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Bubble Bobble DS

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This game is titled Bubble Bobble Revolution in North America and Europe, and Bubble Bobble DS in Japan.

Cheat Codes

Classic version: Bonus rounds

Press L, R, L, R, L, R, Right, Select at the title screen in the Classic version. Touch the door that now appears in level 20 to start the bonus rounds.

Classic version: Shoe power-up mode

Press Select, R, L, Left, Right, R, Select, Right at the title screen in the Classic version.

Classic version: Super Bubble Bobble

Defeat the Classic version Boss using two players. Then, press Left, R, Left, Select, Left, L, Left, Select in the Classic version.

Classic version: Hidden Coke can item

Enter I.F as your initials at the high score screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. A Coke may now appear on floor 1. When collected it will trigger a meteor shower to kill your enemies.


New version: Levels 91 to 100

The final ten levels in New version are only accessible after you collect nine letters throughout the game. You must kill at least four enemies with a single Super Bubble, then collect the key that they drop. After defeating the Boss of that group of levels, it will drop a letter instead of the big gem. You must collect a letter from every Boss in the game (nine total) to unlock the final ten levels.
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New version: Play as Robolun

Successfully complete all 100 New version levels.

New version: Play as Lovelun

Successfully complete all 100 New version levels as Robolun.

Continue game play

In the Classic version, there is no apparent continuation mode. However, when you get a "Game Over" go back to the screen where you start on level 1 and scroll down. You will see the Bubble Bobble dinosaur go down on a elevator-type platform to stop at the last level you were at. For example, if you died at level 14 then you can continue again at that point after the "Game Over".


Action Replay DS codes from Datel. Action Replay DS device required.

Code Breaker codes from CodeTwink. Code Breaker device required.