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Completion bonus

Successfully complete the game to unlock New Game+ mode. In your second session, all the enemies will be very powerful.




Unlimited guns and money

  • Created by Edgarhighmen.
Find a respawning weapons case. For example, in New Haven, there are five weapon crates that respawn every time you load the game. Three are on the roofs (above the truck stop, west staircase over the bar, and above the west gate -- jump from canopy). The repaired claptrap opens another crate behind some steel plates, and there is one more weapon crate north east behind a junk hill under a large canvas canopy. Note: There are a few bandits and aliens that spawn here. Collect the contents of the crates, quit the game, resume and collect them again. Repeat this until you get your desired weapon and sell the excess guns to get as much money as desired.
  • The best area to get money and weapons is during the mission "Looking for answers" and "Reactivate the Echo comm. System". There are five weapon caches to be had, and the majority of enemies drop items. It is possible to get over $300,000 in items per run through. Search for the chests, but when you get to the final room before you transition to the next area, exit game and reload. This is a very easy way to complete the "How much for the planet" challenge.
  • During the first scene while getting the tour with the scrap robot, follow him all the way through to the small campsite with the car up on the lift next to the burning tires. Collect all the guns and money along the way, and kill enemies. Once everything is dead, pause game play and select "Exit". This will save your character's level and items, then resume the game at the very beginning. Repeat this process as many times as desired.

Easy money and experience

During the tour with the scrap robot after first starting the game, follow it to the small campsite with the raised car next to some burning tires. Collect all the guns and money along the way and kill all enemies. Then, pause game play and select "Exit". Your character will be saved with the current items and experience. Load the saved game to start at the very beginning again. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Easy experience and weapon proficiency

Created by Edgarhighmen.

Use the following trick to get easy experience and weapon proficiencies, as well as more weapons and cash by selling loot from all the dead enemies. For this to work, make sure you do not kill everyone. Leave one enemy alive (preferably the little ones), otherwise the quest ends. Also, do not die. You will lose lots of your hard earned money. Exit out (the game saves automatically) after killing almost all of the enemies and collecting all the sellable items desired. Reload your game and re-rampage in the arena. When you exit, the game saves all your information. Reload your game. Once you are in "the middle of nowhere" you will eventually get a Thunderdome/Arena type quest called "Circle Of Slaughter". You can go into the game, enter the arena, and slaughter everyone except one enemy. Note: There are three rounds, with the last one called" Final Round". Do not finish it if you want to repeat your work. You will earn easy experience, weapons proficiency, find nice loot, and money from selling all the items you do not want.

Easy experience

  • At the start of the game, unlock the cars then just run everyone over. The rocket launcher car is recommended; if need be you can use the rockets to kill the flying things.
  • Successfully complete the game. Make sure you are about level 40 with your first character. Start a split screen game with a new character that you want to level up quickly. Find a location with lots of enemies that are easy to kill (for example, the lost cave with the crabs and leveled up Skags). Make sure your high level character was saved in the area you wish to go to, and load them as the host with the other character as the second player. Leave them by the new-u station and go to town with your high level character. Your other character will gain levels almost instantly. This begins to slow down about the mid to high level 20s, but you will be able to level them up to about level 35 relatively quickly. When start a single player game with the lower character, you will start out with an extremely high level character and be able to play through the game easily and collect more loot. This is a great way to make many different characters.
  • Note: This trick requires a high level friend. Have your friend join your game and travel to high level places. As you stand back, watch your experience fly in the 8000s as your friend kills enemies because the game has experience sharing. This is also a good way to get high level items.

Easy "Self contained economy" and "Merchant of Death" challenges

Wait until you have about $500,000. Go to any medical vending machine. Purchase as many light healing kits as you can hold. Note: This becomes easier, depending on how many Backpack SDU's you have acquired. Sell all the light healing kits back. You will lose money through this transaction, but it is a simple way to easily earn a combined 55,000 experience, if you have not completed any of the challenges for purchasing or selling items. Even if you have, the 20,000 experience point reward for the final challenges of selling and buying items is worth the money alone.

