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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Fatal Conspiracy (Wii)

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Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding award. To view your awards, select "Case File" on your PDA, then "Statistics".

A Tough Job: Identified both samples of DNA on the garment from John Barrett's room.
All Washed Up: Completed Case 4: All Washed Up.
Boss Fight: Completed Case 5: Boss Fight.
Can't Get Fooled Again: Completed a case with at least 90% cunning.
Close Counts After All: Completed a case with at least 90% Thoroughness.
CSI: Fatal Conspiracy: Completed CSI: Fatal Conspiracy.
Flash Baked: Completed Case 1: Flash Baked.
Fool Me Once: Completed a case with at least 65% cunning.
He Said, She Said: Asked Will Rice about Veronica's real alibi.
Human Polygraph: Completed a case with 100% cunning.
I Like To Watch: Watched a movie from the Case File.
No Stone Unturned: Completed a case with 100% Thoroughness.
Not up to Code: Confronted Pete Baxa about asbestos in the spa.
Planting Evidence: Completed Case 2: Planting Evidence.
Reading is Fun: Opened the Case File.
Research Grant: Completed a case with at least 90% Skill.
Scavenger Hunt: Found all evidence in Case 2: Planting Evidence.
Smoke the Hive: Found enough evidence to destroy Beatriz Salazar's drug empire.
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!: Noticed the discrepancy in Jayne Barrett's security records.
Tapped Out: Completed Case 3: Tapped Out.
Technically Perfect: Completed a case with 100% skill.
Test Tube Washer: Competed a case with at least 65% Skill.
Thanks For Playing: Watched the opening sequence.
Thorough Enough, Darn It: Completed a case with at least 65% Thoroughness.
Under the Hood: Visited the Options Menu.




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