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Archon (iPod/iPhone)

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.

1 Million on Alastar’s Regret (50 points): Endurance: Get 1,000,000 Points on Alastar’s Regret.
1 Million on Last Midnight (50 points): Endurance: Get 1,000,000 Points on Last Midnight.
1 Million on Prelude to Dusk (50 points): Endurance: Get 1,000,000 Points on Prelude to Dusk.
1 Million on Tempest’s Rage (50 points): Endurance: Get 1,000,000 Points on Tempest’s Rage.
10 Gold (10 points): Talent: Get 10 Gold ranks on any 10 quests.
15 Gold (15 points): Talent: Get 15 Gold ranks on any 15 quests.
2 Kills (5 points): Strategy: Beat Quest 13 on Prelude to Dusk with only 2 kills.
30 Gold (25 points): Talent: Get 30 Gold ranks on any 30 quests.
45 Gold (30 points): Talent: Get 45 Gold ranks on any 45 quests.
5 Gold (5 points): Talent: Get 5 Gold ranks on any 5 quests.
60 Gold (35 points): Discovery: Get 60 Gold ranks on any 60 quests.
Alastar’s Regret Normal (25 points): Endurance: Complete Alastar’s Regret on normal.
Frugal Shooter (5 points): Talent: Win Combat by firing only once.
Insane Alastar’s Regret (75 points): Talent: Complete Alastar’s Regret on insane.
Insane Last Midnight (75 points): Talent: Complete Last Midnight on insane.
Insane Prelude to Dusk (75 points): Talent: Complete Prelude to Dusk on insane.
Insane Tempest’s Rage (75 points): Talent: Complete Tempest’s Rage on insane.
Last Midnight Normal (25 points): Endurance: Complete Last Midnight on normal.
No Magic (5 points): Strategy: Beat Quest 11 on Alastar’s Regret without using Magic.
Prelude to Dusk Normal (25 points): Endurance: Complete Prelude to Dusk on normal.
Save them all (5 points): Talent: Win a Quest without losing a character.
Slaughterhouse 57 (5 points): Talent: Kill everyone in Last Midnight, Quest 9.
Soloist (5 points): Strategy: Beat Quest 14 on Tempest’s Rage with using only the Wizard.
Tempest’s Rage Normal (25 points): Endurance: Complete Tempest’s Rage on normal.