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Army Of Two: The 40th Day (PlayStation3)

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Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Big Heads" and "Infinite Ammo" cheats in the "Options" menu.

Prequel bonus

Have a saved game file from the original Army Of Two to unlock the AS-KRI and S0-Z Grand Pinger for purchase.


Successfully complete the game to unlock the following costumes.

Civilian costume.
End costume.
Mall costume.
Light Armor costume.
Medium Armor costume.
Old school costume.





Search the indicated area to obtain the corresponding weapon.

  • 7337 Defender barrel: In mission 4, after saving the first two civilians and before using the stairs to the comm tower, climb the ladder to the east after clearing the enemies. It is found on the eastern-most walk way.
  • FR Elite Model 3 sniper rifle stock: During mission 3 in Co-op mode, select choice 3 to kill the tiger.
  • G186 pistol: Get to the hospital with 100% positive morale in your decision making.
  • J37 Deffender MK. 4 shotgun stock: In mission 7 at first area after the step, jump in that room before opening the gate for your partner.
  • Kitchen Knife: During mission 5, search near where you put the bombs on the floor.
  • M107. 50 cal sniper rifle: Make the kid go for the sniper rifle when you are in the hospital.
  • Pipe Launcher 40mm: In mission 3, after the tiger is seen in the zoo and before saving the hostage, climb the ladder across from the hostage situation. It is located above the cage.
  • Red Dot 3x Scope: At the start of mission 6, kill everyone in the first area then go up the stairs on the right side. Take a right turn to go under the bridge, then walk a short distance and pick up the schematic on the ground on your left.
  • Slanted G5 Grip Front Mount: In mission 1, found at the top of a ladder after the first turret gunner.
  • Trushot MK.1 Assault Rifle Barrel: At the start of mission 5, clear all the enemies then look at which way the APC is facing. Walk straight in the direction that it is pointing to find a burnt out truck and set of dumpsters. The barrel near a dumpster; you need to walk past where you would turn right to continue the mission.

Defeating the man with the Gatlin gun

When at the bridge, a the man will walk out with a Gatlin gun and blowing things up. You need to shoot the ammo pack on his back. Use flanking and aggro to get a line of fire, and shoot when your crosshair turns from blue to red.

New areas

Take your time when entering a new area. There could be civilians around that you should protect, or there could be alternate paths that you and your partner can exploit.

Easy "Chaaaaarge!" achievement or trophy

Created by LegendK7ll3r.

Equip the riot shield or the detached shield from a wall and run at an opponent while holding X  PlayStation3  or A  Xbox 360  . The shield will protect you while running out in the open by enemies. This myust be done twenty times throughout the game and does not need to be done in the same session.

Easy "Grenadier" achievement or trophy

Easy "Hate Monger" achievement or trophy

Upgrade a weapon until it has a very high aggro rating. It must be nearly 100% full. Note: Style upgrades such as Jigsaw and Pimp will add a lot of aggro.

Easy "In Synch" achievement or trophy

Created by MrKennyKRH.

Have a friend help you in Co-op mode. Position yourself so that the enemies are at the same distance from you and your partner. Do a quick draw during a mock surrender, and both you and your partner must score headshots before time returns to normal speed. Note: A good location to attempt this is in Chapter 5, in the alleyway.

Easy "Pumpkin" achievement or trophy

Easy "Rock, Paper, Scissors" achievement or trophy

You must win three consecutive games of rock paper scissors. To start a game, press Triangle  PlayStation3  or Y  Xbox 360  while not in combat next to your partner. Use the D-pad to select rock, paper, or scissors.

Easy "Scavenger" achievement or trophy

Purchase and add any three homebrew upgrades to your weapon. Note: the Rusty Stock, Metal Plate, and Soda Can Silencer are recommended.

Easy "Total Fistbump Destruction" achievement or trophy

Get your partner to maximum friendly mood by complimenting them when possible to get the "Comradery +" message. You can check their status pressing Start button and looking at "Mood" under "Partnership". After reaching maximum friendly mood, do not kill them at the end of the game.

Easy "Total Fistbump Deflation" achievement or trophy

Get your partner to maximum hated by punching them when possible to get the "Comradery -" message. You can check their status pressing Start button and looking at "Mood" under "Partnership". After reaching maximum hated mood, kill them at the end of the game.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards. Note: Enabling cheat options will prevent trophies from becoming unlocked.

