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Call Of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox 360)

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Extinction mode

  • Start the single player Campaign mode under the Regular or higher difficulty level. Complete the "Ghost Stories", "Brave New World", "No Man's Land", and "Struck Down" missions to unlock the "Extinction Mode" option at the main menu.
  • Alternately, start Multiplayer Career mode and reach level 5.
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Walkthrough (PC)

Walkthrough (PlayStation3)

Walkthrough (Xbox 360)

Rorke file locations



Extinction mode: Exploding stuffed alien dolls

Start Chapter 1, "Point Of Contact" and collect a sniper rifle. Find the "Gil's Lodge Motel" neon sign. Use the sniper rifle and shoot the letters "L", "O", and "L" (in order) in the word "Lodge" on that sign. The message "LOL" will appear in the center of the screen to confirm correct entry. For a short period of time, any alien shot will explode into golden alien stuffed dolls. (Video)

Easy "Blimey O'Riley" achievement or trophy

Play mission 3, "No Man's Land". During the stealth scene, pounce or jump on and kill ten enemies.

Easy "Burn Baby Burn" achievement or trophy

Play mission 8, "Birds Of Prey". The fuel containers are all mostly vertical gold cylinders. You will see them scattered throughout the mission's helicopter section. Some containers are located on the elevated highways and the buildings (where highest portion of them can be found). The achievement or trophy should be earned after destroying the factory and moving on to the next section.

Easy "Carbon Faceprint" achievement or trophy

Play mission 7, "Federation Day". Near the end when you are rappelling after the assault, a photocopier gets thrown down. Stand there and let it hit you in the face.

Easy "Cog in the machine" achievement or trophy

Play mission 13, "End Of The Line". You must kill five enemies using stealth. Before the large bay door opens, you should already have three stealth kills. Quickly stealth kill the other two guards on the other side to earn the achievement or trophy.

Easy "David & Goliath" achievement or trophy

Play mission 12, "In To The Deep". You must destroy the ship on your first attempt. When you fire the missile, the view will change to first person from its perspective. Aim for the "Heat Zone" (red). There is netting on the front of the ship. Get around it to get a good hit on the "Heat Zone".

Easy "Deep Freeze" achievement or trophy

Keep the gun aimed forward as you exit the base. Fire on the Road Block. As you exit the base, turn the turret behind your jeep. Destroy the jeeps that come into view. When your jeep falls into the ice, begin making holes in the ice to stall your pursuers. Keep firing into the ice to destroy the snowmobiles. When you exit the tunnel, you will be attacked by jeeps on the left and right sides. Destroy them quickly by blowing holes in the ice. If done correctly, you can prevent reinforcements from arriving. After crossing under the bridge, change your focus to the jeep's left side. After the right side jeeps are down, turn to the front of your vehicle. More jeeps will assault you from ahead. You will be in the clear when the sun comes out.

Easy "End of your rope" achievement or trophy

Play mission 15, "All or Nothing". When defending the ship's side while waiting for the Osprey to come online, the Federation Troops will toss ropes up from their raider rafts. Press [Melee] to cut the ropes and prevent them from climbing up.

Easy "Fly-by-wire" achievement or trophy

Play mission 16, "Severed Ties". Hit all three helicopters with the XM11 guided rockets. Simply restart the mission if you miss.

Easy "Go Ugly Early" achievement or trophy

Within five minutes of starting mission 5, "Homecoming", you will be attacked via the beach. You must defend your position using the mini-gun. Two to five minutes later, lay down when a helicopter begins spraying bullets at you. After the helicopter does this, you will have the ability to use the A-10 Strafe Run.

Run 1: Aim for the helicopters and surrounding troops.
Run 2: Shoot the beach that is almost full of enemies.
Run 3: Shoot the tank and surrounding beach.
Run 4: Destroy two tanks on beach and lone helicopter.
Run 5: You will only get this if you do not destroy the helicopter or tanks in time.

