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Carnival: Funfair Games

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This game is titled Carnival Games in North America and Europe, and Carnival: Funfair Games in Europe.

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Select the word "Games" above the Ringmaster's head at the game type menu (with single player and multi-player options).



Complete indicated task in the listed game to unlock a prize.

Alley Ball: Score 100 three times in a row to win the Dinosaur Scales.
Balloon Darts: Pop three small green balloons to win the Jester's Hat.
Collection Plate: Get each lit up plate.
Dunk Tank: Hit the Scuba Tank under the target to win it, hit the Green Hat above the target to win it.
Football Toss: Hit the Army Helmet on the ground in Football Toss to win it.
Frog Leap: Land in the center lilypad.
Going Nuts: Catch the purple nut to win the Jester's Boots.
Lucky Cups: Get the ball in the gold cup and any green cup.
Meter-O-Love: Get the highest rank.
Nerves of Steel: Get through all three stages without touching the wire to win the Cat Ears.
Pigskin Pass: Hit the army hat.
Prize Claw: Get the purple googly eye hat and select it where it falls afterwards.
Shoot For The Stars: Hit the Cowboy Hat to win it.
Spilled Milk: When the blue and red stripped bottles appear at random, knock that stack down to win the Pirate's Garb (blue bottles) and Pirate's Hat (red bottles).
Super Day At The Races: Win in first place in less than a minute.
Super Hole in One: Get through at least four holes.
Super Hoops: Score 24 points.
Super Spilled Milk: Get over 80 points to win the Musket.
The Great Swami: Keep playing until you get the special card to win the Swami Hat.

Additionally, select the listed object when it appears in the indicated location for a bonus item.

Select the monkey when he pops out of the barrel next to the swami in Fortune Way to win the Fez.
Select the monkey when he gets on top of Meter-O-Love in Love Lane to win the Money Mask.
Select the UFO when it flies in sky over Claw Alley to win the Zapper.
Select the bird sitting above the Push A Prize machine in Lucky Pass to win the Winner Sash.
Select the gopher three times in Rodent Row to win the Goggles.


Hoops or Super Hoops: Easy points

Jab the Wiimote forward to shoot. If done correctly, you will get points very easily. This is the easiest and quickest way to score points.

Test Your Strength

On Test Your Strength ,build up power until it hits the green bell. Wait until the target gets to the center. You will hit the bell.


Super Circle Drop: Disc goes through board

On your first go in Super Circle Drop, get the top of the disc and the top of the red circle lined up so that they are just touching. Also make sure the disc is in the middle of the red circle. When you drop the disc it will go down slightly, but when it lands it will go through the board.

Get medium prize when you hit three clowns

Sometimes when you play the Ka-Pow carnival game and you knock down three clowns, you will only get the medium prize as your reward.


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