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Battleship (Windows Phone 7)

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.
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Back to boot camp (10 points): Miss 20 times before you hit a ship.
I sunk your battleship (10 points): Sink your opponent's Battleship before any other ship.(Classic Mode Only)
Eyes on the target (10 points): Score a hit on your first Salvo. (Salvo Mode Only)
On the hunt (10 points): Hit all 5 ships in a single turn while in Salvo Mode.
Gun Captain (15 points): Unlock all super weapons.
This is all I need to beat you (5 points): Win a Super-weapons game without using any super weapons. (Only Shell)
Reinforcements did not come (10 points): Sink 5 Reinforcement ships.
Locking on (5 points): Hit at least one target on your first 3 turns. (Salvo Mode Only)
No blue horizon (10 points): Sink 15 Aircraft Carriers. (Classic Mode Only)
I See You (15 points): Hit your targets 250 times. (Classic Mode Only)
Jack of all trades (5 points): Play all game modes. (MP)
Buddy System (15 points): Finish a game with two ships still afloat that are next to each other. (MP)
Winning! (5 points): Win very first Multiplayer game. (MP)
Undisputed (10 points): Win 5 Salvo games, not using Best of 5. (MP)
Sunk but not Destroyed (10 points): Finish a game with your Destroyer still afloat. (MP)
Not so sneaky (10 points): Sink 10 Recon Boats using Best of 5. (MP)
What comes around (10 points): After the enemy sinks your sub, return the favor on your next turn.(MP)
Down with the Ship (5 points): Win a game having only one ship with only one hit remaining.(MP)
Commodore (10 points): Win 50 matches. (MP)
Admiral (20 points): Win 200 matches. (MP)