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Bleach: Heat The Soul 7

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Get 100% completion in Story mode.
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Hueco Mundo conquest

You can use Chad (normal) partnered with anyone else (Ichigo Full Hollow form recommended) to clear the first three conquests without much difficulty, excluding fights with Alon, Noitoria and Yammy Released form. When the battle begins, jump and do a strong punch (Circle). Then, prior to the opponent's fall to the ground, do three weak punches(X) followed by a strong punch. That should send the opponent flying to the other end of the screen. Repeat this and you should win without much difficulty. If possible, equip Chad with Mayuri's Soul Code (seal opponent's strong, weak attacks and jump randomly after each attack). This works better if you combine it with the following method. Charge your Reiatsu to maximum. Then, after hitting the opponent to mid-air, press Square + Triangle or use double special (after pressing L + R) prior to the opponent's fall to the ground, which must be timed correctly to hit. Chad (normal) alone is also quite useful for Stark's conquest as long as you repeat the above steps.


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