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Bleach: Heat The Soul 3

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EX Survival mode

Win at least ten battles in Survival mode.

Karakura Heroes match

Successfully complete all twenty story missions in the Mission Battle option.

Bonus characters

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding playable character.

Byakuya Bankai: Complete Story mission 17.
Hisagi Shuuhei: Complete Time Attack mode as Komamura Sajin.
Hitsugaya Bankai: Complete Story mission 9.
Ise Nanao: Complete Time Attack mode as Kyouraku Shunsui.
Ishida Quincy Final Stage: Complete Story mission 6.
Komamura Sajin: Complete Time Attack mode as Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni.
Kurotsuchi Nemu: Complete Time Attack mode as Kurotsuchi Mayuri.
Kusajishi Yachiru: Complete Time Attack mode as Zaraki Kenpachi.
Kyouraku Shunsui: Complete Time Attack mode as Ukitake Jyuushirou.
Renji Bankai: Complete Story mission 12.
Rukia Shinigami: Complete Time Attack mode as Kuchiki Rukia.
Ulquiorra: Complete the Karakura Heroes match.

Extra partners

Play Soul Road under the hard or normal difficulty setting with the indicated character. When a question is answered correctly, the answer will be the name of the character that is unlocked. You must hit the blue spot with at least 60% Trust so that the question appears.
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Hanatarou: Play as Ichigo or Bankai Ichigo
Iba Tetsuzaemon: Play as Rangiku
Ikkaku: Play as Renji or Bankai Renji
Isane: Play as Hinamori
Isshin: Play as Chad
Karin: Play as Chad
Keigo: Play as Ichigo or Bankai Ichigo
Kojima Mizuiro: Play as Ichigo or Bankai Ichigo
Kon: Play as Rukia or Shinigami Rukia
Kuukaku: Play as Yoruichi
Tousen: Play as Gin
Unohana: Play as Ishida or Final State Quincy Ishida
Ururu: Play as Urahana
Yumichika: Play as Kenpachi
Yuzu: Play as Urahana


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