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Aquaria (PC)

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Cheat Codes

English text instead of symbols on wall

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Locate the "aquarian.png" and "aquarian_alt.png" in the "\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\aquaria\gfx" folder. Swap the names of those files.


Steam achievements

Follow the indicated steps to earn the corresponding Steam achievement. To view your achievement progress and stats, open the Steam client, select "Community", then search for the game hub for "Aquaria (PC)". Click the "View Stats" option in the drop down list, then select the option that displays the achievements for your account.

A New Chapter...: Reach Open Waters.
Boom Shrimp: Defeat the Mantis Shrimp.
Bucking Bronco: Ride Ekkrit for a minute.
Combo Eater: Devour 6 creatures in a row.
Dance of the Forest Sprites: Reach the Sprite Cave.
Dethroned King Jelly: Defeat the King Jelly.
Divorce: Defeat Mom and Dad.
Explorer: Travel to all the areas of Aquaria.
Feather-Mouth: Devour a Parrot. (Video)
Gullet: Enter the belly of the Whale.
Healthy: Find all the health eggs.
High Dive: Dive into the water from a certain high location...
Mass Transit: Find all the Ancient Turtles.
Mergog Defeated: Defeat Mergog
Monkey Flinger: Fling a Monkey. (Video)
No Escape: Kill the Coward. (Video)
North Pole: Reach the Frozen Veil.
Octogone: Defeat Octomun.
Passed Through: Reach the Veil.
Rock Crab Rocked: Defeat the Rock Crab.
Songstress: Learn all the songs in Aquaria.
Speed Racer: Beat the Arnassi race in less than a minute.
Spirit Battle: Defeat the Priests.
Super Chef: Find all the recipes in the game.
Uniter: Rescue all the lost souls.
Weird Fish: Discover two peculiar-looking fish...



Combine the indicated ingredients to create the corresponding food.

Name Effect Recipe
Hot Soup +1 Speed for 30 Seconds Any Oil + Any Meat
Veggie Soup Speed + 1 for 30 seconds
Regeneration x 1
Hot Soup + Any Bulb
Veggie Soup Speed + 1 for 30 seconds
Regeneration x 1
Hot Soup + Plant Leaf
Hearty Soup +1 Speed for 30 Seconds
+1 Defense for 15 seconds
Hot Soup + Any Meat
Shark Fin Soup +1 Bite Power for 15 seconds Hearty Soup + Shark Fin
Rainbow Soup "Trippy" Any Soup + Rainbow Mushroom
Spicy Soup Beast form gains projectile attack Hot Soup + Spicy Meat
Turtle Soup +3 Defense for 15 seconds Hearty Soup + Turtle Meat
Magic Soup Heal +2
Speed +1 for 30 seconds
Hearty Soup + Healing Poultice
Royal Soup Speed +2 for 30 seconds Hearty Soup + Veggie Cake
Divine Soup +2 Speed for 30 seconds
Heal +5
Royal Soup + Magic Soup
Poison Soup Poison status Rotten Meat + Any Soup
Cold Soup None Hot Soup + Icechunk
Long Life Soup Heal +1
Regeneration x1
Hot Soup + Small Tentacle + Any Mushroom
Hot Borscht Heal +3
Speed +1 for 30 seconds
Hot Soup + Red Berry + Red Bulb
Cold Borscht Heal +3
Defense +1 for 15 seconds
Cold Soup + Red Berry + Red Bulb
Sea Cake Heal +1 Any Oil + Any Egg
Crab Cake +2 Defense for 15 seconds Sea Cake + Crab Meat
Tough Cake +2 Defense for 15 seconds
Heal +2
Sea Cake + Rubbery Meat
Veggie Cake Regeneration x1 Sea Cake + Plant Leaf
Tasty Cake Heal +2 Sea Cake + Small Eyes
Special Cake Regeneration x2 Veggie Cake + Red Berry
Legendary Cake Invincible for 10 seconds Tasty Cake + Arcane Poultice + Rukh Egg
Rotten Cake Heal -2 Sea Cake + Rotten Meat
Swamp Cake Fish Form Poisonous for 30 seconds Rotten Cake + Healing Poultice
Hand Roll Heal +1 Plant Leaf + Any Meat
Tasty Roll Heal +2 Hand Roll + Fish Oil
Spider Roll Web Ability for 8 seconds Hand Roll + Spider Egg
Leadership Roll Pet Power Up for 30 seconds Hand Roll + Swordfish Steak + Small Eye
Volcano Roll Energy Shot +2 for 45 seconds Spicy Roll + Red Bulb + Spicy Soup
Spicy Roll +1 Energy Shot for 45 seconds Plant Leaf + Fish Oil + Spicy Meat
Perogi +1 Energy Shot for 45 seconds
+1 Defense for 15 seconds
Hand Roll + Any Oil + Any Egg
Plump Perogi +2 Energy Shot for 45 seconds
+2 Defense for 15 seconds
Perogi + Any Mushroom
Zuuna's Perogi +3 Energy Shot for 45 seconds
Poisoned status
Poison Soup + Any Perogi
Ice Cream None Jelly Oil + Any Egg + Icechunk
Veggie Ice Cream Regeneration x1 Plant Leaf + Any Icecream
Berry Ice Cream Heal+1
Li Will Eat
Red Berry + Any Icecream
Dumbo Ice Cream Sun Ability Up for 60 seconds Small Eye + Glowing Egg + Any Icecream
Leaf Poultice Heal +1 Plant Leaf + Plant Leaf
Healing Poultice Heal +2 Leaf Poultice + Jelly Oil
Arcane Poultice Full Health Leaf Poultice + Eel Oil + Special Bulb
Sight Poultice Heal +2
Blindness Cured
Healing Poultice + Small Eye
Leeching Poultice Heal +2
Poison Cured
Healing Poultice + Glowing Egg
Sea Loaf Heal +0.1 Any combination that isn't another recipe
Buttery Sea Loaf Heal +1 Sea Loaf + Any Oil
Vedha Sea Crisp +2 Defense for 15 seconds Buttery Sea Loaf + Plant Leaf + Small Bone
Vedha's Cure-All Heal +2
All Status Cured
Buttery Sea Loaf + Healing Poultice + Small Bone
Loaf of Life Full health
Regeneration x3
+3 Defense for 15 seconds
All status cured
Buttery Sea Loaf + Legendary Cake + Divine Soup
Poison Loaf Heal -2 Poison Soup + Anything
Poison Loaf Heal -2 Rotten Meat + Anything
Poison Loaf Heal -2 Poison Loaf + Poison Loaf

Easy "Speed Racer" achievement

Create Hearty Soup (Hot Soup + Any Meat) and Veggie Cake (Sea Cake + Plant Leaf). Save the game to the right of the race. Start the race. As soon as it begins, swap to Fish form and use one of the soups. When its effect wears off, use the other soup.

Easy "Weird Fish" achievement

Play the "Abyss". Behind the whale you can enter (but not inside it), at the left corner is a small gap you can go through while in fish form. Go all the way up until you appear in another area with the two fishes.
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Do not use ingredients while cooking

Note: This glitch works in v1.0.3. Select the ingredients to combine, then quickly press [Esc] as the "Cook" button is selected. If done correctly, the cooking window will close, the item will get made, but its ingredients will not be consumed. You can now make as many food items as desired, as long as you have at least one of each required ingredient.


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