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Bubble Town 2 (Windows Phone 7)

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.
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Bubble-licious (10 points): Detaches 14+ borbs/lumps using the plunger power up.
Canny Cannon (20 points): The player must attain a score of 15,000 inside a single level.
Day of the Tentacle (20 points): Defeat Sandy Squid.
Dead Eye (10 points): Hit the eye evey time when open without missing.
Fuzz-tastic (20 points): The player must gain 200 fuzzballs .
Houston, we have a... (20 points): Defeat the Lumpress in her final state.
In It To Win It (20 points): The player must reach a score of 150,000.
Ousting the General (10 points): Defeat the Lump General.
Rock Lob-ster! (10 points): Match any borbs using the lob cannon.
Soap and Glory (10 points): The player must match 3 borbs after having banked off of 3 walls, with a single shot.
Soaped-Up (5 points): Awarded when player has used all the power-ups.
Take it to the Bank’ (10 points): Complete any level using bank shots.
Terminated (20 points): Defeat the cyber lump.
To infinity and beyond (5 points): Awarded when the player reaches the first space level.
Transport Traffic (10 points): Fire a borb and make a match through the whirlpool or black hole.