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Ant Nation (DS)

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Easy wins

When starting out, it is best to build up your army. Get more workers first. The starting enemies are not that strong. Once you have built about three more chambers of workers, you can start working on your soldiers. Having more workers allows the jobs they do complete faster. Once you have about 50 workers and 50 soldiers, skip missions and allow your ants to level up. If you move to the next level and just go back to the first, your soldiers will be ready for the task of doing all of the missions. Ants that get near death and heal may level up faster. Using the training tools like fire and water hurt your ants, but if you send them back to the colony a few times they will get stronger. The different levels of the training tools only means that you can "change" ants in a wider area. They do not seem to do more damage or make ants strong by which level Training Tool you use. Fire ants can walk across lava. Water ants can walk across water, poison, and swamp. If you see a candy or uncover a sugar, it is best to send your soldiers near it first. Workers are slower, and usually by the time they get to it, a fly, ladybug, or caterpillar will already be there, killing your workers as they appear. At first, it is wise to send all your soldiers to the main objective of the mission, but later more alien ants will attack the colony while you are trying to kill a bug that is far away from it. Set a sword flag near the colony to keep some "bouncers" near the entrance. You can get more chamber builds by doing missions over. Build up to about six chambers, then destroy them and make more soldiers or workers. You will be set for the first few levels if you can get up to 200 each. Then, just conserve your chamber builds unless your ants die.
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