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Captain Claw

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Cheat Codes

Cheat mode

Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Enabling cheat codes will not allow the game to be saved.

Effect Code
Requires v1.1 or greater
Full health mpapple
Enable anti-death tile mparmor
Full dynamite mpblaster
Toggle background mpbotless
Stronger Claw mpbunz
Invisibility mpcasper
Decrease screen resolution mpdecvid
Default screen resolution mpdefvid
Developers heads appear instead of treasure mpdevheads
View frame rate mpfps
Lightning sword mpfranklin
Catnip mpfreak
Full Magic mpgandalf
Goble information mpgoble
Turn enemies into ghosts mphaunted
Fire sword mphotstuff
Increase screen resolution mpincvid
Unlimited lives mpinfinity
320x200 resolution mpjazzy
Super jump mode mpjordan or mpflubber
God mode mpkfa
Monolith logos and music mplith, mplogo, or mpmonolith
Full ammunition mploaded
Full magic mpmerlin
Unknown mpmetrix
Toggle middle plane mpmidless
Bouncing treasure mpmoongoodies
Level skip mpnext
Jump higher mpnippy
Toggle onscreen information mpnoinfo
Show objects in bottom left corner mpobjects
Ice sword mppenguin
Unlimited lives mpplayallday
Shows global position mppos
Previous level mpprev
Full dynamite mppyro
Full ammo mprambo
Enable Roids mproids
Scorpio information mpscorpio
Claw is a shadow mpshadow
Claw is invisible to enemies mpspooky
Time displayed in bottom left corner mpstopwatch
Super throw mode mpsuperthrow
View timing data in top left corner mptiming
Toggle foreground mptopless
View update data in top left corner mpupdate
Invincibility mpvader
Level skip mpscully
Advance to the Boss mpskinner
Harder to kill enemies with the sword mpwimpy
Full magic mpgandolf
Increase enemy strength mpcultist
Advance to level 1 mpcheesesauce
Advance to level 2 mpexactly
Advance to level 3 mpracerohboy
Advance to level 4 mpbuddywhat
Advance to level 5 mpmugger
Advance to level 6 mpgoofcycle
Advance to level 7 mprotarypower
Advance to level 8 mpshibshank
Advance to level 9 mpwhyzedf
Advance to level 10 mpsuperhawk
Advance to level 11 mpjobnumber
Advance to level 12 mplistenandlearn
Advance to level 13 mpyeahright
Advance to level 14 mpclawteamrulez
Return to the previous level mpmoulder
Requires v1.2
Enable turbo mptwinturbo
Double range attack mplongrange
Next sound effect mpnoise
Music speed increases mpmaestro
Music speed decreases mplangsam
Normal music speed mpnormalmusic
Easy mode mpeasymode
Move around upside down mpwildwacky
Black and white graphics mpgloomy

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Saving ammunition

  • Pick up and throw the powder kegs instead of wasting your ammunition.
  • Pick up and throw your enemies whenever you have the chance. Save your ammunition for the enemies that can use long-range attacks against you.
  • Do not save your pistol ammo and dynamite. Use these against the regular enemies because the normally will not work against the Bosses.


You do not have very many magic attacks to use. Only use magic if you can defeat at least two enemies with one attack.

Reaching difficult places

  • Jump and throw dynamite to get to hard to reach locations.
  • Use the Catnip power-up to get the items that are normally out of reach. However you must be fast because the Catnip will not last very long.

Defeating normal enemies

Use the following tactics to defeat the normal enemies in the indicated levels.