Easy "Grindin'" achievement or trophy

This is a reference to a task in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, where you had to balance a meter to successfully grind along a rail. It is similar to how you have to blow the pressure valves. The meter can go in the red, but not for too long. Try to balance it out as much as possible. It is able to go in yellow as well, but try keep it in the green. Pass the mini-game on your first attempt to unlock the achievement or trophy.

Easy "It Came from Below!" achievement or trophy

Play mission 6, "Legends Never Die". You have to knife six enemies while underwater. Wait for the enemies to step into the water, then crouch and knife them while you are underwater. Play under the Recruit difficulty setting or or retry from the last checkpoint to make it easier.

Easy "Jack-pot" achievement or trophy

Play mission 14, "Sin City". You must destroy a total of twenty one slot machines to earn this achievement or trophy. The first twenty are on the lower casino floor. The final slot machine is found after going through the gate that Keegan pries open. The team will lead you down a curving escalator. Before going down the escalator, look across to the Majestic lobby and find the two Egyptian women on a billboard with a stylistic sun. The final row of slot machines that are destroyable are located to the left of this billboard.

Easy "Jungle Ghosts" achievement or trophy

Select the Recruit difficulty and mission 9, "The Hunted". Progress through the level without being detected and no alarms going off. If you make a mistake, pause game play and select the "Last Checkpoint" option.

Easy "Liberty Wall" achievement or trophy

During the "Brave New World" mission, you will reach what appears to be a waterway. Work your way through it and kill all the enemies. When you get to the end, you will see your squad. Two helicopters will drop enemies. Pick up one of the laser guided rocket launchers. Aim the laser as best as you can on the helicopter. If done correctly, it will explode. Keep the laser targeted at all times on the helicopter or the rocket will miss. The rocket launcher takes about several seconds to reload and has two rounds per magazine.

Easy "Piece of cake" achievement or trophy

Select the Veteran difficulty setting and play mission 11, "Atlas Falls". Progress until reaching the room where you get pushed away by your teammate (as you try to breach in) because the enemies are already shooting through the doors. After the door breach, stay back to the left of the door. Fire at the door to hit a few enemies that pop out of there. They will have difficulty targeting you. Eventually, Merrick and Keegan will move up through the door. Hang back and do not enter the room. Toss cooked frag grenades into the room, but do not enter the doorway. Be patient and kill a few enemies, and allow Merrick and Keegan do most of the work for you in order to avoid damage.

Easy "Sleeping Beauty" achievement or trophy

Play mission 7, "Federation Day". Locate guard sleeping on a folding chair near the window two floors down from the first pair of guards you encounter in the face-down rappel section. Kill this security guard quietly.

Easy "Tickets please" achievement or trophy

Play mission 18, "The Ghost Killer". Shoot the enemies that are climbing up the side of the train after the helicopter sequence. Pick them off before they reach the top of the train. It is not necessary to get all of them.

Easy "They look like ants" achievement or trophy

Play mission 17, "Loki". Hit every single orange dot (enemy target) that is on the ground, and avoid the blue dots (friendly targets). Ignore the flyby enemies because they are very difficult to hit. Target your first volley on the group on your bottom left, which can be difficult to see. If you are admonished during the second volley, it indicates that you have hit a friendly unit and must try again. If you miss any orange targets in the first few volleys, use the "Last Checkpoint" option to try again. A new checkpoint triggers during the third volley.

Easy "Waste Not" achievement or trophy

Play mission 4, "Struck Down". You will have four attempts to use the remote sniper rifle.

