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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare - Reflex

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Cheat option

Successfully complete Campaign mode. Pause game play in Campaign mode, then select "Options" to access the "Cheat" menu. To unlock the cheat options, find the indicated number of hidden Intel pieces. Note: Cheats must be reactivated after losing a life.
ncwyd stc opcat

A Bad Year: 15 Intel.
Cluster Bombs: 10 Intel.
CoD Noir: 2 Intel.
Infinite Ammo: 30 Intel.
Paintball: 8 Intel.
Photo-Negative: 4 Intel.
Slow-Mo Ability: 20 Intel.
Super Contrast: 6 Intel.

Golden weapons

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding golden weapon version.

Golden AK-47: Complete all assault rifle challenges.
Golden Desert Eagle: Reach level 55 "Commander" rank.
Golden Dragunov: Complete all sniper challenges.
Golden M1014: Complete all shotgun challenges.
Golden M60E4: Complete all LMG challenges.
Golden Mini-Uzi: Complete all SMG challenges.

Multi-player bonuses

Complete the indicated level in multi-player mode to unlock the corresponding bonus.

3x Frag (Perk Slot 1): Level 41
AK-74U: Level 28
Bandolier (Perk Slot 1): Level 32
Barret .50 Cal: Level 49
Bomb Squad (Perk Slot 1): Level 14
Boot Camp Challenges 1: Level 9
Boot Camp Challenges 2: Level 15
Boot Camp Challenges 3: Level 18
Claymores: Level 23
Create-a-Class: Level 4
Dead Silence (Perk Slot 3): Level 44
Demolitions Class: Level 2
Desert Eagle: Level 43
Double Tap (Perk Slot 2): Level 29
Dragunov: Level 22
Elite Challenges: Level 51
Elite Challenges 2: Level 53
Elite Challenges 3: Level 54
G3: Level 25
G36C: Level 37
Golden Desert Eagle: Level 55
Gun Challenges: Level 5
Humiliation Challenges 1: Level 42
Humiliation Challenges 2: Level 45
Humiliation Challenges 3: Level 47
Humiliation Challenges 4: Level 48
Humiliation Challenges 5: Level 50
Iron Lungs (Perk Slot 3): Level 26
Killer Challenges 1: Level 30
Killer Challenges 2: Level 33
Killer Challenges 3: Level 36
Killer Challenges 4: Level 39
Last Stand (Perk Slot 3): Level 8
M1014: Level 31
M14: Level 46
M1911: Level 16
M21: Level 7
M4 Carbine: Level 10
M60E4: Level 19
Martyrdom: Level 17
Mini-Uzi: Level 13
MP44: Level 52
Operations Challenges 1: Level 21
Operations Challenges 2: Level 24
Operations Challenges 3: Level 27
Overkill (Perk Slot 2): Level 38
P90: Level 40
Prestige Mode: Level 55
R700: Level 34
Sleight of Hand (Perk Slot 2): Level 20
Sniper Class: Level 3
UAV Jammer (Perk Slot 2): Level 11

Kill streak bonuses

In online multi-player mode you can call in an air-strike if you get a five kill streak without dying and a helicopter after a seven kill streak. You can call in the airstrike or helicopter at any time in the match, even if you die, as long as you obtained the required number of kills without dying. However there is problem if you get a five kill streak and get two more without dying that allows you to call in a chopper. If you get a seven kill streak and have not used your airstrike, you will not be able to use it. You will be able to use the chopper in the same way. Basically you can get the ability to call in a chopper or airstrike and use it whenever desired, even in the last minute of the game. This trick also works to call in a UAV after a three kill streak.

Arcade mode

Successfully complete the game.


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