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Apache: Air Assault (PC)

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Veteran difficulty

Successfully complete Campaign mode under the Realistic difficulty setting.

Red tiger camo skin for the AH64X

Successfully complete Squad Ops.
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Lord Of War: Easy completion

  • On the third mission, "Lord Of War", one of the objectives is to provide cover fire for your downed ally. This can be difficult with the frequent RPG fire you will draw from the enemy infantry. However, if you use your missiles to destroy the surrounding buildings where most of the infantry spawn, you will have a much easier time. You can easily shoot the enemies with the FLIR view as they spawn, before they have a chance to move. This is also useful because many of the RPG soldiers fire from the rooftops. Clearing out the buildings will significantly decrease the amount of RPG shots taken at you.
  • During the last part of the mission you must fly cover for two downed Apache pilots. Auto hover in FLIR mode, and use your 30mm cannon to take out the RPG teams. Guide a missile to the large group of infantry that appear to the northwest of the downed Apache. If an RPG is launched towards you, disengage the auto hover and slide slip the incoming projectile. Then, re-engage auto hover and repeat the tactic. Get some elevation to avoid some RPGs and get a clear line of sight to enemies. Make sure you do not fire missiles too close to the downed pilots to avoid friendly fire deaths. Aim the Hellfires so they are targeted on the opposite side of the enemy from the pilots, but are still in the blast radius. Note: This is also a good mission to earn the "Sticky Trigger Finger " achievement or trophy.

"Sharks In The Water" Easy completion

Remain near the allied boats. Save your Hellfires until absolutely needed, be as accurate as possible with your rockets.


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