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Call Of Duty: World At War (DS)

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Enter the War Room and select "Options". Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Level select and all challenges

Press Y, X, Y(2), X, Y, X(2), Y. The sound of a gunshot will confirm correct code entry. All Single Player Quickplay and Challenges missions will be unlocked. Note: The code can also be entered at the "Quick Play" menu.
npse bsmhwea mlg ehtpcayn



Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding challenge. You will have three minutes to do most of the challenges.

1. Two Roads: 20 kills.
2. On the Run: 2 melee kills, 3 grenade kills.
3. Storming the City: 20 kills, 50% accuracy, 2 melee kills.
4. Wrecking Crew: 20 kills, 5 grenade kills, 50% accuracy.
5. The Fall: 15 kills, 5 grenade kills.
6. War Torn Streets: 45 kills.
7. Nuclear Secrets: 10 kills with PPSH-41, 5 kills with MP40, 50% accuracy.
8. Milk Run: 15 plane kills in less than five minutes.
9. Panzer Attack: 5 kills with Sten Mk 11, 5 kills with MP40.
10. Supply Lines: 3 grenade kills, 2 melee kills.
11. Off Target: 25 kills with Sten Mk 11, 50% accuracy with the Sten Mk 11.
12. Sabotage: 15 kills with MP44, 50% accuracy with MP44, 2 grenade kills.
13. Cornered: 10 kills, 5 head shots, 50% accuracy.
14. Missed Delivery: 20 kills.
15. Silence the Guns: 20 kills, 5 grenade kills, 70% accuracy .
16. Into the Jungle: 3 grenade kills, 2 melee kills.
17. Beach Landing: 10 kills, 5 head shots, 50% accuracy .
18. On the Water: 25 plane kills in less than two minutes 45 seconds.
19. Bloody Nose Ridge: 20 kills, 10 kills with Thompson, 10 kills with Type 100.
20. Into the Darkness: 5 grenade kills, 15 kills with BAR, 50% accuracy with BAR.
21. Castle Approach: 20 kills, 10 head shots.
22. Storm the Walls: 15 kills with Type 100, 3 grenade kills.
23. Dangerous Waters: 25 plane kills.
24. Two Roads: 10 kills, 75% accuracy.
25. On the Run: 15 kills, 5 grenade kills.
26. Storming the City: 20 kills, 15 headshots, no grenades.
27. Wrecking Crew: 15 kills, 5melee kills.
28. The Fall: 30 kills, 50% accuracy.
29. Nuclear Secrets: 15 kills, 5 grenade kills.
30. Supply Lines: 20 headshots.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding award.

Medic Badge: Complete medic mini game.
Radio Operator Badge: Complete the morse code mini game.
Perfect Coder: No mistakes in the Morse code mini game.
Demolitions Badge: Complete the Landmine mini game.
Codebreaker: Discover the level unlock cheat code by deciphering the secret Morse code message.
No Fly Zone: Shoot down 250 planes.
One Man Army: 1500 kills.
Headhunter: 100 headshots.
Slow Learner: Die 10 times.
I Love Quotes: Die 50 times.
Russian Victory: Complete Russian campaign.
American Victory: Complete US campaign.
British Victory: Complete British campaign.
Combat Ready: Complete 10 quick play levels.
Instant Action Addict: Complete 40 quick play levels.
Firestarter: 25 kills with the flamethrower.
Quick Draw: 250 kills with a pistol.
Mad Bomber: Destroy 20 targets from the bomber.
Fixed Defender: 500 kills on fixed emplacements.
Kneecapper: 100 kills from crouch.
Pugilist: 50 kills from melee.
Frag Friend: 50 kills from grenades.
Up and Over: Mantle 100 times.
Tank Hunter: Destroy 25 tanks.
Challenger: Complete all challenges.
Return to Sender: Kill enemy by returning thrown grenade.
Quick Reflexes: 25 kills by returning thrown grenades.
Distant Hunter: 50 kills with a sniper rifle.
Too Much Free Time: Receive all awards.


Easy Quick Reflexes award

Go to the Russian level "Wrecking Crew". When you start, go west to destroy the tank factory. Kill the first four Nazis, and another one will always throw a grenade at you. Pick it up and throw it back at him. He will die. Go to the area in front of you and let the Nazi kill you. Do this repeatedly and you will get the award "Quick Reflexes". This is also a good level to get the Quick Draw award with your pistol.