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Boxhead: 2Play

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Enter raggal as a name at the high score screen.


Defeating Box Devils

Take care of the Box Devils as soon as possible. They can only shoot energy balls when you are not shooting them.
orna wloatop

Defeating zombies

  • Block off the entrances with barrels and fake walls. The demons will blow up the barrels but it will still affect the zombies.
  • Use your Uzi or grenades for demons and big crowds of zombies.
  • Use boxy rooms or very small rooms because the zombies will move a lot slower trying to get through them.
  • Make sure the devil is behind a zombie. Get close to the zombie, but not directly next to it. The devil will shoot fireballs at the zombie, not you. You must repeat this to keep the devil killing. It will almost kill the zombie, unless the devil hit it four times.
  • This trick requires two people and the rocket launcher or railgun (rapid fire and long shot rail gun). Turn off the devils, set object collision off, and put it on expert. Have both players stand next to the doors they come out of in boxy. Keep shooting at the doors when they come through.

More weapons

Select the Nightmare difficulty setting to start with more weapons.

x999 multiplier

Go to "Options", then choose Nightmare mode and no devils. Use the boxy level. Block one entrance with fake walls and the other with barrels (after you get these weapons). Then choose the rocket launcher and blow up the barrels. Keep shooting at zombies whenever they are created at the entrance. Repeat this tactic until you get a x999 multiplier.

Easy points

Block all entrances with barrels or fake walls. After awhile, blow them up to get a lot of points.

Recommended weapons

Until you unlock something like the rocket launcher, always make sure you have enough ammunition for the shotgun and Uzi. The shotgun is good against zombies, and the Uzi is perfect against devils.