Not What I Thought It Was (Bronze): Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty level.
A Steep Descent (Bronze): Complete Chapter 2 on any difficulty level.
A Decent Animal (Bronze): Complete Chapter 3 on any difficulty level.
Emergency Room (Bronze): Complete Chapter 4 on any difficulty level.
Gone Shopping (Bronze): Complete Chapter 5 on any difficulty level.
Meat Bag (Bronze): Use 15 enemies as human shields.
Chaaaaarge! (Bronze): Charge through 20 enemies.
Grenadier (Bronze): Kill 3 or more enemies with a single grenade.
Pistolier (Bronze): Kill 150 enemies with pistols.
Old Faithful (Bronze): Kill 400 enemies with assault rifles, submachine guns or shotguns.
One Shot, One Kill (Bronze): Kill 100 enemies with a sniper rifle.
Quick Draw (Bronze): Kill 25 enemies with a quickdraw from mock surrender.
Open Hand Slap! (Bronze): Kill 50 enemies with a melee or bayonet.
Not So Bad After All (Bronze): Tie up 15 enemy combatants instead of executing them.
Healer (Bronze): Heal your partner 10 times.
Co-Op Sniper (Bronze): Co-op snipe 5 enemies.
Attention Grabber (Bronze): Allow your partner to snipe 5 guys while in mock surrender.
In Synch (Bronze): Kill two enemies with simultaneous quick draws while in co-op mock surrender.
Pumpkin Patch (Bronze): Shoot 2 enemies in the head with a single bullet.
Total Fist Bump Destruction (Bronze): Finish the game as best friends.
Total Fist Bump Deflation (Bronze): Finish the game in a fractured friendship.
The Truth Is Right Here (Bronze): Listen to all of the radio broadcasts.
Loot and Pillage (Bronze): Collect $1,000,000.
Hate Monger (Bronze): Customize a primary weapon to high aggro.
The Optimist (Bronze): Make a positive coop morality choice.
The Pessimist (Bronze): Make a negative coop choice.
Fresh Meat (Bronze): Versus: Revive your partner and perform a partner reload during the same public match.
Fancy Meeting You Here (Bronze): Versus: Invite a friend before joining a lobby to play a public match.
Big Game Hunting (Bronze): Versus: Kill both members of a single partnership during a public match.
Job Seeker (Bronze): Versus: In public matches, kill a player with either the primary or secondary weapon from every weapon kit.
DIY PMC (Bronze): Versus: Create a custom facemask online ( and wear it in a public match.
Death Dealer (Bronze): Versus: Kill 10 players on a single map in a public match.
Power Couple (Bronze): Versus: Earn the highest partnership score in a Co-op Deathmatch, Control or Warzone public match.
All Guns Blazing (Bronze): Versus: Kill a player with every weapon, including special weapons, in public matches.
Survivor? (Silver): Complete the game on any difficulty level.
Softcore (Silver): Complete half the game on hardest difficulty.
Unbreakable (Silver): Survive an entire level without needing to be revived on normal difficulty or above.
Full Arsenal (Silver): Collect all weapons and weapon parts.
Touch Not A Cat But A Glove (Silver): Shoot all Maneki Neko cats in the game.
Humanist (Silver): Save every hostage.
Future Visions (Silver): Unlock all potential futures.
Bound For Life (Silver): Versus: In a public match, survive an entire Extraction map without suffering a single death on your team.
King Of The Hill (Silver): Versus: Win a public match on every map in Co-op Deathmatch, Control and Warzone.
Survival Of The Fittest (Silver): Versus: Complete all 16 rounds of an Extraction game in a public match.
Hardcore (Gold): Complete the game on the hardest difficulty.
The Beast (Gold): Kill 6,666 people in Campaign.
Better Than Gold (Platinum): Earn all other trophies.

Additionally there are four secret trophies.

Rock, Paper, Scissors (Bronze): Beat your partner at rock, paper, scissors 3 times in a row.
Scavenger (Bronze): Build a gun using 3 homebrew parts.
Purist (Bronze): Make only positive choices.
Heartless (Bronze): Make only negative choices.

Chapters Of Deceit


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