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Alternate ending

At the end of the game, answer all of Fou-Lu's questions "Maybe so...". You will be merged with Fou-Lu and will play as the Infinity Dragon (Fou-Lu and Ryu God form). Then, just wipe out your ex-partners to get the ending.


Healing with apples

When you go into the woods to find the mayor, you have to use "apples" to lure out an animal. If you run out, find the tree that the man told you about where you can find more. Use Ershil's personal action and head butt the tree. An apple will drop down. The apple is a great healing item for early in the game, healing 100 HP. This may not seem like much, but if many apples, they work well. Stock up to get a full 99.

Easy money

Go to the question mark west of Fou-Lou's Temple. Go to the area where there was a burning forest. When you fight a Gold Gang and kill it with physical attacks you will get slightly over 1,000 Zenny. If you want even more money, kill it with magical attacks for over 10,000 Zenny. Repeat this as needed.

Go to one of the apple trees and stock up 99 of them. Then, go to the nearest shop and sell them for 10 Zenny to get a total of 990 Zenny. This is useful at the start of the game, but is not worth the effort later.

Go to the island south of Lyp. There is a Moza plant at that location from which you can cut Moza Grass off. Stock up until you have 99 and sell them for 50 Zenny each, for 5,000 Zenny.

Easy Aurum

Go to Wyndia and enter the big mansion. Talk to the butler. He will ask for silverware. The butler will give you aurum that ranges from 1 to 16 aurum for these items. You can find the silverware in the following locations:

Spoon: Lazy Fairy shop.
Fork: In the Cove with the wrecked ship, the large crap monsters drop them.
Straw: Rei and Teepo shop, or the crooked business man will give you one for helping out with the crates, vases/boxes.
Chopsticks: Send fairies to Wyndia searching, Rei and Teepo shop

Practicing Combos

Return to the hidden village by Chek after the battle. You will encounter monsters that have high HP and regenerating powers. You will fight six at a time, so you can practice your combos to very high scores.

70 hit combo

You need three spells, two which are learned by leveling up, which is Viltalize by Nina and Scias. The third is Celerity, which you learn as a skill from the master Abbess after you have encountered 100 different enemies. First, equip Celerity on any character except Nina or Scais -- preferable Cray since he is the slowest, so the enemies will get all of their attacks off first allowing you to cast the three spells in a row Enter a random battle anywhere, have the first character cast Celerity, then have Scias cast Vitalize, then have Nina cast Vitalize again. If done correctly you should have an easy 70 hit combo. If you have three Harmonic Rings, equip one on each character and it will help to connect the combo -- you will not waste casting Celerity

if the combo does not connect.
To do this, you need relatively simple specials. You do not even need Celerity to pull this off. The skills you will need are as follows, incuding who will utilize them: War Shout, FaerieCharge for Scias; Speed, FaerieAttack for Cray; Controlled Kaiser Dragon, Focus, Last Restort, TigerFist for Ryu. It is also best to have Ryu equipped with a two hit sword, and to have about 11 Faeries selected as troops. Go to the Abandoned Village near Chek and get into a fight with Treans or Trunkeds. As soon as a battle starts, have Ryu change into the Kaiser Dragon. Have Cray cast Speed on him, and then Scias cast War Shout. On the next turn, have Ryu use Last Resort. Then have Cray and Scias do the exact same thing they did before. Now on this turn, Ryu should use Focus, while Cray and Scias do whatever. It does not matter, as long as it does not make the Treans or Trunkeds run away. When everything's ready on the next turn, this is where the work you did pays off. Have Scias cast FaerieCharge, Cray cast FaerieAttack, and Ryu finish with TigerFist. If it comboed properly, the FaerieCharge will hit for about 11 hits, FaerieAttack will hit for about 22 times, and TigerFist will hit for about 48 hits.