The Backdoor: Easy weapons

Another place to get unlimited good weapons is in "The Backdoor", in the mission "Get some answers". It is a short run through with three weapon chests, seven ammo crates, and about five collectible piles of gunk. As soon as you get to the ammo store that is next to the two weapon crates, exit the game and reload. It is also a good area to level up a second character by simply starting a co op or split screen mode game before each run-through. You can also use this area to get the challenge "How much for the planet" because you can receive anywhere from $80,000 to $200,000 in items. To maximize profits and experience, it is recommended that even if you are playing in single player mode, you should do this run-through in split-screen by signing in with another profile, and using any character desired. The person selected does not matter because you will just leave him at the entrance. This will maximize profits because the enemies are harder, and there will be more of them. This will help maximize the possible experience and profit that can be received. Note: You will have to run through this many times to reach $9,999,999. Every once in a while you will receive an item, weapon, or mod that ends up being better than one you are currently using. For example, you may get a CR-B War Stomper Assault rifle with 166 damage, a ZPR15-B Terrible Shredder shotgun with 150 X11 damage, or a rocket launcher that does 336 x3 damage with a 500% burst rate.

New Haven: Hidden house with Rider gun

Created by Edgarhighmen.

When you obtain (do not complete) the quest "Another Piece Of The Puzzle", you can enter a blue house in New Haven. An elevator door opens up, leading to random loot, level 30 Raider Mutants, and always one of the weapons is a gun named "Rider". Its stats usually vary slightly each time you get one. The weapon is only located in this house. The weapon's "manufacturer" is "Gearbox" (the game's developer), as opposed to an in-game company such as Dahl, Hyperion, etc. Note: When this location is used with the others in New Haven for the "Unlimited guns and money" trick, it really pays off.

New Haven: Secret vendor

Notice the garage door across from the normal weapons vendor in New Haven. There is a hidden vendor behind it. To get the door to open, try fast travelling to the gun machines in New Haven, Rust Commons West, and Middle of Nowhere. Return to New Haven and the garage door might be open.

Treacher's Landing: Barrel scene

Go to Treacher's Landing, then the secret dock in the southeast. Shoot the yellow barrel to the right of the dock. Then, shoot the green barrel in the far trash pile to the east of the boat. Shoot one of the blue barrels on the boat. Finally, shoot the red barrel in the water to the left of the boat.

Treacher's Landing: Easy weapons

Go southeast from the start of the map. You will need to take out a few bandits in a small gathering of huts, but keep to the south east. You will find a red weapons crate up on a ledge. This was intended to be obtained once you looped around the map and were on your way out. However, there is a way to get to the ledge. On the right side is a cabinet to open. Jump on top, then locate a post along the fence. Jump to the post. From here you can jump onto the ledge with the red weapons crate. Then, continue southeast. You will encounter a hut with two bandits. Keep moving southeast along the water's edge. Once you pass a large boulder, you will see a ship. There is another red weapons crate on the ship. You can repeat this by going back to the save point at the beginning of the map, exiting once, and restarting by loading your character again. The weapons crates will have respawned.

"Bandit Treasure" quest

Fast travel to Old Haven and follow the left wall after you get in to reach a pile of dead bandits. Notice the glowing bandit or glowing key nearby that starts the quest.

"Green Thumb" quest

To get the Green Thumb quest, fast travel to the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board. Get a car from Scooter's and drive to the right. Notice the small shack with big plants around it. Talk to the man leaning against the shack tp get the quest.

Defeating "The Destroyer" Boss

This creature is from another dimension and is massive with a health level to match. This creature is a mountain of flesh with several tentacles that can re-spawn as the battle progresses. It has a blue-lighted cave that seems to be its eye. Most of the tentacles have large glowing orbs about halfway down their length. Shooting the orbs will destroy the tentacles. Start the battle by running toward the creature and then hiding behind a pillar that is located to the right or left just out of range for the tentacle's reach. From here, take out all but one tentacle that you can see easily from that point. Destroy the ones you cannot see easily by peeking around and taking shots at the orbs, but return to your hiding point. This pillar will shield you from missile-like attacks, and later from the eye that shoots a beam weapon. If you get reduced to zero health, you can take out one of the orbs on the tentacle that you can see easily to be revived before you get killed and have to respawn. It is like killing another enemy. This is the reason why you must keep one tentacle. If you do get killed, the creature recovers all health but you will respawn in front of the creature. Once again, you can run to your pillar of protection hiding place. A few times in the battle, the tentacles will spawn and you have to take them out again. The tentacles are the source for the missile-type weapon it attacks with. As you reduce the number of tentacles it also reduces the about of missiles flying at you. With the tentacles nearly gone, you can now focus your attack at the mouth/tongue and its eye for the critical shot. Continue this process when the tentacles respawn. Having weapons that have unlimited ammunition or having ones that create ammo is very useful with the large amount of health level that this Boss has.

