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Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (DS)

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Intervention: Fall through floor

In the "Intervention" mission, go to the room with the nuke you are supposed to find. Go down the ramp, then go under it. Crouch, then with your back to the bottom of the ramp, stand up. After a few attempts, you will fall through the floor. (Screenshot 1) (Screenshot 2) You can kill enemies from down there, but unfortunately you cannot get further in the mission. Kill yourself or reset the game to get back up.
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Intervention: Stuck in mission

On the first part of the "Intervention" mission, get to where you go up the stairs to the room with one person inside and one on the balcony. When Col O'learc tries to knock out the terrorist at the computer try to knock him out at the exact moment. If you are lucky you will also kill him. You must kill yourself in order to continue because he is the person who tells you what to do.


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