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Black And White 2 (PC)

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Sandbox mode

Successfully complete the game.




Control the Lionhead logo

  • In the original Black And White you were able to control the opening logo for Lionhead. Lionhead Studios has brought this back. When you begin the game, you can fool around with their physics engine and left click on the box that fills up with beads; and pull it away or up or down; or do whatever else desired. When you are ready to continue with the game, release the box and wait for the screen to change.
  • At the loading screen with "Lion Head Studios" with the cubes falling into the box, click and hold to control the box. If you let release it for about two seconds it will continue loading.

Norseman tossing mini-game

Find the path that goes down near the town that you begin at in the fourth land. Follow the path to find a man in a cave. You can pick him up and throw him for a mini-game. The more distance tossed, the more tribute received.

Change time of day

Zoom out and look up so that you can see the horizon. Put your hand above the horizon then click and hold. A clock should appear, allowing you to set the time of day.

Killing enemy villagers

Use the following trick to totally slaughter the enemy villagers but not keep them. First, get the Siren and Volcano or Earthquake wonders. Charge them up so you can cast both of them at about the same time. Ccast the Siren wonder in a heavily populated area. As soon as every one comes, cast the Earthquake, Volcano, or Hurricane where all the people are gathered or next to the Siren herself. They will not be able to build soldiers, and will all be dead quickly.

Become evil quickly

  • To become evil as quickly as possible, complete the first two lands so that you are in the land where you must take over the towns, but not in competition with a tribe leader. Capture the villages with platoons to start being evil and at the same time use any tribute to buy the Torture Pit, Prison, and if possible, Hovels or Houses. Build lots of Hovels or Houses and some Villas and create many Disciple Breeders. Soon you should have a huge population. Win the land so the portal appears, but before you go into it, sacrifice everyone into the Torture Pits you built and place some in the Prisons if desired. Wait about ten minutes and you should become very evil. To speed up the process, destroy the buildings in the towns you captured with boulders and your Creature.
  • Use the "Set building costs" cheat. Set your miracles to be cheap and gather some tribute. Make sure you have multi-pickup and buy a lot male or female villagers from your tribute miracle list. Pick a lot of them up and just toss them to get massive evil points for killing them with the throw. Alternatively, you can throw a lot of them in the torture pit. However, tossing them usually gets more points.
  • Take over a town and remove all food and people. You should get evil points every few minutes because you are not feeding the town, even though nobody is living in it.

Cast miracles anywhere

On land 7 (The 2 Japanese Brothers), find the Norseman who will not die you can pick him up anywhere except in your enemy's realm. Place him next to the desired target (armies, walls, creatures), then cast miracles on him. This will kill, destroy, or heal your target but not him. You can use this to heal your creature outside your realm. Note: You must cast the miracles directly on him. as it is difficult to throw them.

Nut Oil Part 2 Silver Scroll quest

Cast Fireballs instead of throwing the barrels. This gives you unlimited tries (as long as you have Mana) and it becomes even easier if you build a Wonder to vastly increase your Influence so you can just drop Fireballs on the torches.

Replenishing platoons

It is possible to replenish your platoons with female villagers (if the villager at the top of the hand multi-pickup group is male and you hold down with the action button), while only male villagers will form platoons. This effectively increases your military population. They will appear just like normal villagers while in the platoon, but will have the relevant equipment to the platoon. Note: This has only been tested with Greek melee infantry.

Burn down platoons and wonders

To quickly decimate an enemy platoon or wonder, use a Fire Miracle on a fully grown tree within your influence. Take the burning tree and hold it over an enemy platoon until you see the word "Evil" keep appearing. This will burn them up, even outside your influence. This also is effective on enemy buildings, especially enemy wonders.

Flying fire

This trick allows you to cause major destruction without having to leave your influence ring. Create an altar and purchased a spell (for example, Fire). You can now hurl the fireball through the air as if you were tossing a tree or rock. This causes a lot of chaos and easily starts forest fires. Note: You may also kill a lot of people easily.

Recommended evil god wonders

If you are going to be an evil god with armies and such, get the Siren wonder first. Only cast it on the bigger armies so you can use them. Then, save up for the Volcano wonder. Get the ranged armory, but do not get the siege workshop. Just use your creature to break walls near the beginning. They usually will not rebuild it. When there are Epic miracles at work, get your creature to destroy them.

Recommended city layout

To become a good god and build a beautiful city, follow these guidelines. First, draw eight even lines outward from the Town Center and connect the ends of them to make a wheel shape. Next, plant as many farms as possible in the spaces between the "spokes". Build a Village Store on the outer circle of the wheel. Draw a circle of road around the Village Store. Make sure no buildings are obstructing the "spokes". Extend the "spokes" a little further outward. Build Pot, Plant, and Statue Markets on the circle of road surrounding the Village Store. Construct a Granary in another area, but near the fields. If the Creature Pen is already built, place the Altar and Temple near it and connect them to the outer circle or to the extended sections of the "spokes". Construct Villas, Manors on the outer circle, near the Temple, but not too close to the Granary. The Villagers do not like living near industrial buildings. Continue building the "spokes" outward and connecting the ends. Build Villas and Manors along these roads and inside the new sections. If you cannot continue outward, create paths going of and connecting other areas of your city. If your city has an elevated plateau or hill, build impressive buildings like Mansions, Village Stores, Amphitheaters, Baths, or even Wonders on top of them. Finally, if you see Villagers not following roads, and cutting across the grass, draw a road there to ease travel. Do not forget to also place Statues, Fountains, and Columns.


Huge ore rock

If have used the building cost cheat (everything one wood and ore), when you break or tap an ore rock and build with it, when you drop it, it will be huge.