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Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag (Xbox 360)

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Complete the indicated number of Abstergo Challenges to unlock the corresponding cheat under the "Cheats" option at the "Abstergo Challenges" menu. Enabling a cheat will prevent achievements or trophies from becoming unlocked and will not allow the game to be saved.

Armed to the Teeth: 90 challenges; allows unlimited ammunition.
Arrr Matey!: 20 challenges; allows pirate speak for Edward.
Celestial Navigation: 10 challenges; allows time to be set and locked.
Dead Men Tell No Tales: 70 challenges; allows invincibility for Edward and the Jackdaw.
Deceased Crew: 100 challenges; allows skeletal crew.
Loaded to the Gunwhale: 50 challenges; allows Edward to be always drunk.
No Quarter: 30 challenges; stops Edward and the Jackdaw from regaining health.
Poseidon's Will: 60 challenges; allows sea wave intensity to be set.
Scourge of the Seven Seas: 40 challenges; allows always maximum wanted level.
Shiver Me Timbers: 80 challenges; changes enemies into strange creatures.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume.

Altair's Robes: Previously play any Assassin's Creed series game on your Uplay profile.
Brown Cloak: Available for purchase at a General Store for 1,500 R.
Connor Kenway's Outfit: Previously play three Assassin's Creed series games on your Uplay profile.
Crimson Cloak Outfit: Available for purchase at a General Store for 3,000 R.
Edward the Legend Outfit: Unlocked in Uplay for 20 points.
Explorer Outfit: Complete Community Challenge #6 (done online).
Ezio Auditore's Robes: Previously play two Assassin's Creed series games on your Uplay profile.
Feline Pelt Outfit: Craft one jaguar pelt and one ocelot pelt.
Governor's Outfit: Find and share a social chest (done online)
Hunter Outfit: Craft one red howler monkey skin and one white jaguar pelt (reduces animal aggression).
Mayan Outfit: Complete all Mayan Stone side-quests (deflects bullets).
Merchant Outfit: Available for purchase at a General Store for 10,000 R.
Officer's Outfit: Complete the "Great Reputation 1" trading mission to Gibraltar with Kenway's Fleet (a Mediterranean Sea mission).
Pirate Captain Outfit: Available for purchase at a General Store for 8,000 R.
Pirate Cloak: Available for purchase at a General Store for 6,000 R.
Politician's Outfit: Available for purchase at a General Store for 12,000 R.
Privateer Outfit: Available for purchase at a General Store for 5,000 R.
Shark Hunter Outfit: Craft one bull shark skin and one hammerhead shark bone.
Stealth Outfit: Complete 50% of Assassin Contract side-quests (decreases visibility and improves stealth).
Templar Armor: Complete all Templar Hunt side-quests (gives 25% damage reduction).
Whaler Outfit: Craft with three white whale skins.

Charge Ram attack

Defeat all four legendary ships.

Uplay rewards

Spend the indicated amount of points in your Uplay account to earn the corresponding reward.

500 Reales: 10 points.
Edward the Legend outfit: 20 points.
The Blades of Toledo and exclusive multiplayer items: 30 points.
The Vengeful Daughter Outfit for multiplayer, customize the Jackdaw with epic items: 40 points.


Walkthrough (PC)

Walkthrough (PlayStation3)

Walkthrough (Xbox 360)


Mayan puzzle locations

Complete all Mayan puzzles at the indicated location to unlock the Mayan Outfit at Tulum (coordinates 72, 404).

Symbol #1: Great Inagua; completed during DNA Sequence 4, Memory 1.
Symbol #2: Cat Island (coordinates 736, 692)
Symbol #2: Mantanzas (coordinates 340, 643)
Symbol #4: Cape Bonavista (coordinates 180, 594)
Symbol #5: Tulum (coordinates 71, 402)
Symbol #6: Pinos Isle (coordinates 337, 475)
Symbol #7: Pinos Isle (coordinates 344, 476)
Symbol #8: Tortuga (coordinates 875, 379)
Symbol #9: Long Bay (coordinates 524, 255)
Symbol #10: Isla Providencia (coordinates 503, 45)
Symbol #11: Isla Providencia (coordinates 505, 43)
Symbol #12: New Bone (coordinates 434, 113)
Symbol #13: Misteriosa (coordinates 302, 120)
Symbol #14: Misteriosa (coordinates 295, 197)
Symbol #15: Santanillas (coordinates 214, 244)
Symbol #16: Santanillas (coordinates 224, 243)

Shipwreck locations

The following underwater shipwrecks can be found at the indicated location after Sequence 6-1 is completed.

