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Awesomenauts (Xbox 360)

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Alternate skins

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding skin.

Creeper Clunk: Kill a player wearing the Creeper Clunk skin.
Cyber Coco: Requires post Kickstarter "Bronze CoCo" pledge of $50.
Ghost Leon: Requires post Kickstarter "Bronze Leon" pledge of $50.
Honeydew Skølldir: Select Practice mode, choose "Skølldir", select the Honeydew icon then submit your email address for the code.
Necro Voltar: Have a saved game file from Swords And Soldiers.


Easy "Attack of the botanic army!" and "Wrecking Wilson's garden" achievements

Play a bot match set to 0% bot skill on the "Sorona" map. If available, use the "Overgrowth" (-2 parts per Weedling) and "Bag of Seeds" (+1 or +2 Weedlings) skill upgrades. Place a Weedling over the Tremor Worm's pit at the bottom center of the map. Then, hit the button on the platform above to call the worm to "feed". Do this a total of times, then finish the match.

Easy "Rings for the sky" and "Swimming in coins 3" achievements or trophies

You can level up quickly while playing against bots. Set up a bot match, and have the bots be in the lower difficulty setting. Select any desired map. Play as Raelynn because she can earn large amounts of Solar in a short amount of time. You must do well in the first drop to get a nice amount of Solar. Then, go to the shop and purchase Snipe, Solar Tree and Monkey Hand (which gives you 50 Solar after killing an enemy). During game play, try to kill snipe and let the bots do all the heavy lifting. When you save 120 Solar, return to the base to purchase Flashy Glasses, which allows you to gain 3 Solar for every target you hit with Snipe. After resuming game play, try to use Snipe as much as possible. Future purchases should be focused on maxing out the other Snipe items. Spend 290 Solar to reduce the cooldown on Snipe by three seconds and spend 600 Solar to increase the damage of Snipe by 30, allowing you to get more kill steals. Follow that by saving 590 Solar for maxing the Protoblaster, then spend 335 Solar for Denny's Boots and the Med-i'-can. At this point you should be at least level 21 with enemy bots only at level 5 max.

  • To level up quickly for "Rings for the sky", make your main focus to push a single lane and destroy the turrets so you can win quickly. Destroying enemy Awesomenauts should be secondary. The faster you win, the better your time bonus for experience will be.
  • For "Swimming in coins 3", make your main focus to kill enemies instead of pushing lanes.

Easy "Befriending a red bat" achievement

This can be done solo by playing in split screen mode with a controller. Begin a custom match with the bots set to 0% difficulty then add both characters in. If playing both, control Skree. It does not matter if Coco gets kills, as long as you win. Move Coco occasionally so she does not time out. Clear a single lane and killing every enemy that enters it. Take down turrets using Coco because of her increased damage to structures.

Easy "Bouncing bear juice" achievement

You need to have fifteen kills combined from all teammates without any of them dying. Play a bot match set to with 0% bot skill.

Easy "Creeper virus" achievement

  • Kill another player who is using the creeper-skin on Clunk.
  • Get blown up by the creeper skin of Clunk.

Easy "Dinosaurs don’t like brain boxes" achievment

Create a bot match with the difficulty set to 0. Spawn, skip the shop, then kill anyone.

Easy "Lightning strikes the vines" achievement

Consider using Yuri or anyone that you can get the last hit on the tower. Start a bot match at 0% Bot Skill to make pushing the towers faster. Push as normal until the tower gets down to about half of its health. Then, fly into it and drop a mine or use the skill your naut can damage towers with. Repeat this for all four towers on the map. If you fail to get the last hit on the tower, the solar will fall to the ground and you must try again. Note: If you are having trouble getting the last hit due to bot interference, try getting the turret down to four or five bars of health using the bots. When the next wave of bots appears, allow the enemy bots or turret destroy your bots and tank the turret damage.

Easy "No might can stop this oil can!" achievement

Obtain the following upgrades: 3x Power Pills Turbo (for additional maximum health), Vacuum Bite (to 2x Medical Pump). Because of Medical Pump, you must bite three enemies to reach maximum health. Additionally, you may have to wait fifteen minutes during a match to raise your maximum health. You will earn "No might can stop this oil can!" during the match. You do not have to complete the game. Note that your current health is also at maximum, and not just your maximum health.

Easy "Part robot, part human. Mostly robot." achievement

This can be done solo. Load a custom game with a low difficulty setting. Reload the game after the match starts if necessary until you are facing Ted. You do not have to finish the match. You can also earn "No might can stop this oil can!" if focus on efficiency.

Easy "Party at Sky Vault" achievement

Note: This requires three controllers, or two controllers in addition to the keyboard and mouse on a PC. Host a private match against bots. Add local players to fill all three slots, then win the match.

Easy "Robots fighting their shadows" achievement or trophy

Note: This cannot be done with characters from an expansion. Start a custom match. Six actual players are not required. Configure controls for other local players or use controllers to make up your own team of three, then have another person do the same thing for another team of three.

Easy "Slimer's evil twin 3" achievement or trophy

The Solar Boss appears on "Ribbit IV", the first map available when you are level 1. It can respawn after 120 seconds and drops 30 Solars and full replenish life upon killing. It has an "acid spit" attack that does 10 points of damage per spit, multiplied by five times for each attack. It can kill you very quickly if you cannot move fast enough to avoid it. Use Sheriff Lonestar or another fast mobile character. Throw dynamite on the Solar Boss, then repeatedly jump over his head to avoid the acid spit while shooting him whenever possible. It is recommended that you set up a custom game against low AI bots or with a friend.

Easy "Snorkel pipe boost" achievement

As Derpl, choose a custom match, set the bots skill at 0%, and choose the "Ribbit IV" map. The solar Boss spawns at 2:00, giving you ten seconds to defeat it. Purchase Piggy Bank and both skills. If you have enough money you can also get an item that allows Turret Shot, Snare or Nuke have a better effect. Check the score table so that you are in the location where he will spawn before the 2:00 minute mark. About five seconds before then, place the Snare Trap where he will spawn, then enter Turret mode. Nuke then keep firing.

Easy "Venom is too slow" achievement

Create a bot match with difficulty set to 0. Select a naut such as Lonestar or Coco that is capable of pushing quickly. Just focus on ending the match.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Hawk, wolf, puma and bear (5 points): Kill 1000 droids/creeps.
T-U-R-R-E-T powah! (15 points): Destroy 25 turrets.
Bionic family (15 points): Win game sessions with six different characters.
Let our powers combine! (15 points): Play a game session with friends invited in your game session.
Party at Sky Vault (15 points): Win a game session with 2 friends splitscreen.
In pole position (15 points): Make the most kills of both teams in an online match.
Thunder, thunder, thunder! (20 points): Get a killing spree.
Awesomenauts, roll out! (20 points): Unlock 3 characters.
Slimer's evil twin (20 points): Kill the Solar boss in an online game session.
Wings of Silver (20 points): Collect 35 Solar on an drop-pod drop.
Master of the Universe! (20 points): Reach max level.
Yoooo JOE! (20 points): Win an online game session.