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Carnival Games: In Action

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This game is titled Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do in North America and Carnival Games: In Action in Europe and Australia.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Coaster Captain (10 points): Play all games in Coaster Corner.
Blast Off (10 points): Play all games in LaunchPad Lane.
Prize Collector (10 points): Purchase 10 prizes.
Carousel Sweety (10 points): Play all games in Carousel Junction.
Slugger (75 points): Hit a Home Run with the 100mph fastball.
Tea Cup Sportster (10 points): Play all games in Tea Cup Court.
Whirligiggled (10 points): Play all games in Whirligig Way.
Prize Fighter (10 points): Win 10 prizes.
Looky Looky (5 points): View a pet prize you have won.
Prize Surprise (5 points): Win your first prize.
Around the block (5 points): Visit every alleyway.
All Dressed Up (15 points): Complete a full outfit (hat, costume and pet).
Back for more (5 points): Play 5 games in a row of any game.
Ticket Store (5 points): Purchase your first prize with tickets.
Prize Frenzy (150 points): Win & Purchase all prizes.
Contender (50 points): Go at least 17 rounds on Knockout Punch.
At the Buzzer (10 points): Make a basket within the last second of Court King.
Granny Skills (75 points): Make a basket with each object given in Granny Shot.
Crash Dummy (25 points): Knock out at least 600 gold bricks in Crash-Test Dummy.
Monkey Barker (100 points): Purchase the Monkey Barker prize.
Stylin (15 points): Purchase the Barker's Best prize.
Tip O' the Cap (5 points): Purchase the Barker Bowler prize.
True Star (25 points): Collect at least 100 Red Stars from Gold Rush Mountain.
Perfect Pitcher (75 points): Don't miss once with all pitches in Golden Arm.
Astronaut (10 points): Fly to Mars on launch 1.
Stack a Lack'n (25 points): Stack 20 funnel cakes.
The Ringer (25 points): Get two rings on the same peg in Ring Fling.
Total Domination (15 points): Get the rank of Dominator in Strength Test.
Funky Monkey (10 points): Finish Monkey See, Monkey Do with no bad poses.
Risk Taker (200 points): Clear out the wheel in Wheel of Chance.

Avatar Awards

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award.

Barker Bowler: Purchase Barker Bowler Prize.
Barker's Best: Purchase Barker's Best Prize.
Monkey Barker: Purchase Monkey Barker Prize.

Coasterama Pack

Monkey Dancin' Pack


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