Shipwreck #1: San Ignacio (coordinates 378, 769)
Shipwreck #2: Petite Caverne (coordinates 901, 264)
Shipwreck #3: Jiguey (coordinates 564, 539)
Shipwreck #4: Atocha (coordinates 632, 661)
Shipwreck #5: Black Trench (coordinates 221, 449)
Shipwreck #6: San Juan (coordinates 480, 486)
Shipwreck #7: Devil's Eyes Cave (coordinates 487, 356)
Shipwreck #8: Anotto Bay (coordinates 622, 276)
Shipwreck #9: Ambergris Key (coordinates 55, 177)
Shipwreck #10: The Blue Hole (coordinates 470, 170)
Shipwreck #11: Kabah Ruins (coordinates 768, 144)
Shipwreck #12: La Concepcion Shipwreck (coordinates 180, 296)
Shipwreck #13: Antocha (coordinates 629, 661)

Elite ship upgrade locations

Search the following locations to find the plans for the corresponding ship upgrade.

Elite Round Shot: Kabah Ruins (coordinates 769, 145)
Elite Hull: San Ignacio (coordinates 379, 770)
Elite Swivel Guns: Devil's Eye Cave (coordinates 488, 353)
Elite Harpoon: Andreas Island (coordinates 579, 720)
Elite Broadside Cannons: The Blue Hole (coordinates 471, 170)
Elite Heavy Shot: Petite Cavern (coordinates 901, 263)
Elite Fire Barrels: San Juan (coordinates 479, 487)
Elite Fire Barrel Storage: Isla Providencia (coordinates 502, 44)
Elite Ram: La Concepcion Shipwreck (coordinates 181, 296)

Giant squid attack

Swim inside the Antocha shipwreck at coordinates 630,660. While looking out one of the windows you will be able to see a giant squid take down a whale. (Video)

Easy money

  • Complete the "Mister Walpole, I presume?" mission during Sequence 2 Memory 3. Pause game play while not in a mission, select "Progress Tracker", and choose "Sequence 2, Memory 3". Replay the mission and continue until you are given the optional objective to pickpocket three Templars. Pickpocket them to get at least 750 Reales. Immediately pause game play, select "Reload", and reload the game from the last checkpoint. You can now pickpocket the Templars again. Repeat the process until you collect at least 100,000 Reales.
  • Note: This trick requires a decent amount of hull armor and 10 or more mortar rounds for the Jackdaw ship. Travel to the legendary ship battle in the northeast corner of the map, with the two legendary ships that attack you. You will not be able to defeat both ships without your ship fully upgraded, but you will be able to take down one if you follow these instructions. When the battle starts, fire two mortar rounds at the ship you are focusing on while turning around, then release your fire barrels. When they get close, use your heavy shot. Do not get between the two opposing ships or you will be defeated quickly. Once they pass, keep firing mortars at the one ship while they are turning around. Repeat the previous steps until you destroy the ship you are focused on. Pick up the loot from that destroyed legendary ship as quickly as possible, because the other ship will ram and sink you quickly. You will get 10,000 Reales for your trouble and be able to keep it after you die. Repeat the process as many times as desired.
  • This trick requires the cannon and/or shot upgrades; or upgrades to your chain shot and ram abilities. Also, Brothers-in-Arms must not have been sunk yet. Start a battle with the group of ships, sinking one of them and ignoring the others. Collect your loot then intentionally fail. After respawning, the other ship will also be back with its loot. You will still have your previous reward. Repeat the process as many times as desired, earning 10,000 Reales each time.
  • Use the following trick to make 10,000R in about twenty five minutes by Hunting Crocodiles. While on the Island of Nassau (Sequence 02), you will have your first opportunity to hunt Crocodiles. You can find this easily on the map in the water/lagoon/marsh area, notated with a Crocodile symbol. It is easiest to find this after exposing a few lookout points. The crocodile lagoon is located southwest of the ship dock. Just to the right (east) on the map from the water the crocodiles lurk, you will find a red enemy zone with a lookout/regeneration point where you can Fast Travel to and regenerate the crocodiles you killed. This allows you to run back and do it again. Do this twenty five times to earn an easy 10,000R. To reach the area where it is easy to snipe the two crocodiles safely from the trees, leap out from the lookout point described above, directly across towards the crocodile area, and use the trees to go over the water and onto the island area. Stay on the trees, jumping across them and stay to the left until you reach the top of a tree on the edge of the water. From here, look down and snipe the two crocs, then jump down to skin them and quickly Fast Travel back to the lookout. Each run from the lookout point to the two easy to catch crocodiles takes less than a minute before Fast Traveling back to the lookout point, regenerating the two crocodiles you killed to hunt and skin again. Do this twenty four more times to get fifty Crocodile Leathers to sell for 10,000 total (Video).

Easy boarding

When facing large ships (for example, frigates), position your ship near your target, then swim to the ship and eliminate the crew through close quarters. Afterwards, swim back to the Jackdaw then hit each ship with a single broadside. You will immediately win the boarding sequence that follows.