Defeating Mad Mel

Pass the autosave point outside the arena. Bandits in vehicles will spawn after you enter the arena with Mad Mel. Intentionally get killed by them. You will respawn at the autosave point, and Mad Mel and the bandits will still be inside the arena. Stay outside the arena and snipe Mad Mel with an explosive sniper rifle. The enemies will have trouble hitting you.

Defeating Moe & Marley

At the north end of Arid Hills, slightly to the west is a camp with some bandits. Get rid of them. At the southwest end of the camp near the entrance, there are a series of cliffs which you can jump on. Go up here. You will be able to target Moe & Marley (this may require luring them within eyeshot of this location) and fire while taking minimal or no damage. Some smaller Skags will still jump up at you, but they can be killed easily. Note: Watch for when they open their mouths; if you shoot them in their mouth it will deal critical damage.

Defeating the final Boss

Make sure you have a decent shotgun and full ammunition. If you destroy the purple tentacles at first by shooting the spheres, you will get rid of the missiles it launches. Next, jump behind the red tentacles at the very back of the map. You will end up next to a wall and two of the large tentacles. You can do this on either side. The eye that shoots the beam will not be able to hit or damage you. The only thing time that you may get hit is if the purple tentacles with the spheres come back or it does the "energy wave". Get behind it and shoot at the red tentacles. You will be able to kill the destroyer in less than two minutes.

Escaping Sledge has been defeated

Defeat Sledge and collect the artifact. Pause game play, select "Exit" and save the game. When the game is resumed, you will be at the save point at the very start of the mission.

Hidden weapon chest and money crates

When you get off the bus at the beginning, look to your left past the claptrap. You will see a broken down gas station. When you can move, inspect the building for several money crates. Jump on top of the building to find a weapon chest.

Unlimited pistol ammunition

The pistol that regenerates ammuntion can be use to gain ammo for any pistol. Equip the regenerating pistol to build up ammunition, then switch to any other pistol.

Critical hits

To score a critical hit on a human, shoot it in the head. With a sniper rifle this usually kills instantly For a Skag, shoot it in the face when its mouth is open. This varies depending on the type. For the pups, shoot them while they roar at you. For adults, quickly shoot them while they jump at you. For the spitters, shoot their mouths while they fire their poison projectile at you. Critical hits are easiest at close range with a shotgun or scattergun.

Easy shooting rounds challenges

Get into a vehicle spawned with a machine gun and not the rocket launcher. Using a rubber band, get L2 + R2  PlayStation3  or LT + RT  Xbox 360  held. Note: Make sure the controllers are connected to the port and not in wireless mode as this will take some time. All the game to idle for about 24 hours.

Extra item space

Create a new "bank" character for use in Co-op mode. When you want to store an item, start a Co-op game with your main character and the "bank" character. Transfer the items to be stored to the "bank" character until you need them, then transfer them back.

Get Eridian weapon early

  • Have a Siren character. Return to Fyrestone in the Arid Badlands. After you kill the Mothrakk, a Eridian weapon will drop. You must search everywhere to find it. Note: To kill the Mothrakk easily, when it is low on health, shoot warning shots to draw it towards you. Kill it while it tries to get close. The weapon should be Eridian Cannon (Berserker), Thunder Storm (Soldier) or Ball Blaster or Wave Blaster (Siren).
  • Have a Hunter class with a class mod that gives you a bonus towards finding rare items easier. With this character and class mod, complete ClapTrap's Robot Revolution, then go to the treasury Hyperion gives you. Open every chest and if you do not find a weapon, save and exit the game. Return and repeat until you find a weapon. It should take only two or three attempts to find one, and sometimes you will find multiple weapons in a row.

