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Baldur's Gate 2: Throne Of Bhaal (PC)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "baldur.ini" file in the game folder. Add the line "Debug Mode=1" under the "[Program Options]" heading. Begin game play and press [Ctrl] + [Space] to display the console window. Type one of the following case-sensitive codes, press [Enter], then press [Ctrl] + [Space] to close the console window and activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Set experience points for selected character or group CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("<number>")
Set available gold CLUAConsole:AddGold("<number>")
Full map CLUAConsole:ExploreArea()
Teleport to indicated location CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("<location number>")
Spawn monster CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("<monster name>")
Spawn item CLUAConsole:CreateItem("<item name>")
Enable in-game key cheats CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys()
Spawn multiple item CLUAConsole:CreateItem("<item name>",<number>)

In-game cheat keys

Use one of the following codes during game play after using the CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys() code to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Heal character [Ctrl] + R
Move party to pointer location [Ctrl] + J
Heal and remove harmful spell effects from party [Ctrl] + T
Kill selected character or monster [Ctrl] + Y
Change AC of selected character [Ctrl] + 1
Previous selected character's model [Ctrl] + 6
Advance selected character's model [Ctrl] + 7
Maximum stats at character generation screen [Shift] + [Ctrl] + 8

Monster names

Use one of the following entries with the CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("<monster name>") code to spawn the corresponding creature.

Creature Monster name
Black Dragon dragblac
Blue Salamander icsalcol
Bone Golem icbone01
Bonus merchant1 wmart1
Bonus merchant1 wmart2
Bruenor Battlehammer bruenor
Demi Lich hldemi
Djinni gendji01
Drizzt Do'Urden drizzt
Drow Warrior uddrow27
Elder Orb Beholder beheld01
Gauth Beholder behgau01
Giant Troll trogi01
Greater Ghoul ghogr01
Greater Mummy mumgre01
Iron Golem goliro01
Lich lich01
Mature Vampire vammat01
Mind Flayer mindfl01
Minotaur icmin01
Mist Horror mistho01
Ogre ogre01
Orog Warrior orc05
Red Dragon dragred
Silver Dragon dragsil
Skeleton Warrior skelwa01
Slayer slayer
Splitter Troll troluo01
Stone Golem golsto01
Wulfgar Battlehammer wulfgar
Wyvern wyvern01

Item names

Use one of the following entries with the CLUAConsole:CreateItem("<item name>") code to spawn the corresponding item.

