and the bay doors will open behind you. Inside are Health Stims, shotgun shells, pulse rifles, and a second smart gun near the bottom of the stairs. You will have many opportunities to line up two Xenomorphs because of the abundance of hall ways. Kill all but two Xenomorphs. Shoot the legs out of one. Counter the mobile Xenomorph onto the ground on top of, or near to, the legless one. Then, empty both barrels on them.
  • After you get the shotgun you have to cross a small bridge outside. About eight Xenomorphs will run across to you. Whittle down their health with the rifle before taking out the shotgun. Aim carefully and fire both barrels. If you do not earn the achievement or trophy, jump off the side of the bridge and die. You will start again at the end of the bridge before the aliens appear, giving you another chance.

Easy "Spin Doctor" achievement or trophy

  • At the start of the Ruins level, you must activate three Predator switches to open the door. When you open it, a moderate number of Xenomorphs will be crawling on the walls. Throw your disc at them. On the return trip the disc should take out a second alien.
  • Created by XCVii007r1.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Not Bad for A Human (50 points): Get all the Aliens vs Predator achievements.
Game Over, Man! (30 points): Complete all three Campaigns.
Club hopper (15 points): Survive The 'Party' at The Club.
Exit Strategy (15 points): Escape from C-Block.
You Have My Sympathies (15 points): Help Van Zandt.
Regicide (15 points): Defeat the Matriarch.
I Will Never Leave You... (15 points): Locate Tequila.
...That's A Promise (15 points): Get Tequila to surgery.
One Big Bug (15 points): Defeat the Praetorian.
Get to The Chopper! (30 points): Recover Weyland's datapad.
Come to Mama (15 points): Liberate the Matriarch.
Breaking Quarantine (15 points): Escape from the Research Lab.
Grunt Hunt (15 points): Wipe out all of the Marines in the Colony.
Under Pressure (15 points): Solve the riddle of the Ruins.
Grim Reaper (15 points): Harvest all available civilians in the Alien Campaign.
Alien vs Predator (30 points): Create a new species.
It Uses The Jungle (15 points): Find a way through Gateway.
Fallen Comrade (15 points): Find the Youngbloods in the Jungle.
Matter of Honor (15 points): Discover the Elite Predator's fate.
Eyes of The Demon (15 points): Retrieve the ancient mask.
World of Hurt (15 points): Survive trial by combat.
Breaking and Entering (15 points): Find a way into the Research Lab.
Reclaimer (15 points): Retrieve the second artifact.
Extinction Agenda (30 points): Destroy the Abomination.
Stay Frosty (15 points): Complete Marine Campaign on Hard difficulty setting.
I Admire its Purity (15 points): Complete Alien Campaign on Hard difficulty setting.
It Ain't No Man (15 points): Complete Predator Campaign on Hard difficulty setting.
I LOVE the Corps! (30 points): Complete Marine Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting.
Magnificent, Isn't It? (30 points): Complete Alien Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting.
One Ugly Mother (30 points): Complete Predator Campaign on Nightmare difficulty setting.
Harsh Language (15 points): Discover all 67 Audio Diaries.
Quite A Specimen (15 points): Destroy all 50 Royal Jelly Containers.
Fortune and Glory (15 points): Find all 45 Predator trophy belts.
Scatter Shot (15 points): As a team, kill 20 enemies in under 60 seconds in a Survivor match..
I Like to Keep This Handy (15 points): Kill 2 enemies with one shot with the shotgun.
Spin Doctor (15 points): Kill two enemies with one throw of the Battle Disc.
Let's Rock! (15 points): Kill 5 enemies with one burst from the smartgun.
Elite Sniper (15 points): Kill 10 enemies with head shots from the scoped rifle.
Stick Around (15 points): Kill 20 enemies with the Combi Stick.
Gunslinger (30 points): Kill 30 enemies with the pistol.
Welcome to The War (15 points): Play and complete your first Ranked Match in standard Deathmatch mode.
Killer Instinct (15 points): Win your first Ranked Match in standard Deathmatch mode.
Serial Killer (30 points): Win 10 Ranked Matches in any Deathmatch mode.
Very Tough Hombre (15 points): Kill 10 enemies in a row without dying in a Ranked Match.
Persecution Complex (15 points): Achieve Persecutor status more than once in any Ranked Match.
The Six Pack (30 points): Play with six friends in a Ranked Match.
Ain't Got Time to Bleed (15 points): Heal or regenerate 30 blocks of health in Survivor.
The Uninfected (30 points): Finish a Ranked Infestation match as the only remaining prey.
Welcome to The Party (30 points): Get 6000 XP in Ranked Matches.
Real Nasty Habit (50 points): Get 18060 XP in Ranked Matches.


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