Easy shanties

Stand in the location the shanty starts at when it flies away from you. It will fly away and a short time later it will appear up in the location you are at. You can pick it up without having to chase after it.

The IT Crowd reference

Go to the map near the entrance to the modern-day Abstergo offices. Two co-workers will begin talking about Chicago. Continue listening and they will talk about John from IT. The male co-worker comments that whenever he requests help, John replies with "Have you tried turning it off and on again?", which is a reference to the British comedy The IT Crowd.

Easy "Killer Killer" achievement or trophy

If desired, get harpoon upgrades, harpoon storage, strength, and extra armor to make this process easier. Sail to a Killer Whale hunting location (for example, coordinates 537, 340 on the world map). After a deck hand announces the presence of a whale, Kenway will be sent with a harpoon to hunt it. Harpoon the whale and follow it, being careful when it dives. It will eventually surface again on the horizon and run at your boat. Harpoon it again to avoid taking damage. Repeat the process until the whale's health is taken down to unlock the achievement or trophy. (Video)

Easy "Redingote Up!" achievement or trophy

Go to a General Store, then select the "Hunting Goods" tab. Purchase the Red Howler Monkey Skin for 5,000 R and White Jaguar Pelt for 6,000 R. Select the "Crafting" tab at the main menu, then choose the "Hunting Outfit" option. (Video)


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Heroes Aren't Born (10 points): Complete memory sequence 1. (Video)
Good While It Lasted (20 points): Complete memory sequence 2.
A Pirate's Life For Me (20 points): Complete memory sequence 3.
No Apologies (20 points): Complete memory sequence 4.
Death Of A Salesman (20 points): Complete memory sequence 5.
Mixing Up The Medicines (20 points): Complete memory sequence 6.
The Hammer Falls (20 points): Complete memory sequence 7.
Adrift (20 points): Complete memory sequence 8.
A New Hope (20 points): Complete memory sequence 9.
My Elusive Fortune (20 points): Complete memory sequence 10.
Been Down So Long... (20 points): Complete memory sequence 11.
Just Like Starting Over (20 points): Complete memory sequence 12.
Saw That One Coming... (50 points): Complete memory sequence 13.
By The Book (50 points): Complete 100% of all main mission constraints. (Video)
Silence, Fool! (5 points): Kill a guard ringing a bell. (Video)
Owned (10 points): Complete every activity in a single location.
Vault Raider (30 points): Unlock the secret door in Tulum. (Video)
Killer Killer (10 points): Harpoon a killer whale. (Video)
Help A Brother Out (20 points): Complete a Templar Hunt sequence. (Video)
Sea Legs (30 points): Complete all naval contracts.
King Of The Castle (30 points): Capture all forts.
Employee Of The Month (30 points): Complete 25 Abstergo challenges.
Business And Pleasure (20 points): Earn 50,000 reales.
Mer-man (10 points): Swim a total of 1 nmi.
Redingote Up! (10 points): Craft the Hunter outfit. (Video)
Thug Life (30 points): Plunder 30 ships.
Devil Of The Caribbean (40 points): Defeat all 4 legendary ships. (Video)
Destroyer (40 points): Fully upgrade the Jackdaw.
Seven Deadly Seas (10 points): Explore all underwater shipwrecks.
Barfly (30 points): Unlock all taverns. (Video)
Cannon Fodder (5 points): Recruit 500 crew members.
FTFY (10 points): Fully upgrade your hideout.
Cartographer (20 points): Visit every location of the game.
Ghost In The Machine (10 points): Hack 15 computers in Abstergo Entertainment. (Video)
Roped In (10 points): Perform 5 air assassinations from a swinging rope.
Sharing Is Caring (10 points): Share each type of discovery with friends once.
All Aboard! (30 points): Board a ship without losing any crew members.
Siren Song (20 points): Rescue pirate hostages by distracting enemies with "dancers." (Video)
Wild West Indies (20 points): Kill 4 enemies in a row using multi-pistols. (Video)
Excavator (10 points): Find a buried treasure.
Committed To The Cause (20 points): Reach level 55 in Multiplayer.
Personal Bag Of Tricks (10 points): Finish a game session with an ability set that you customized in Multiplayer.
Master Of The Caribbean (20 points): Complete the Discovery Mode of Wolfpack in Multiplayer.
Lab Technician (10 points): Play and complete a game session of Game Lab in the Multiplayer Public playlist.
All Rounder (20 points): Play on every game mode, and use every ability and ranged weapon once in Multiplayer.

Additionally there are five secret achievements.

Routine Hacking (20 points): Complete present day mission 2.
Getting Weird Around Here (20 points): Complete present day mission 3.
Bunker Buddies (20 points): Complete present day mission 4.
It's All Good (20 points): Complete present day mission 5.
Hungover (10 points): Wake up in a haystack. (Video)

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