Legendary weapons

The following special weapons can be obtained.

Tediore Gun Catalog
PRO4-A Wicked Predator: Pistol; generates its own ammunition.
EQ20-B Savage Equalizer: Revolver; generates its own ammunition, X2 Fire Element.
DEF900-B Genocide Defender: Shotgun; generates its own ammunition, X2 Shock Element.
GRD12-A War Guardian: Assault rifle; generates its own ammunition.
SV4-A Malevolent Savior: SMG; generates its own ammunition.
Dahl Gun Catalog
RF5D Wicked Hornet: Pistol; 2 shot corrosive burst, X2 Corrosive Element.
AX220 U Savage Anaconda: Revolver; very high damage and accuracy.
BA 100 War Bulldog: Shotgun; large magazine and fast reload.
CR38 Scoped Raven: Assault rifle; large magazine and five shot burst.
CR780 U Genocide Raven: Assault rifle; large magazine and five shot burst, X2 Shock Element.
TEK540D Malevolent Wildcat: Assault rifle; large magazine.
LBD Fearsome Penetrator: Sniper rifle; large magazine and high fire rate, X2 Fire Element.
Vladof Gun Catalog
TK6 Cruel Rebel: Pistol; large magazine and fast reload.
HRD6/V2 Wicked Rebel: Pistol; large magazine and fast reload.
TMP2 Stabilized Vengeance: SMG; high accuracy and ignore shields.
ZX330/V3 Fatal Hammer: Shotgun; large magazine and high damage, X3 Explosive Element.
RWL20/V3 Colossal Mongol: Rocket launcher; spawns a horde of additional rockets.
SES Munitions Gun Catalog
BLR4 Wicked Gemini: Pistol; large magazine and split shot burst.
HRD5.2 Wicked Gemini: Pistol; large magazine and split shot burst.
TMP88 Vile Thanatos: Pistol; large magazine and fast reload.
TMP88.3 Vile Thanatos: Pistol; large magazine and fast reload.
TMP88 Vile Thanatos: Pistol; large magazine and fast reload.
ZPR43 Fatal Crux: Shotgun; large magazine and special explosive pattern, X1-X4 Explosive.
PPZ470.3 Fearsome Orion: Sniper rifle; large magazine and shock projectiles, X3 Shock Element.
PPZ7 Fearsome Orion: Sniper rifle; large magazine and shock projectiles, X3 Shock Element.
Maliwan Gun Catalog
HRD C Wicked Firehawk: Pistol; powerful incendiary attack, X4 Fire Element.
TK4 Wicked Firehawk: Pistol; powerful incendiary attack, X4 Fire Element.
KLR300 B Pestilent Defiler: Pistol; powerful corrosive attack, X4 Corrosive Element.
MAL300 C Pestilent Defiler: Revolver; powerful corrosive attack, X4 Corrosive Element.
SPR630 B Fatal Plague: Shotgun; powerful corrosive attack, X4 Corrosive Element.
TD3 B Combustion Hellfire: SMG; powerful incendiary attack, X4 Fire Element.
DVL350 C Fearsome Volcano: Sniper rifle; powerful incendiary attack, X4 Fire Element.
GGN30 Solid Volcano: Sniper rifle; powerful incendiary attack, X4 Fire Element.
SPC260 C Colossal Rhino: Rocket launcher; powerful incendiary attack, X4 Fire Element.
Torgue Gun Catalog
RF4 Cruel Violator: Pistol; three shot burst.
ZX1 Friendly Fire: Shotgun; powerful incendiary attack in special pattern, X3 Fire Element.
KKA4 Malevolent Gasher: SMG; high damage and a burst of rounds.
LB570 Fearsome Cobra: Sniper rifle; powerful explosive attack but slow fire, X4 Explosive Element.
RPG21 Colossal Redemption: Rocket launcher, large rocket with big bang.
Jakobs Gun Catalog
RV21 XX Savage Unforgiven: Revolver; large critical but slow fire.
KLR330 ZZ Savage Unforgiven: Revolver; large critical but slow fire.
SG1 XX Genocide Striker: Shotgun; tight spread and large critical.
VRR29 ZZ Fearsome Skullmasher: Sniper rifle; multiple projectiles.
GGN20 Long Skullmasher: Sniper rifle; multiple projectiles.
Hyperion Gun Catalog
RF5.W Wicked Invader: Pistol; large scope with continued burst while zoomed.
TMP2 Vile Reaper: Pistol; massive melee and steals life.
BA 630.W Fatal Butcher: Shotgun; Five shot burst.
ZX330.W Fatal Butcher: Shotgun; Five shot burst.
AR300.W Genocide Destroyer: Assault rifle; Continuous burst while zoomed.
CR320 Genocide Destroyer: Assault rifle; Continuous burst while zoomed, X3 Shock Element.
RF200.G Malevolent Bitch: SMG; large critical.
PPZ1270.G Fearsome Executioner: Sniper rifle; large magazine and five shot burst while zoomed.
LB1170.G Fearsome Executioner: Sniper rifle; large magazine and five shot burst zoomed, X3 Fire Element.
RPG720.W Colossal Nidhogg: Rocket launcher; Fast reload and rains additional rockets.
Atlas Gun Catalog
BLR Wicked Troll: Pistol; regenerates health.
AX Savage Chimera: Revolver; fires random elements, X3 Fire/Corrosive/Explosive/Shock Element.
SG1100 Genocide Hydra: Shotgun; high damage and special spread.
SG340 Genocide Hydra: Shotgun; high damage and special spread.
CVL25 Fearsome Cyclops: Sniper rifle; high damage and explosive attack, X3 Explosive Element.

