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Backyard Skateboarding

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

After executing a trick combo of 100 or more, type one of the following codes during the introduction sequence (when Sunny and Eric are talking) before any level to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Only one code can be enabled at one time.

Effect Code
All cheats nofair
Higher Ollies kaboing
Unlimited Molasses Time slowmo
Unlimited Spin Cycle dizzy

lrnp, w baioi plwpwir


Bonus skateboarders

When you reach level 2, you will unlock the following fifteen skateboarding pros.

Bob Burnquist
Bucky Lasek
Elissa Steamer
Pierre-Luc Gagnon
Ryan Sheckler
Colin McKay
Arto Saarii
Steve Berra
Tony Hawk
Eric Koston
Mike Valleley
Rune Glifberg
Danny Way
Chris Senn
Rodney Mullen

When you get to the very last level you will unlock the following skaters.

Taylor Duncan
Kenzy Chambers
Jacob Crowe
Jake Lenkowski
Tony Anderson
Matt Fennell
Matt Allen
Tristan Hall
Bre'shawnia Carter
Michael Greene
Tyler Reynolds
David Powell
Kayla Thorpe
Dorothy Martin
Tony Anderson
Genesis Anderson
Ashlee Goff
Bailee Copeland
Drake Duncan
Luc Duncan
Lil' Romeo

Complete the final challenge (Pro challenge at Skate Station Alpha) to unlock classic Andy MacDonald. When all challenges are completed, Eric Stream will be unlocked.


Get on tower head

Skate by any tree near the castle. You should hear Sunny Day say one of her comments about falling. You should then be on one of the "rook" heads.

Keep jumping higher

  • When you are in the air after going off a quarter pipe or half pipe, keep pressing [Jump]. You will continue to go up each time it is pressed.
  • Select a level. Repeatedly press [Jump] until it is done loading. You will jump very high at the start of the level.

Disappearing wall

Do an ollie near the wall surrounding the castle. Make sure that it is in a corner. The wall should disappear.