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Arcania: Gothic 4 (PlayStation3)

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Walkthrough (Xbox 360)


Finding Xesha

Complete the monastery fight. At the top of the stairs is an entrance to a tunnel going down. Xesha is at the bottom of the tunnel.


Once you reach Stewark, on Argaan, talk to Diego in the dungeon to get a lockpick.

Wooden leg

Use the following steps to find the wooden leg at Hog Hill for Lorn. Open the map and look for the trail just north of the North Cave Entrance. Go north of the cleaved maiden up the hill, past a man (also a quest giver) sitting on the ground.. Continue straight until you find a goblin camp. The wooden peg leg is hidden in a chest at the camp.

"Ningal Last Heart": Heart locations

Kill the demons at the following locations to get hearts to destroy the barrier.

Entrance to the tunnel used to reach the defiled temple.
In the slum next to the temple district, not by the water
On the road to the bastion.

"Defiled Temple": Entering the sewers

The entrance to the sewers is directly in front of Diego's house, to the right of the magic circle. Mari will be outside of Diego's house at the entrance to the sewers. She will tell you that Daranis is there, and that two other mages emerged and have met with him.
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Elixir recipe locations

Search the indicated locations to find the corresponding recipe scroll.

Alma's Best: Alma's House in Feshyr Village, Diego's Cave on Feshyr Island, and Lyrca's Hut on Feshyr Island.
Beliar's Blood: Chest behind Snip's house in Thorniara Harbor, and locked chest upstairs in Mari's House in Thorniara.
Draught of the Conqueror: Locked chest upstairs in Mari's House in Thorniara.
Eagle Eye Elixir: Quest from Nejos in Blackwater.
Elixir of Arcane Might: Mama Hooqua in Blackwater.
Elixir of Black Bile: Jabo's Hut.
Elixir of Dark Tears: Locked chest at Silverlake Keep, and locked chest at Shurak's Tower.
Elixir of Prowess: Borran in Blackwater, quest from Mama Hooqua in Blackwater, Mama Hooqua in Blackwater, and Lester's Hut in Tooshoo.
Elixir of Strength: Quest from Mama Hooqua in Blackwater.
Elixir of the Seven Winds: Melog's Medicine Chest, Lester's Hut in Tooshoo, Mari in Thorniara.
Elixir of the Warrior: Chest at Silverlake Keep, locked chest in Silverlake Orc Cave.
Elixir of the Whirling Hand: Thor at Refugee Camp near Setarrif, Rigo in Thorniara Market, Snips in Thorniara Harbor, and Cera in Thorniara Fortress.
Essence of Immortality: Locked chest in the Innos Temple of Thorniara.
Greater Eagle Eye Elixir: Thom in Thorniara Market.
Greater Elixir of Arcane Might: Locked chest in the Goddess' Temple, Rigo in Thorniara Market, and Snips in Thorniara Harbor.
Greater Elixir of Prowess: Thom in Thorniara Market.
Greater Elixir of Strength: Thom in Thorniara Market.
Lesser Eagle Eye Elixir: Chest in house at Hunter's Lodge.
Lesser Elixir of Arcane Might: Silverlake Keep Archives.
Lesser Elixir of Prowess: Ulfrich (northeast of Cleaved Maiden), chest on the beach northwest of the Watch Tower near Cleaved Maiden, chest in the Watch Tower southwest of Cleaved Maiden, and Elgan in Stewark.
Lesser Elixir of Strength: Welgard at Silverlake Keep, on a barrel at Silverlake Keep.
Nighteye Elixir: Ulrich's herb field northeast of Cleaved Maiden, and Worgen in Stewark Keep.
Stewark Cider Vinegar: Quest from Gerrick in Stewark Keep.
Stoneskin Elixir: Unknown.
Strongtoe Applebrew: Quest from Ingor in Stewark Keep.
Swift Death: Locked chest upstairs in Mari's House in Thorniara.
Worgan's Secret Reserve: Quest from Worgan in Stewark Keep.
Wasp Elixir: Locked chest in northeast goblin cave near Valley of Blood, locked Ranger chest in the goblin cave north of Silverlake Keep.

Returning to Thoriana

If you leave Thoriana through the cave south of a small village with undead problems, the original way used to enter Thoriana will be blocked by a gate. To return to Thorniaria, go back to the cave in the Blood Valley. It is located at the northern-most point of the region the left side of the map. Look for stacks of logs on both sides of the trail that lead to the cave.

Exiting Silverlake Orc Cave

After killing Erhag and his two bodyguards, talk to Lord Gawaan. Then, talk to the orc whose soul you have in order to leave the cave.


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