Quick reloads

During a reload, press R3  PlayStation3  or click the Right Analog-stick  Xbox 360  to melee as soon as the cartridge is removed or new rounds are being inserted . The gun will complete reloading instantly.

Programmer messages

Examine the wall in the cell that Tannis is trapped inside.

Army Of Darkness reference

The Boomstick weapon's description is "Beyond groovy", which is a reference to Ashley's shotgun in Army Of Darkness.

Back To The Future reference

 PlayStation3    Xbox 360  The "1.21 Gigawatts" achievement or trophy's description's name is a reference to Back to the Future.

A Christmas Story reference

In New Haven there is a secret room which can be only be accessed during "Another Piece of the Puzzle." Inside is a Christmas tree, a leg lamp (made from a real leg) and a rifle called "Rider," with a caption which reads, "Careful... you might put someone's eye out."

Diablo 2 reference

In the Rust Commons West area, near Journal 224 (Hidden Journal quest), a unique Rakk will appear. Its name is Rakkinishu, named after a unique Carver from Diablo 2. Rakkinishu will also drop a shield named the "Cracked Sash", which is a type of item in Diablo 2.

Gauntlet (NES) reference

The title of the mission "Earl needs food... badly" is a reference to the classic NES game Gauntlet. When your character was low on health, a voice would say "Blue Elf needs food badly!"

Gem reference

 PlayStation3    Xbox 360  The "Truly Outrageous" achievement or trophy's description is "Kill an enemy with Lilith's action skill", which is a reference to Gem, a cartoon from the 1980s.

General George Patton reference

The Patton weapon's description is "May God have mercy on my enemies, because I won't," which is a quote from General George Patton.

Lonely Island song reference

 PlayStation3    Xbox 360  The "You're On A Boat" achievement or trophy's description is "Bet you never thought you'd be here", which is a Lonely Island song reference.

Mad Max reference

 PlayStation3    Xbox 360  The "Can't we get BEYOND Thunderdome?" achievement or trophy's name is a reference to Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

Mario series reference

 PlayStation3    Xbox 360  The "My Brother Was An Italian Plumber" achievement or trophy's description is "Kill an enemy by stomping on them", which is a reference to Mario.

Men In Black reference

The description of one of the alien guns reads, "I feel like I'm gonna break this thing", which is what Will Smith says when he receives the "Noisy Cricket" gun in Men In Black.

Monty Python And The Holy Grail reference

 PlayStation3    Xbox 360  The achievement or trophy "There some who call me... Tim" is a reference to the strange, fire spreading Scottish wizard that King Arthur and the knights of the round table meet.

