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Cars (PSP)

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Cheat Codes

Master code

Hold L and press Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, Circle, X at the main menu to unlock all cars, tracks, paintjobs, movie clips and modes.

Unlimited speed boost

Pause game play during a single player race. Then, hold L and press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle.

Speedway Reversed bonus track

Hold L and press X, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle, Square at the main menu.

Cheat passwords

Select "Options" at the main menu. Select "Cheats", then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Unlimited boost: Enter VROOOOM as a code.
All cars: Enter YAYCARS as a code.
All movie clips: Enter WATCHIT as a code.
All tracks and mini games: Enter MATTI33 as a code.
All art: Enter CONC3PT as a code.
Mater's Speedy Circuit: Enter TRGTEXC as a code.



Defeat Boost during Story mode.


Defeat Chick during Story mode.


Defeat DJ during Story mode.

Doc Hudson

With the Gran Prix Cup 1.


With the Gran Prix Cup 1.


Win the Gran Prix Cup 2.

Snot Rod

Defeat Snot Rod during Story mode.


Defeat Wingo during Story mode.

Mirror Cup

Collect all postcards in the Postcard Rally races in Story mode.

Alternate paint colors

Beat the goal time for one of the following tracks in Time Trial mode to unlock an alternate paint color for the indicated car. A different color will be unlocked depending on if you finish in first, second or third place.

Chick: Speedway track
DJ: Radiator Cap Run track
Doc Hudson: Mesa Ravine track
Lightning McQueen: Figure 8 track
Luigi: Diesel Forest track
Mater: Desert Canyon Dash track
Sally Carrera: Radiator Springs track
Sarge: Frank's Field track
Sheriff: Ironhorse Junction track
Snot Rod: Turbine Canyon
Wingo: Interstate track


Turbine Canyon: Shortcut

The first shortcut is where there is about five or six obstacles. Jump or drive over them.