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Apples To Apples (PlayStation3)

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Cheat Codes

Bumblebee Apple avatar

Enter buzzworthy as a code.

Ninja Apple avatar

Enter silentslice as a code.
l, o, bgti ygfab


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

Apple-opolis (Silver): Unlock all the Apple Avatars.
Rotten to the Core (Silver): Be targeted by the "Rotten Apple" card 10 times.
An Apple a Day (Gold): Reach the Orchard Rank in Online Multiplayer by Playing 500 Games.
Falling Far from the Tree (Silver): Play the "Every Apple for Himself" card 5 times.
Apple of My Eye (Bronze): Win your first online game.
Sour Apple (Bronze): Play a Golden Apple Card for the first time.
Mad Apple (Bronze): Lose 3 online games in a row.
All Your Apples Are Belong to Us (Bronze): Play the "Apple Tart" card 10 times.
No Apple for You (Bronze): Play the "Yes, We Have No Apples" card 10 times.
Apple Seeds (Bronze): Complete the tutorial in Single Player.
Apple-ocalypse (Silver): Be the second player to play the "Upset the Apple Cart" card in a single round.
Social Addict (Bronze): Enable Social Integration for posting trophies.

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