Tenacious D reference

 PlayStation3    Xbox 360  The "Master Exploder" achievement or trophy's description's name is a reference to the song of the same name by Tenacious D.

Pulp Fiction reference

The names of the ships in "That Sinking Feeling" mission are Righteous Man, Great Vengeance, and Furious Anger. Each of those names is found in the biblical lines quoted by Samuel L. Jackson's character in Pulp Fiction.

Spaceballs reference

The challenge "Who Made That Man A Gunner" is a line from the movie Spaceballs.

Easy "The Angelic Ruins", "Big Tournament", "The Gully", and "Hell-Burbia" achievements or trophies

Be higher than level 60 and allow a very low level player host the game. Start the tournaments. All the enemies will be at a lower level. You can save a lot of time and not require specific strategies or hiding to regain health. You must use the same character for all three arenas to earn "Big Tournament".

Easy "12 Days of Pandora" achievement or trophy

Complete the "12 Days of Pandora" challenge. The following types of kills will be required. You can check your progress at the "Challenges" menu.

12 Assault Rifle kills.
11 Pistol kills.
10 Shotgun kills.
9 SMG kills.
8 Sniper Rifle kills.
7 Melee kills.
6 Critical Hit kills.
5 Explosive kills.
4 Shock kills.
3 Incendiary kills.
2 Corrosive kills.
1 Grenade kill.

Easy "Can't We Get BEYOND Thunderdome?" achievement or trophy

Start a co-operative game when two or more characters are opposed against each other in an arena at Fyrestone Coliseum, The Cesspool, and Devil's Footstool. A match is won by the first participant that scores three kills.

Easy "Duel-icious" achievement or trophy

Start a duel by joining a co-op game. Approach to another player and melee them to initiate a duel. Have your partner melee you back to accept the duel.

Easy "Speedy McSpeederton" achievement or trophy

Teleport to Lucky's Last Chance Watering Hole. Then, move to your right, enter a car, and drive to the circular area at the bottom left corner of the map. Complete a full circle of this area in 31 seconds or less. The timer begins when you pass the metal shed at the entrance. A few seconds after starting, you will enter a tunnel with a stone that resembles a launching pad. Use the path on its left to reach a shortcut. Follow it, then return to the entrance area.

Easy "Sucker Born Every Minute" achievement or trophy

During The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, find the "World's Largest Bullet" attraction at the Sunken Sea in the northern part of the world map. You will see a box on the wall near a door with glowing arrows pointing at it. Select the box to pay 8 million credits to pay for a tour. Note: No actual tour occurs. Immediately quit the game to avoid saving the game after the loss of your money.

Easy "What a party!" achievement or trophy

The required items are dropped at random from destroyed Claptraps in New Robot Revolution. The best way to farm them is during the MINAC fight, because Claptraps will repeatedly spawn during this time.

