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Ancients Of Ooga (Xbox 360)

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West War: Catapults

In the West War chapter, each Oogani manning the catapults will ask for an object to be brought to it. Set that item (boom can, a particular Oogani, or a Yelkling) in the catapult and it will be thrown.

Remaining stinky

To get into the Eeink Village you have to get stinky. Intentionally "die" in the stinky pond. Once you resurface alive on top, sprint to the right to reach the correct Oogani. You can also nudge that same Oogani as close to the left as possible without killing him to shorten the distance. The stink must be as fresh as possible when you reach him.
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Eating boom cans

Immediately after pressing the button to stuff the boom can in your mouth, press the button to swallow it. You must to be very quick going from chew to swallow.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Long Live Chief Berni-ni (5 points): Revive the Fire Chief, Berni-ni.
A Shocking Development (10 points): Use the Harvest Chief, Diggi-dodo's power on a Booli.
Sober the Stinkers (15 points): Get the stinkers off slugs.
Abracadabra, Alakazam! (20 points): Transform a Booli using the Animal Chief, Ali-mali.
Flotsam and Jetsam (25 points): Completely flood a level using the Swimmer Chief, Fini-ni.
The Way the Booli Crumbles (30 points): Shatter a Booli into pieces using the Stone Chief, Te-tera.
Dibs on the Drumstick (35 points): Make a feast for the flappers.
And Stay Out! (10 points): Kick the Boolis out of Ooga.
Taste Tester (5 points): Swallow 15 unique items.
Death Defier (5 points): Complete 22 levels without dying.
Bone Collection (35 points): Collect all of the bones of the Ancient One.
Join the Revolt (5 points): Complete a split screen cooperative level.

Avatar Awards

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award.

Fireling's Mask: Revive the ancient One after completing all levels.
Healer's Mask: Complete all four levels in the Trial Realm.

The Forgotten Chapters