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BioHazard: The Mercenaries 3D

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This game is titled Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D in North America, Europe, and Australia, and BioHazard: The Mercenaries 3D in Japan.


Alternate costumes

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Costume.
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Barry (American): Get 20 medals.
Chris (Pilot): Get 10 medals or earn an "SS" rank on level 1-3.
Claire (Suit): Get 25 medals.
Hunk (Reaper): Earn an "A" rank on all levels except Ex.
Jill (Resident Evil 3): Earn an "S" rank on level 3-5.
Krauser (Exoskaleton): Earn an "S" on level 5-5.
Rebacca (Nurse): Earn an "S" rank on all levels except Ex.
Wesker (Uroboros): Earn at least a "B" rank on all levels.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character.

Barry: Complete mission 4-5 with a "B" rank.
Claire: Complete mission 1-3 with a "B" rank.
Krauser: Complete mission 3-5 with a "B" rank.
Rebecca: Complete mission 2-3 with a "B" rank.
Wesker: Complete mission 5-5 with a "B" rank.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding skill.

Adrenaline: Complete mission 5-4 with a "B" rank.
Bomber: Complete mission 5-2 with a "B" rank.
Close Range: Complete mission level 4-3 with an "S" rank.
Combat: Complete mission 4-2 with an "S" rank.
Extension: Complete mission 4-1 with an "S" rank.
Friendship: Earn the "Social Butterfly" medal.
Full Burst: Complete mission EX-6 with a "B" rank.
Giant Killing: Complete mission 4-5 with an "S" rank.
Handgun Custom: Complete mission EX-1 with a "B" rank.
Handgun Technique: Complete mission 4-1 with a "B" rank.
Infinity 7: Earn 30 medals.
Lucky 7: Complete mission 5-3 with a "B" rank.
Machine Gun Custom: Complete mission EX-2 with a "B" rank.
Machine Gun Technique: Complete mission 4-3 with a "B" rank.
Magnum Technique: Complete mission 5-2 with an "S" rank.
Maximizer: Complete mission 4-4 with a "B" rank.
Medic: Complete mission 1-3 with a "B" rank.
Old School: Complete mission EX-3 with a "B" rank.
Revenge: Complete mission 4-2 with a "B" rank.
Reversal: Complete mission 5-4 with an "S" rank.
Rifle Technique: Complete mission 5-1 with a "B" rank.
Shotgun Custom: Complete mission EX-5 with a "B" rank.
Shotgun Technique: Complete mission 5-1 with an "S" rank.
Smart Reload: Complete mission EX-4 with a "B" rank.
Technician: Complete mission 5-3 with an "S" rank.
Thunderbolt: Complete mission EX-7 with a "B" rank.
Toughness: Earn the "Like A Phoenix" medal.
Weapon Master: Complete mission EX-8 with a "B" rank.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding medal.

A Friend in Need: Save your dying partner for the first time in Duo mode.
Beginner: Mission Level 2, complete all missions.
Boom!: Land 100 headshots.
Bright Future: Defeat a parasite with a flash grenade.
Can't Touch This: Complete a mission on or above Mission Level 4 without taking any damage.
Captain: Mission Level 5, complete all missions.
Chicken Hunter Portable: Destroy your first chicken.
Counter Shoot: Shoot down 20 enemy projectiles.
Dead Rising: Kill 53594 enemies.
Dressed to Kill: Unlock all costumes.
Good Combination: Complete a mission with a partner.
Hero: Mission Level EX, complete all missions.
Highly Decorated Medal: Unlock all other medals.
How to Kill: Complete 10 waves in Survival Mission.
In the Buff: Complete a mission with rank A or better on or above Mission Level 4 without using any skills.
Iron Fist: Complete a mission by defeating all enemies with a combo.
Jack of All Trades: Play with all characters.
Leave No Stone Unturned: Play every map more than once.
Let's Work Together: Play Duo mode for the first time.
Like A Phoenix: Recover from Dying status 50 times in Solo.
Master of Unlocking: Unlock all characters.
Me, I Prefer Fists: Crush your enemy with a hand-to hand combat blow after shooting them.
Me, I Prefer Guns: Kill all enemies by gunshot on any mission on or above Mission Level 4.
Meat Shower: Kill 3 enemies with 1 hand grenade.
Mr. Death: Complete 15 waves in Survival Mission.
Newcomer: Mission Level 1, complete all missions.
No Fear: Perform 30 taunts near an enemy.
No Guts, No Glory: Continue 30 times.
No Turning Back: Complete a mission without using the Quick Turn even once.
Now That's Dedication!: Play the game for 14 days straight.
One (Thousand) Down...: Kill 1000 enemies.
Only One: Complete a mission on or above Mission Level 4 using only one of the weapons in your arsenal.
Opening A Dojo: See all of the hand-to-hand combat moves for any one character.
Original Eleven: Complete all missions with SS Rank.
Party Pooper: Blow an enemy up by shooting the dynamite.
Perfect Alliance: Complete any mission with SS Rank with a partner.
Perfection: Complete a mission without ever missing a shot. (100% accuracy rate).
Platoon of Two: Perform 5 Melee attacks in a row during one turn. (Duo only)
Rookie: Mission Level 3, complete all missions.
S.T.A.R.S.: Complete all missions with A Rank or better.
See What You Did There: Set off a Proximity Bomb by shooting it.
Skill Captor: Obtain 15 skills.
Skill Master: Max out all skills (except Infinity 7).
Social Butterfly: Play Duo mode 50 times.
Strike From Behind: Attack an Executioner Majini Black, Red, and Garrador (claw) in their weak point in the back.
Super Combo: Complete a mission on or above Mission Level 4 with a combo amount above 50.
The Old Banana Trick: Cause a running enemy to fall over by shooting.
The Wesker Special: Drop an enemy into magma.
Ultra Combo: Complete a mission on or above Mission Level 4 with a combo amount above 100.
Veteran: Mission Level 4, complete all missions.

EX missions

Complete mission 5-5 with at "B" or better rank. The EX missions will be available after the credits end.

Signature weapons

  • To make a character's signature weapons available for all other characters, earn an "S" rank using that character on all missions up to mission 5-5.
  • Alternately, you can spend 10 Nintendo 3DS Play Coins to unlock a character's weapons.

Weapon loadouts

Get an "A" or better rank on all missions up to mission 5-5. You will unlock that particular character's weapon loadout for use by any other character.


300 Green Herbs

Note: This cannot be done online. Have no Green Herbs in your inventory. Find a Green Herb and press Y + A to pick it up while using it. If timed correctly, the game will now show you as having 300 Green Herbs.


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