  • Robber thieves and cutthroats (levels 3 and 4): Dodge their arrows and knives and attack them with a high slash.
  • White and brown guard dogs (levels 5 and 6): They are very defensive. Your sword will rarely do damage against them. Use your pistol on them.
  • Bear sailors (levels 7, 8, and 13): They will try to grab and crush you. If you get grabbed, quickly do as many movements as possible to escape.
  • Red Tail pirates (levels 7, 8, and 13): They are most vulnerable to a punch attack immediately after they swing at you.
  • Crabs (level 7): Use a Magic Claw.
  • Peg leg pirates (levels 9 and 10): They will be stunned if you hit them in their peg leg. They also hate to be punched.
  • Crazy hook pirates (levels 9 and 10): After they swing their hooks at you, run in close to hit them.
  • Mercats (levels 11 and 12): They will shoot tridents when you are seen. Stay out of sight and come in for a sneak attack.
  • Sirens (levels 11 and 12): They will freeze you if they hit you with their attack. Clear the area of any Mercats before you get near the Sirens.
  • Royal Tiger Guards (level 14): They hate to be picked up and thrown.

Defeating Aquatis

Use your sword to hit the three tentacles and get them out of your way. Then, run to the right edge of the platform and toss a stick of dynamite into a small hole just behind Aquatis by holding the button down. The dynamite will explode in the hole and shake a stalactite loose from the ceiling. The stalactite will fall and damage Aquatis. Quickly run as far to the left as possible to avoid Aquatis' tentacle frenzy then repeat the strategy. Note: There is no need to stand on the small floating platform next to Aquatis.

Defeating Gabriel

Jump up the disappearing platforms to the top then jump to the right and hit the switch on the mast. This will tilt the cannon so that it is pointing at Gabriel. The next time Gabriel fires a cannonball at you, it will hit him instead. Jump back up the platforms and repeat this until Gabriel does himself in. Fend off the enemies that hop down to fight you and avoid the explosions while you are hitting the switch.

Defeating Katherine

Jump towards Katherine and hit her with a high slash attack. As soon as your feet hit the ground, jump away from her and repeat. If you happen to stun Katherine, kneel down in front of her and attack as many times as possible. Running away does not work against Katherine because her whip will be able to hit you anywhere.

Defeating Le Rauxe

Jump towards Le Rauxe. As you come down from the jump, attack him. Immediately crouch and attack La Rauxe again then jump back to get out of the way of his attack. If you get too close to a wall, jump over Le Rauxe to the other side of the room then start your attack pattern again. Do not stand still for very long.

Defeating Marrow

  • Wait by the pit and hit the parrot when you see it fly towards you. After you hit the parrot three times, the bridge will appear. Run across the bridge and use a jumping high slash attack on Marrow. Once you hit Marrow five times, the parrot will pick Marrow up and fly to the opposite side of the screen. Quickly jump up to the platform and wait for the parrot again. Keep repeating this strategy.
  • Make sure you have at least 25 bullets. Start on the pit and pull yourself back as far as possible, until you are touching the wall where the door is supposed to be. Crouch every time you hear Marrow shooting. Try to shoot him back as you crouch, but try not to expend too many bullets. The parrot will make a different sound each time. Be ready, as it will fly straight towards you. This is when you must shoot it. Hit it three times, then the bridge will open. Once it is set, jump onto it and stay in the middle. From there jump towards Marrow and make an aerial slash (sword attack while jumping). Immediately after doing it, and while still on the air, pull yourself backwards again to the middle of the bridge. Repeat this until you have hit him five times. This must be repeated four times before he finally dies. Note: When attacking him, try not to jump too high or he will probably shoot you in the head. Also, do not get too close to him; always chase him in the distance and stay on the bridge when attacking him.