124 hit combo

This trick requires you to attack the Trunked or Trean enemies North-West of Chek. Have the skills WarShout, Faeire Attack, and Faerie Charge each on a different person. Next, put all twenty faeries in barracks (you will need to open seven barracks). Finally, have the first character use War Shout (12 hits), the second use Faerie Attack (46 hits), and third use Faerie Charge (66 hits) for a total of 124 hits and roughly 30000 damage. That should take care of any Master requiring a number of hit for a skill.
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Defeating Dragonne

Avoid using Earth Attacks because of its high defense against it. Keep using strong combos or Dragon attacks to get rid of his regeneration ability. Be sure to have equipment which can stand against instant death attacks.

Defeating Fou-Lu

When you fight Fou-Lu alone as Ryu at the end of the game, just transform into Kaiser and leave it to him. If he dies, transform into another dragon or attack him by healing yourself. Fou-Lu will not transform into Tyrant or Astral or any other dragon-forms that he has.

Defeating Maman

In the woods where you find the mayor is a tree full of apples. Hit it with Ershin and stock up on apples. Head through the forest to where you find the mayor. You have to fight Maman at this location. Use an apple to distract it for a turn. If you have enough, the Maman will not attack during the entire battle.

Helping the thieves

Charm raises the chance of an item to be dropped at the end of the battle. With Pilfer and steal, the stealing rate depends on the chances of the item being dropped at the end of the battle. Use Charm then Steal or Pilfer. Try it on Fou-Lu and his dragon forms to get a Dragon Tear, Royal Armor, and Royal Sword.

Finding Rider

Use the following steps to find Rider, the game's toughest monster. Go to Mutko. After passing through the Tomb, enter Mutko from the south side. Then, enter the cave in the upper left corner. Have Eshrin headbutt the crack in the wall. Enter the opening. Go through the next three rooms. You should find a treasure chest and then a dead end. You can find Dragon Tear in the chest, as well as Rider. He has about 400,000 HP. To make things worse, he regenerates half of it each round. He can also cast some dangerous attacks, such as Disaster and Primus. Use Pilfer to steal a very valuable item from him -- King's Armor, which has Def 100.


The following list explains how to get the Masters.

Abbess: Talk to her in the Village of Chek after talking to all the dragons in their physical forms.
Bunyan: Get the ability to apprentice with all the other eleven Masters. Then, find Bunyan by going to the question mark spot above the Highway and go through a secret passageway mid-way through the mountain range. Go up to his hut and talk to him.
Gyorim: After getting over 3,000 points in fishing, talk to the fishing frog in Lyp.
Kahn: After defeating him for the third time you can find him on the upper west continent in a question mark spot near the flowing tides.
Kryrik: After the sea voyage event, return to Shikk and talk to him. He will apprentice you only if you have gotten 25 or more hits in a combo. Practicing in Chek is recommended.
Lyta: After the Sea Voyage, talk to Sister Lyta in the orphanage in Synesta. You must have already learned Ward for her to apprentice you.
Marlok: Buy the "treasure" from the frog in Sarai for 500 Zenny. Trade it around from city to city until you get a Tin Ball or better. Then, talk to Marlok in Synesta after finishing the sandflier event.
Momo: Just talk to her in the windmill in Wyndia
Njomo: After working with the Faerie Village after awhile, go to the question mark spot with the house in it. Talk to the fairy upstairs.
Rwolf: Just talk to him near the entrance of Kurok.
Stoll: Pay him all your Zenny in the Bandits Hideout after the Marlok events.
Una: After beating up Kahn for the second time, talk to her in Worent.


To use Mjollnir, get Kaiser and get all the dragons to give you their powers. You can now control Kaiser. Kaiser should have Ar'yu-pung, Poat'oh-pah, Hwajeh, and Pa'Bing-a.

Rusty Sword

Talk to the rare item sellers. One of them will have a Rusty Sword. Kill 1,000 enemies with it and the sword will become very powerful.


Use Ershin,Ursula, or the main character to use the action button against villagers in towns. Sometimes they will drop Zenny.


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