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Captain America: Super Soldier (PlayStation3)

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Alternate costumes

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume.
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Classic: Get a "Gold" rank on all challenges; get all the Zemo's Relics.
Ultimate: Get 25,000 Intel points; complete the game under the Hard difficulty.


Walkthrough (Xbox 360)



Defeating Baron Von Strucker

You will fight Baron Von Strucker twice. Both times are very similar except for the amount of enemies that appear at once, and the second fight as a time limit. The first fight has very few enemies, one or two at the most. The second fight can have upwards of five enemies on top of Strucker. To damage him, approach him and punch him. He will flinch if it damaged him, but often he will block the punches. You will see the warning flash on him when he is about to attack you. Roll away from him, and after he finishes the attack, punch him. After he takes a few hits, he will summon enemies. Only fight the enemies if they get close enough to attack you. Randomly, a Quick Time Event will occur. If you succeed, Strucker will take a decent amount of damage. If you fail, he will attack you. When you are about to finish him on both fights, a Quick Time Event occurs. If you win, you will defeat him. If you lose, you will take damage and he regains health. During the second fight with the time limit, focus on Strucker as much as possible; sometimes he will take out enemies for you.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

The First Avenger (Platinum): Complete all Trophies.
Grace Under Pressure (Bronze): Achieved perfect timing x 5 while platforming.
Back to Basics (Silver): 101 Grunts defeated.
Snipe Hunt (Bronze): 25 Snipers defeated.
Who's the Bully Now? (Silver): 101 advanced enemies defeated.
And They All Fall Down (Bronze): 4 Enemies KO'd with a single Focused Shield Throw.
Unfriendly Fire (Bronze): 10 Enemies defeated with a weaponized enemy.
There Goes The Neighborhood (Silver): All AA cannons destroyed.
Snap Together Soldiers (Bronze): 1st Enemy Schematic collected.
Deconstruction (Bronze): All Enemy Schematics collected.
Sewer Rat (Bronze): All 12 Sewer entrances used.
Need a Head? (Bronze): 50 Statues destroyed.
Hello God? It's Me, Zemo (Bronze): 1st Zemo Diary collected.
Two Hands and a Sword (Silver): All Zemo Diaries collected.
24 Frames a Second (Bronze): Found a Zola Reel.
Slide Show Symphony (Silver): All Zola Reels collected.
He Hates These Cans! (Bronze): Caused 500 objects to explode.
Beautiful Mind (Bronze): 13 Enigma Keypads decrypted.
Peaches 'n Cream (Bronze): 5 successful C3 placements.
Put a Ring On It (Bronze): 3 mortar strikes successfully directed.
Calling the Folks (Bronze): 5 HQ Radios located and used.
Eggman (Bronze): 50 Ceramic Eggs collected.
Four Score and Seven (Bronze): 1776 Intel Points collected.
Star Spangled Superhero (Gold): 25000 Intel Points collected.
Trench Foot (Bronze): Completed Prologue: Come and See.
Just Stood There (Bronze): Completed 1st Chapter: Stand Alone Together.
Overdue Notice (Bronze): Completed 2nd Chapter: The Flemish Farm.
Trojan Splinters (Bronze): Completed 3rd Chapter: The Wooden Horse.
Send a Post Card (Bronze): Completed 4th Chapter: Secret Journey.
Fully Operational (Bronze): Completed 5th Chapter: The Big Red One.
Existential Dilemma (Bronze): Completed 6th Chapter: Camus and the Fly.
Real Men Read Ulysses (Bronze): Completed 7th Chapter: Icarus and Daedalus.
Down in the Lab (Bronze): Completed 8th Chapter: To Have and Have Not.
Touchdown (Bronze): Completed 9th Chapter: The Longest Yard.
Taming of the Shrew (Bronze): Completed 10th Chapter: Keep Your Powder Dry.
Pleasant Stroll (Bronze): Completed 11th Chapter: They Were Expendable.
Train to Catch (Bronze): Completed 12th Chapter: Red Ball Express.
Unnatural Resources (Bronze): Completed 13th Chapter: The Small Back Room.
High and Low (Bronze): Completed 14th Chapter: Hell is for Heroes.
Holding the High Note (Bronze): Completed 15th Chapter: When Trumpets Fade.
Tank Me Later (Bronze): Completed 16th Chapter: Church On Time.
Science and Spirit (Bronze): Completed 17th Chapter: The First of the Few.
The Big Sleepover (Gold): Completed 18th Chapter: Went the Day Well?.
To Your Credit (Bronze): Viewed the Credits to completion.
Testing Waters (Bronze): 1 Challenge Mode completed.
Tourist (Bronze): All Challenge Modes completed.
Window Shopper (Bronze): All Challenge Modes unlocked.
Begin a Trend (Bronze): 1st Gold awarded in a Challenge Mode.
Freedom on a Roll (Bronze): 50% Golds awarded in Challenge Mode.
Can't Stand Any Higher (Gold): 100% Golds awarded in Challenge Mode.
Pow, Right in the Kisser! (Bronze): Performed 50 Crippling Strikes.


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