Item Item Name
2-Handed Sword +3 sw2h20
Abazigal's Wardstone bazplo01
Ageis Fang ageis
Ammo Belt bag03
Amulet Of Cheetah Speed amul26
Amulet Of The Master Harper amul28
Angurvadal +4 (longsword) sw1h60
Angurvadal +5 (longsword) sw1h61
Armor Of Faith +3 chan 18
Arrow +3 arow15
Asliferund's Elven Chain +5 chan19
Axe Of Unyeilding +3 ax1h14
Axe Of Unyielding +5 ax1h15
Baalor's Claw compon04
Bag Of Plenty +1 quiver05
Bag Of Plenty +2 quiver06
Bala's Axe (Wizard Slayer) ax1h07
Bard's Gloves brac24
Bastard Sword +3 sw1h72
Battle Axe +3 ax1h17
Big Metal Rod secret01
Big Metal Unit secret05
Bigby's Clenched Fist (Mage, 8th Level) scrlb1
Bigby's Crushing Hand (Mage, 9th Level) scrlb2
Blessed Bracer brac23
Blue Dragon Plate plat20
Blue Dragon Scales compon19
Bolt +3 bolt09
Bone Club +2, +3 Vs Undead blun23
Boots Of Lightning Speed boot10
Boots Of The West misc8j
Bow String Of Gond compon10
Breath Potion bazplo04
Bronze Ioun Stone helm27
Bullet +3 bull05
Bullet +4 bull06
Carsomyr +6 sw2h19
Case Of Plenty +1 quiver02
Case Of Plenty +2 quiver04
Chain Mail +3 chan 21
Chain Mail +3 chan07
Circlet Of Netheril compon17
Circlet Of Netheril helm28
Clay golem manual tome02
Clay golem page tome02a
Cloak Of Bravery clck30
Club +3 blun31
Club Of Detonation +3 blun26
Club Of Detonation +5 blun27
Composite Long Bow +3 bow24
Cow summon scroll scrlzz or scrlzy
Crimson Dart +3 dart08
Dagger +2 "Ixil's Spike" dagg23
Dagger +3 dagg24
Dagger +4 "Life Stealer" dagg20
Dagger Of The Star +4 dagg21
Dagger Of The Star +5 dagg22
Dark Elven Chain clolth
Darkfire Bow +4 (shortbow) bow20
Darkfire Bow +5 (shortbow) bow21
Darksteel Shield +4 shld31
Dawn Ring ring38
Deck Of Many Things deck
Draconis' Head bazplo02
Efreeti Bottle botsmith
Empty Breath Potion Flask bazplo07
Enkidu's Full Plate +3 plat21
Erinne's Sling +4 slng08
Erinne's Sling +5 slng09
Eye Of Tyr compon02
Fflar's Scabbard compon03
Firetooth +4 xbow15
Firetooth +5 xbow16
Flail +3 blun32
Flail Of Ages +4 blun30c
Flail Of Ages +4 blun30d
Flail Of Ages +5 blun30
Foebane +3 (bastard sword) sw1h62
Foebane +5 (bastard sword) sw1h63
Frag Grenade secret03
Full Plate Mail +2 plat23
Gargoyle Boots boot12
Gauntlets Of Extra Specializaion brac21
Girdle Of Fire Giant Strength belt11
Golden Girdle belt02
Golden Ioun Stone helm23
Golem manual tome01
Gram The Sword Of Grief +5 sw2h17
Gram The Sword Of Grief +5 sw2h18
Grand Master's Armor +6 leat24
Halberd +3 halb12
Handsmaiden's Mace +2 hlolth
Hangard's Axe +2 ax1h08
Heart Of The Damned compon15
Heartseeker +3 (long bow) bow10
Heartwood Ring ring44
Heartwood Ring ring45
Heavy Crossbow +3 xbow17
Helm Of The Rock helm31
Hindo's Doom +3 (katana) sw1h70
Hindu's Hand compon07
Holy Cloak clck21
Holy Symbol Of Helm belt13
Holy Symbol Of Lathandar belt12
Holy Symbol Of Talos belt14
Horn compon12
Horn compon13
Horned Helm Of The Rock helm32
Hundo's Doom +4 (katana) sw1h71
Improved Cloak Of Protection +2 clck31
Ixil's Nail +4 sper11
Ixil's Spike +6 sper12
Jester's Chain +4 chan 10
Juggernaut golem page tome04a
Juggernaut manual tome04
Katana +2 sw1h55
Katana +2 "Malakar" sw1h45
Katana +3 sw1h75
Kiel's Helm helm14
Kiel's Morning Star blun19
K'logarath +4 ax1h16
Laser laser
Lavender Ioun Stone helm26
Light Crossbow +3 xbow18
Liquid Mercury compon01
Long Bow +3 bow25
Long Sword +2 "Varscona" superweapon killsw01
Long Sword +3 sw1h73
Mace +3 blun33
Magic Flute brdflute
Malla's Soul Stone amsoul01
Montilo's Clasp compon11
Montilo's Cloak clck32
Montilo's Cloak compon16
Morningstar +3 blun34
Nymph's Tear compon14
Oaken Ring ring43
Obsidian Ioun Stone helm24
Paladin's Bracer brac22
Potion Case bag06
Psion's Blade +5 sw2h21
Pulse Ammo secret02
Purifier +4 (bastard sword) sw1h64
Purifier +5 (bastard sword) sw1h65
Quarterstaff +3 staf24
Quiver Of Plenty +1 quiver01
Quiver Of Plenty +2 quiver03
Ravager +4 halb10
Ravager +6 halb11
Reversal Scroll bazplo06
Ring Of Anti-Venom ring46
Ring Of Improved Invisibility ring42
Ring Of Protection +3 ring41
Rod Of Reversal rods06
Rope bazplo05
Roranach's Horn compon05
Rune Hammer +4 hamm10
Rune Hammer +6 hamm11
Rune Of Clangeddin compon09
Scimitar +3 sw1h76
Scimitar +3 "Water Edge" sw1h52
Scorcher Ammo secret04
Serpent Staff +2 staf23
Shadow Thief Cloak clck28
Shakti Figurine figure01
Shapechange (Mage, 9th Level) scrl9y
Shield Of The Lost +2 shld26
Shield Of The Order +4 shld32
Short Bow +3 bow26
Short Sword +3 sw1h74
Short Sword Of Mask +4 sw1h58
Short Sword Of Mask +5 sw1h59
Shuruppak's Plate plat22
Silver Horned Helm helm33
Silver Ioun Stone helm25
Skull Of The Lich compon06
Sling +3 slng03
Sling +3 slng10
Soultaker Dagger dagg10
Spear Of Withering +4 sper10
Spectral Brand +4 (S/W/N) sw1h68
Spectral Brand +5 (S/W/N) sw1h69
Spell Strike (Mage, 9th Level) scrl9m
Staff Of Command staf09
Staff Of The Ram +4 aurstaf
Staff Of The Ram +4 staf21
Staff Of The Ram +6 staf22
Starfall Ore compon08
Stone golem maunal tome03
Stone golem page tome03a
Storm Ring ring37
Storm Star +3 blun28
Storm Star +5 blun29
Studded Leather Of Thorns +6 leat23
Taralash +4 (long bow) bow22
Taralash +5 (long bow) bow23
The Answerer +4 (longsword) sw1h77
Thieves' Hood helm29
Thieves' Hood helm30
Tzu-Zan's Bracers brac26
Usuno's Blade +4 (S/W/N) sw1h67
Wand Of Cursing wand19
Wand Of Spell Striking wand18
Warhammer +3 hamm12
White Dragon Scale chan 20
White Dragon Scales compon18
Wish (Mage, 9th Level) scrlb4
Wondrous Gloves brac25
Wong Fei's Ioun Stone helm34
Yamato +4 (S/W/N) sw1h66
Yellow Dragon Egg bazplo03