Defeating Omar

  • Omar has protective shields going around him. Your special attacks are not going to do any damage to him. Drop down to the area below and look at Omar to see what type of shield he has around himself. Omar switches between a fire shield and an ice shield. If you see a fire shield, climb up the ladder and follow the right path. Climb down the next ladder and go to the right. Take the ice sword and return to Omar. Shoot an ice bolt through the opening in Omar's shield to do damage. If you see an ice shield, climb up the ladder and follow the left path. Climb down the next ladder and go to the left. Take the fire sword and return to Omar. Shoot a fire bolt through the opening in Omar's shield to do damage. Keep doing this until Omar has been brought down. Then, climb up the ladder and ride the lift up to the top. Time your jumps over the lava and Omar's attacks, then jump over to him. Once you are next to Omar, attack him with your sword to do damage. Then, go over to the opposite side and repeat those tactics.
  • If Omar has a fire shield around him, do not shoot with a fire sword or his health will increase. If he has an ice shield, do not use an ice weapon.
  • Omar is first surrounded by either fire or ice shields. Go down and take a look at his shield. If it is an ice shield, climb the ladder and move towards the left to get a fire sword. Return to him, then fire at the small shield opening. This will decrease his life. If it is a fire shield, climb the ladder and move towards the right to get the ice sword. Return and fire in the opening. Once his life decreases and gets low, he will move upwards. Follow him and attack him with your sword. He will move towards the right and left. Keep following and attacking him until he has been defeated. Note: When you attack Omar with the same sword as his shield type, he will regain life.

Defeating Red Tail

  • Start by hopping up onto the platform above you. You will be torn to shreds if you remain on the ground. Stay up high to avoid most of Red Tail's attacks. Once you are up above, try and stay directly over Red Tail as he runs back and forth. When he jumps up to your platform, kneel down and attack when he lands from his jump. He should then jump back down to the ground. Stay up there and repeat this until Red Tail has been defeated.
  • Start by getting onto the platform where Red Tail stands. He will probably come down to get you at first. This is when you have to gain advantage and get to the right-hand side of the platform. Try to stay near the edge, but not far enough to fall down. If you fall from the platform you will probably have to start again. Once at the right edge of the platform, Red Tail will probably throw knives at you. Jump in between them to dodge the attack. When Red Tail jumps up to the platform, immediately jump and slash him with your sword while he is in the air. Afterwards immediately slash him again (but do not crouch) then quickly perform your third attack. He will dodge it and go down again. Run away from him so that he does not bash you on his way down. Repeat the same procedure until he has been defeated. Note: The technique is effective because when you slash him in the air, he becomes momentarily stunned, giving you a chance to attack him again. Also, if you do not crouch, you can move freely and dodge his attacks.

Defeating Wolvington

  • To defeat Wolvington, just watch his movements. After you reach him, do not move. Let him come near you. When he gets inside your reach, press Z to pick him up and start moving towards the wall on the right. Stop a few steps before you reach the wall and throw him. Immediately sit down. When Wolvington gets up, start to slash him with the sword. Because he is so near to you, he will not be able to use his magic or fists.
  • Jump towards Wolvington and hit him with a high slash attack. Immediately attack Wolvington with a low slash to force him back. Then, quickly jump towards him and repeat. Wolvington will shoot magic attacks at you. Be prepared to dodge them. If you stay fairly close to him, he will not shoot but will instead try close range attacks.
  • Carry Wolvington up. Get near to the end and throw him. Get closer to him. Get down and hit him on the leg. He cannot use magic because you are near him, and he cannot hit you because you are down.

Level 2: Secret area

In the area just before the battle with Le Rauxe is a tall outpost. Climb up to the top. Notice the small white cloud directly to your left. Jump onto the cloud. It will support your weight. You will also notice some more white clouds in sequence. Jump from cloud to cloud, get the Catnip power-up, then continue to the platform towards the secret area.

Level 13: Secret area

This area is extremely difficult to reach. Once at the end of the level, enter the Boss fight with Redtail. He will start firing his pistol at you. Dash over and dodge until you reach the end of the small sandbar. Get a running start and jump as far as you can into the water. If you are lucky you will land on a small platform hidden in the water. The platform will take you to a skull and an extra life. Get them both then return to the battle with Redtail.

Level 14: Secret area

Just before the long corridor that leads to Omar, there is an invisible platform just before the overhang starts. Get a running start and jump onto it. The platform is positioned against the wall. The platform will take you up into the last secret area.