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Bravely Default

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Cheat Codes

"Special Movie" option

Highlight the bottom of the four "?????" options at the main menu, then press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left Right, B, A. A voice will yell, "Tiz!" to confirm correct code entry, and the bottom option will change to "Special Movie".


Demo bonuses

Complete the indicated task in the demo to unlock the corresponding bonus in the full game.

Caldislan Adventure Set: Fully restore Norende.
Caldislan Black Mage's Set: Defeat Adamantite Shell.
Caldislan Knight's Set: Defeat Automaton.
Caldislan Recovery Set: Defeat Melusine.
Caldislan Relief Set: Play the demo.
Caldislan Soldier's Set: Defeat Dragon.
Caldislan White Mage's Set: Defeat Minotaur.

Alternate costumes

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume.

Bravo Bikini (Edea): Defeat Fiore DeRosso for the second time in Chapter 5.
Edea's Garb (Edea): Obtained from Norende: Level 11 Combat Item.
Knight's Tunic (Agnes): Obtained from Norende: Level 11 Trader.
Melodist's Shirt (Ringabel): Obtained from Norende: Level 11 Accessory Shop.
Onion Shirt (Tiz): Obtained from Norende: Level 11 Armor Shop.
Plain Tunic (all): Obtained from Norende: Level 11 Compound Shop.
Vestal Garb (Agnes): Defeat the final Boss during the "False" ending.

New Game Plus mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "New Game Plus" option. In this mode you will retain the level, jobs, job level, funds, items, Genome abilities, Norende village population, Norende village status, D's journal, special moves, play time, friends, and guests from your previous playthrough.

"Special Movie" option

Earn the "The End" true ending by completing Chapters 5 through 8 without breaking any crystals. Complete the game and the "Special Movie" option will appear at the title screen when the completed saved game file is used.

Dimension's Hasp extra dungeon

The requirements to unlock the Dimension's Hasp extra dungeon depends on the ending you have earned. In the bad (Finale) ending, after the unbeatable Boss at the start of the Finale, see DeRosso in the Vampire Castle. In the good (The End) ending, speak with Yulyana after the initial Bosses you are supposed to defeat. The Dimension's Hasp extra dungeon can be found in the center of the crescent-shaped island in the northeast corner of the map. The bonus Boss is hidden at the end of the dungeon on B10F. Once there, move east of the final chest (with the Durandal inside), and then go south.


Hidden genome abilities

The following abilities are available only from Nemesis and do not show up on D's journal.

Firaja: Belphegor
Thundaja: Asmomeus
Blizzaja: Mammon
Areoja: Lucifer