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Beautiful Katamari Damacy

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This game is titled Beautiful Katamari in North America, Europe, and Australia, and Beautiful Katamari Damacy in Japan.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Manic Roller (20 points): Hint: Running into walls will destroy your Katamari.
Quick Turner (10 points): Hint: Use Quick Turn to your advantage.
Speedy Roller (10 points): Hint: Zip through the course with Dash.
Responsible Roller (30 points): Hint: Roll through the course without bumping into any objects.
Non-stop Roller (30 points): Hint: Roll through the course without stopping once.
Online Roller (5 points): Play online.
Frequent Online Roller (10 points): Play online 10 times.
Resident Online Roller (40 points): Play online 50 times.
100 Cookies (5 points): Obtain 100 Cookies.
1,000 Cookies (40 points): Obtain 1,000 Cookies.
10 Presents (5 points): Collect 10 Presents.
20 Presents (10 points): Collect 20 Presents.
30 Presents (20 points): Collect 30 Presents.
All Presents (80 points): Download stages and collect all Presents.
10 Cousins (5 points): Find 10 Cousins.
20 Cousins (10 points): Find 20 Cousins.
30 Cousins (20 points): Find 30 Cousins.
40 Cousins (40 points): Find 40 Cousins.
All Cousins (80 points): Download stages and find all Cousins.
Collection 20% (5 points): Roll up 20% of the Collection.
Collection 40% (10 points): Roll up 40% of the Collection.
Collection 60% (20 points): Roll up 60% of the Collection.
Collection 80% (40 points): Roll up 80% of the Collection.
Request x 3 (5 points): Complete 3 Requests.
Request x 6 (5 points): Complete 6 Requests.
Request x 9 (20 points): Complete 9 Requests.
All Requests (60 points): Complete all Requests.
Mini Katamari (5 points): Make a Katamari that's 30cm or more.
Small Katamari (5 points): Make a Katamari that's 1m or more.
Sorta Big Katamari (5 points): Make a Katamari that's 5m or more.
Big Katamari (10 points): Make a Katamari that's 30m or more.
Jumbo Katamari (20 points): Make a Katamari that's 500m or more.
Colossal Katamari (60 points): Make a Katamari that's 10,000km or more.
Astronomic Katamari (90 points): Download stages and make a Katamari over 1,500,000km.

Additionally there are six secret achievements.

50 Hours Playtime (40 points): Play 50 Hours.
Collection 100% (80 points): Roll up 100% of the Collection.
Katamari Fan (40 points): Completed requests 100 times in Normal mode.
100 Hours Playtime (80 points): Played for 100 hours.
Katamari Lover (80 points): Completed Requests 200 times in Normal mode.
Katamari Perfectionist (100 points): Completed Normal and Time mode.


Endless mode

Get 100 points on a level to unlock Endless mode for that level. This mode allows you to replay that level with no time limit or goal.

Formal Outfit

Collect 100% of the items.
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Snowball fight

Bring all the cousins to the snowy island. Let them go and press A to make a snowball. Press A to throw the snowball at a cousin. Get out of the way when they throw a snowball back at you, and try to get it to hit another cousin. This will continue until a snowball hits you or no one gets hit.


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