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Bang Bang Kids

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This game is titled Water Warfare in North America and Europe, and Bang Bang Kids in Japan.



Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Boss.
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Biker Ben: Defeat Biker Ben on Training level 6.
Cavegirl Carmen: Defeat Cavegirl Carmen on Nature Park mission 8.
Rabid Rabbit: Defeat Rabid Rabbit on Playground mission 8.
Snorkel Jane: Defeat Snorkel Jane on Beach mission 8.
Trooper Tim: Defeat Trooper Tim on Plaza mission 8.

(L) maps

Complete all the challenges in the indicated map in Mission mode to unlock the corresponding (L) map in Single Player Offline mode.

Beach (L): Playground map.
Nature Park (L): Plaza map.
Playground (L): Training Room map.
Plaza (L): Beach map.


Sniping locations

Created by DeanoShemino64.


The following items have the corresponding effect.

Umbrella: Put this on and it will rain around you, causing people to get soaked.
Water Bomb: Throw this at somebody to get them really soaked.
Raincoat: Put this on and you will be temporarily invincible.
Cork: Pick this up and find a gun on the floor. Point at it and use the cork. If someone picks up the gun, that gun will be plugged.
Bucket: Really soak someone by throwing a bucket of water at them. This will cause their speed and jump height to decrease.
Plastic Bottle: Use this to recover some water.
Bath Towel: Use this item to dry yourself off.
Chirpy Hammer: Use this and you will be temporarily invincible. You can also hit people with it.
Skates: Use this and your speed will increase.
Banana: Causes people to slip and glide for about five seconds.
Sticky Juice: Combine this with your squirt gun. Anyone who is hit with the juice will get their speed and jump height reduced Note: This does not recover water.
Surprise Device: Many things can happen. For example, it might get dark, you might get dried, or you might get hit in the head with a bucket, etc.

Surprise Device effects

The Surprise Device color will indicate what effect it has.

Purple: Slip.
Red: Plugs Gun.
Green: Dries you.
Blue: Recovers water.
White: Get hit by a bucket.
Yellow: Your speed and jump height will be reduced.
Black: Turns into night time.