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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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All your Base: Get 1000 points.
Boron: Blow up 5 boxes in one explosion.
C4: Win 500 games.
Carbon: Blow up 6 boxes from one explosion.
Cruise: Lose 50 games.
Daisy Cutter: Go from 0 points to wining the game in one move.
Dynamite: Win 250 games.
Fat Man: Win without letting the other player get any points.
Firecracker: Win 10 games.
For the Motherland: Get 500 points.
Grenade: Win 100 games.
Gunpowder: Win 1 game.
Hydro: Lose 500 games.
Little Boy: Lose a game with no points.
M80: Win 25 games.
Mass Destruction: Get 50 points.
Nitro: Win 1000 games.
Nitrogen: Blow up 7 boxes from one explosion.
Nuke: Lose 250 games.
Patriot: Lose 100 games.
Roman Candle: Win 50 games.
Scud: Lose 25 games.
Shock and Awe: Get 250 points.
Sidewinder: Lose 10 games.
Stink Bomb: Lose 1 games.
Suicide Bomber: Make a move that causes your opponent to win.
Torched: Get 1 point in a game.
Tsar Bomba: Lose 1000 games.