Easy "You're on a boat!" achievement or trophy

In the southeast corner of Treacher's Landing is a small cove. There a small pier at that location. Once there, find the larger boat with ratty sails that is different than the smaller rowboats. At night this boat also has lit Christmas lights. Hop on the larger boat to earn the achievement or trophy.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Paid in Fyrestone (5 points): Complete 5 missions in the Arid Badlands.
Made in Fyrestone (15 points): Complete all missions in the Arid Badlands.
Paid in New Haven (10 points): Complete 5 missions in the Rust Commons.
Made in New Haven (20 points): Complete all missions in the Rust Commons.
My Brother is an Italian Plumber (15 points): Kill an enemy by stomping on its head.
Speedy McSpeederton (10 points): Race around the Ludicrous Speedway in under 31 seconds.
You call this archaeology? (20 points): Apply an elemental artifact.
Ding! Newbie (5 points): Earn level 5.
Ding! Novice (10 points): Earn level 10.
Ding! Expert (20 points): Earn level 20.
Ding! Hardcore (30 points): Earn level 30.
Ding! Sleepless (40 points): Earn level 40.
Discovered Skag Gully (5 points): Discover Skag Gully.
Discovered Sledge's Safe House (5 points): Discover Sledge's Safe House.
Discovered Headstone Mine (5 points): Discover Headstone Mine.
Discovered Trash Coast (5 points): Discover Trash Coast.
Discovered The Scrapyard (10 points): Discover The Scrapyard.
Discovered Krom's Canyon (10 points): Discover Krom's Canyon.
Discovered Crimson Lance Enclave (15 points): Discover Crimson Lance Enclave.
Discovered Eridian Promontory (15 points): Discover Eridian Promontory.
Ding! Champion (50 points): Earn level 50.
Get A Little Blood on the Tires (20 points): Kill 25 enemies by ramming them with any vehicle.
Rootinest, Tootinest, Shootinest (10 points): Kill 5 Rakk in under 10 seconds.
Pandora-dog Millionaire (50 points): Earn $1,000,000.
Fence (25 points): Sell 50 guns to a shop.
Can't We Get BEYOND Thunderdome? (25 points): Win an arena match.
Duel-icious (15 points): Win a duel against another player.
Group LF Healer (25 points): Rescue a groupmate from death in a co-op game.
There's No "I" In "Team" (30 points): Complete 15 missions in co-op.
And They'll Tell Two Friends (10 points): Play in a co-op game with either an employee of Gearbox or someone who has this achievement.
Weapon Aficionado (20 points): Reach proficiency level 10 with any weapon type.
Duelinator (35 points): Win a duel without taking damage.
Facemelter (25 points): Kill 25 enemies with corrosive weapons.
1.21 Gigawatts (25 points): Kill 25 enemies with shock weapons.
Pyro (25 points): Kill 25 enemies with incendiary weapons.
Master Exploder (15 points): Kill 25 enemies with explosive weapons.
There are some who call me...Tim (25 points): Equip a class mod for your character.
Fully Loaded (10 points): Rescue enough Claptraps to earn 42 inventory slots.
Truly Outrageous (15 points): Kill an enemy with the Siren's action skill.
Careful, He Bites (15 points): Kill 15 enemies with the Hunter's action skill.
Reckless Abandon (15 points): Kill 15 enemies with the Berserker's action skill.
Down in Front! (15 points): Kill 15 enemies with the Soldier's action skill.

Additionally there are eight secret achievements.

12 Days of Pandora (30 points): Mastered the technology of Pandora.
Wanted: Sledge (10 points): Killed Sledge.
Wanted: Krom (20 points): Killed Krom.
Wanted: Flynt (30 points): Killed Flynt.
Destroyed the Hive (40 points): Killed the Rakk Hive.
Destroyed The Destroyer (50 points): Killed the Vault Boss.
United We Stand (35 points): Defeated the Rakk Hive, the Vault Boss, Sledge, Krom, or Flynt in a co-op game.
You're on a boat! (15 points): I bet you never thought you'd be here. (Video)


Flock of Bloodwings

If you are a Hunter and have unlocked the Bloodwing Action skill, crouch down and press RB as many times as desired. If done correctly, you should have a small or large flock of Bloodwings. Each Bloodwing can attack enemies, but if you have an artifact equipped on them it might not always work on the clones.

Duplicate item

Start a Co-op mode game. After finding a desired item, drop it on the ground then exit the game without saving it. Have your Co-op partner take the item. Resume the game and you will still see that item on the ground and can collect it. Your Co-op partner can then give you the duplicate item that was previously picked up. This can be repeated as many times as desired.

Extra character inventory

It is possible to exceed the normal game maximum of 42 inventory spaces for your character's backpack. However it involves two full plays through the game with two characters. First, take the character that you wish to expand the inventory for and in the first play through, find and fix all the Claptraps, maxing out your inventory at 42. With another character, go through the first playthrough and completely avoid the broken Claptraps when it is not necessary to fix them. Starting with the second playthrough keep both characters similarly paced in regards to the active missions. When you reach the broken Claptraps, select the mission with the character who has not gotten the SDU in the first playthrough. Then, let that character remain idle while you take the character you wish to expand and collect the repair kit. After you return to the Claptrap, allow both characters to enter the menu where you turn in the mission. Let the character you want to expand accept the mission first and you should have just collected another SDU for your backpack, further expanding it past 42.

Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

The Secret Armory Of General Knoxx

The Zombie Island Of Dr. Ned


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