View all ending sequences

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "baldur.ini" file in the game directory. Add the following lines under the existing entries in the "[Movies]" section to unlock all FMV sequences in the "Play Movie" option.



View development team

Go to Watcher's Keep and get to the spirit maze. While in the maze, quickly pause game play and display the area map. The development team will appear in place of the map.
evugft frhlbr epgco




Bronze Pantaloons

Go to Abzigal's lair. There will be Sentinels in one room. You will find a wizard in there. Near the wizard are three statues. Use the Stone To Flesh scroll on them, then get them to do the quest.

Secret armor and weapon

If you obtained the Gold Pantaloons in the original Baldur's Gate, the Silver Pantaloons in Baldur's Gate 2, and the Bronze Pantettes in Throne Of Bhaal, you can combine them into a new type of extremely hard armor, along with a very powerful weapon.

Unlimited liquor

If you like going to the taverns and buying drinks to find information for your journal, you can remove your intoxication by saving and reloading your game, even after the bartender refuses to give you any more drinks.

Powerful sorcerer

Enable cheat mode, then enter the CLUAConsole:AddSpell("spwi<101-926>") while your sorcerer is highlighted. Use this cheat with the numbers 101-130, 201-230, 301-330, 401-430, 501-530, 601-630, 701-730, 801-830, and 901-930. Some of the numbers will say that the spell does not exist, but continue until you get that message two or three times in a row. Not only are the spells entered into your spell list regardless of intelligence or level, but your party also gains the experience points as though you had copied from a scroll as a wizard.


Multiple items for the price of one

Go to any shop. Select a character who has a Gem Bag, Scroll Case, Potion Case or Ammo Belt. For example, if you want to buy all the Scrolls Of Protection From Undead from a certain shopkeeper, have the character with the Scroll Case select the scroll with by double clicking so you buy more than one Item. Select all the scrolls the shopkeeper has to offer. The price will reflect every scroll you are going to buy, Next, go to the character's inventory. Double click on the Scroll Case. This opens the case for only those items allowed. Go back to the shopkeepers inventory You will see the multiple scrolls you selected by the small number in the upper left hand corner of the item. However, the price will reflect only the cost of one of those items. you Can buy as many of the items as the shopkeeper has to offer for the price of just one.

Cast scroll spell with any character class

Enter the inventory screen and press the Right Mouse Button when over any potion. Select the "Drink Potion" option and immediately pick up the potion with your pointer when you hear the drinking sound, but before the number indicating the number of that particular potion on the inventory screen decreases. If done correctly, you will be able to move the potion to an empty inventory square. Once the potion is placed there, select any scroll and place in the square that the potion was originally located in. Return to the game, and your character will cast the spell from that scroll.


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