Attempt 1: When you breach the door (remember to change key functions); limit of two shots.
Attempt 2: Eliminating the enemies using RPGs; limit of three to five shots.
Attempt 3: After you find Ajax and have to leave; limit of ten to fifteen shots.
Attempt 4: After you board the helicopter, defend it; limit of at least ten shots.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.
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Ghost Stories (5 points): Escape. (Complete "Ghost Stories" on any difficulty.)
Spatial Awareness (10 points): Kill your first enemy in the Call of Duty Ghosts campaign.
Brave New World (10 points): Rendez-vous in Fort Santa Monica. (Complete "Brave New World" on any difficulty.)
Liberty Wall (10 points): Take down both attack helicopters in Brave New World. (Video)
No Man's Land (10 points): Make it to San Diego. (Complete "No Man's Land" on any difficulty.)
Blimey O'Riley (10 points): Pounce on 10 enemies whilst controlling Riley. (Video)
Struck Down (10 points): Find Ajax. (Complete "Struck Down" on any difficulty.)
Waste Not (10 points): Every shot with the remote sniper kills a person or vehicle. (Video)
Homecoming (10 points): Defend LA. (Complete "Homecoming" on any difficulty.)
Go Ugly Early (10 points): A-10 strafe 50 enemies. (Video)
Legends Never Die (10 points): Hunt down Almagro. (Complete "Legends Never Die" on any difficulty.)
It Came from Below! (10 points): Kill 6 enemies with the knife while underwater in "Legends Never Die". (Video)
Federation Day (10 points): Gather intel on Rorke. (Complete "Federation Day" on any difficulty.)
Sleeping Beauty (10 points): Kill sleeping enemy in face down rappel section (Video)
Carbon Faceprint (10 points): Catch the photocopier with your face. (Video)
Birds of Prey (10 points): Capture Rorke (Complete "Birds of Prey" on any difficulty.)
Burn Baby Burn (25 points): Destroy 80 fuel containers. (Video)
The Hunted (25 points): Make it out alive (Complete "The Hunted" on any difficulty.)
Jungle Ghosts (25 points): Finish the mission without breaking stealth. (Video)
Clockwork (25 points): Hack the system (Complete "Clockwork" on any difficulty.)
Deep Freeze (25 points): Drop 8 vehicles into ice holes. (Video)
Atlas Falls (25 points): Distract the Federation Fleet. (Complete "Atlas Falls" on any difficulty.)
Grindin' (40 points): Blow the pressure valves on your first attempt. (Video)
Piece of cake (100 points): Storm the common room and kill everyone without taking damage on Veteran. (Video)
Into the Deep (20 points): Destroy the enemy ship (Complete "Into The Deep" on any difficulty.)
David & Goliath (20 points): Take down the LCS on the first go. (Video)
End of the Line (20 points): Storm the factory (Complete "End of the Line" on any difficulty.)
Cog in the machine (35 points): Kill 5 enemies without being detected before infiltrating Black Zone. (Video)
Sin City (20 points): Plan your next move. (Complete "Sin City" on any difficulty.)
Jack-pot (20 points): Destroy 21 slot machines. (Video)
All or nothing (20 points): Gather the troops. (Complete "All or Nothing" on any difficulty.)
End of your rope (20 points): Cut a grappling hook rope with an enemy on it. (Video)
Severed Ties (20 points): Destroy the Federation's satellite array. (Complete "Severed Ties" on any difficulty.)
Fly-by-wire (20 points): Take out 3 out of 3 helicopters with the remote missile. (Video)
Loki (20 points): Commandeer the enemy space station. (Complete "Loki" on any difficulty.)
They look like ants (20 points): Destroy all enemy ground targets and kill no allies with the rods. (Video)
The Ghost Killer (20 points): Confront Rorke (Complete "The Ghost Killer" on any difficulty.)
Tickets please (20 points): Shoot the grapple guys off the side of the train. (Video)
Audiophile (15 points): Collect all 18 Rorke files. (Video)
Safeguard (20 points): Reach round 20 in Safeguard.
You've earned it (40 points): Earn the mask. Finish the campaign on Veteran.

Additionally there are nine secret achievements.

No Man Left (20 points): Escape with all four players.
Sprinter (20 points): Reach the exfil chopper with 1 minute and 30 seconds or more remaining on the clock.
Made it Out Alive (20 points): Escape 1st time.
Completionist (25 points): Complete all Extinction challenges and escape.
Cabin Fever (10 points): Make it to the cabin.
City Dweller (20 points): Made it to the city.
Any Means necessary (40 points): Get 50 kills with the electric fence and fire traps in a single game.
Trash Picker (20 points): Scavenge 40 items in a single game.
Throttled Escape (10 points): Escape using a relic.






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