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Backyard Hockey (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Secret players

Enter one of the following names at the create a player screen to unlock a secret player.

Lemon Boy
Beverly Backstop
Buddy Cheque

Enter Killer Gas as a player's name to get a strange looking Buddy Cheque.

Secret coaches

Enter of the following names as a coach to unlock their teams.

Ikan Trace
Ikan Draw
Ivanna Tipe
Mike McMeeting


Bonus rinks

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding rink.

Antarctic Ice Arena: Win the Clanky Cup.
Humongous Rectangular Gardens: Advance to the Clanky Cup.
Tech State University Fighting T'Squares Rink: Advance to the Conference Finals.


Best overall players

The seven best overall players are as follows.
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Thor "Lemon Boy" Herring: 50
Dmitri Petrovich: 40
Pablo Sanchez: 40
Jocinda Smith: 39
Mike Modano: 39
Brian Leetch: 37
Kenny Kawaguchi or Stephanie Morgan: 37

Recommended team

Mike Modano: Center (Starter)
Jaromir Jagr: Defender (Starter)
Thor Herring (Secret character "Lemon Boy"): Forward (Starter)
Beverly Backstop (Secret character): Goalie (Starter)
Dmitri Petrovich
Joe Sakic


Unlimited Super Speed

First, turn on power ups. Start a game and wait for Super Speed to appear. Get it. While you have it, get one of your players called for roughing. When he or she comes back in, they will have unlimited Super Speed.