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Bud Redhead: The Time Chase

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Extra life lifeplease
Full energy fullenergy
Open exit gate letmeout
Unlimited lives liveforever
Deactivate unlimited lives mortalagain
All levers pulled opensesame
No slippery surfaces spikedshoes
Restore slippery surfaces ordinaryshoes
Show hidden coins and items showmeall
Hide hidden coins and items hidesecrets

dcbial igaoi yarwrebo

Level passwords

Level Password
Forest 1-2 Light Blue, Brown, Dark Blue, Green, Green
Forest 1-3 Dark Blue, Green, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue
Forest 1-4 Green, Red, Red, Brown, Dark Blue
Forest 1-5 Light Blue, Green, Red, Brown, Light Blue
Egypt 2-1 Red, Brown, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue
Egypt 2-2 Brown, Light Blue, Red, Green, Brown
Egypt 2-3 Green, Dark Blue, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Light Blue
Egypt 2-4 Green, Light Blue, Light Blue, Red, Light Blue
Egypt 2-5 Dark Blue, Brown, Brown, Red, Green
Castle 3-1 Red, Green, Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue
Castle 3-2 Green, Green, Brown, Light Blue, Brown
Castle 3-3 Light Blue, Light Blue, Green, Red, Brown
Castle 3-4 Brown, Dark Blue, Brown, Light Blue, Green
Castle 3-5 Green, Red, Red, Light Blue, Red
Spaceship 4-1 Dark Blue, Red, Green, Green, Red
Spaceship 4-2 Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Dark Blue
Spaceship 4-3 Brown, Light Blue, Red, Light Blue, Green
Spaceship 4-4 Red, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Blue
Spaceship 4-5 Brown, Light Blue, Brown, Green, Light Blue
Boss Light Blue, Red, Green, Dark Blue, Red


Trainer: +5 v1.3 by PiZZA