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Castle Crashers (Xbox 360)

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Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character.

Alien Hominid: Have the full version of Alien Hominid HD installed with at least one of its achievements.
Barbarian: Complete King's Arena offline.
Black Knight: Complete the Game as the Grey Knight.
Brute: Complete the game as the Eskimo.
Commoner: Complete the game as the Peasant.
Eskimo: Complete Icy Arena offline.
Fencing Knight: Complete the game as the Industrial Iron Knight.
Forest Knight: Complete the game as the Thief.
Grey Knight: Defeat the Barbarian Boss.
Industrial Iron Knight: Complete the game as the Blue Knight.
Killer Beekeeper: Complete the game as the Barbarian.
Ninja: Complete the game as the Red Dragon Knight (Fire Demon).
Peasant: Complete the game as the Hoodless Peasant.
Periwinkle Knight: Complete the Volcano Arena.
Red Dragon Knight (Fire Demon): Complete the game as the Orange Knight.
Royal Guard: Complete the game as the Green Knight.
Saracen: Complete the game as the Royal Guard.
Skeleton: Complete the game as the Red Knight.
Thief: Complete Thieves' Arena offline.
White Bear: Complete the game as the Skeleton.

Insane mode

Successfully complete the game. A new path will unlock after the ending credits and final maiden duel. It is located south of the Barbarian Boss map. Enter it to play in Insane mode.

Animal Orbs

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Animal Orb (Video).

  • Beholder: Go to Fullmoon with the Cardinal equipped. Go on the hill section and it will get a key from the second hut. Use it as a weapon to hit the door in the animal ark to get the Beholder. This orb increases Magic.
  • Bipolar Bear: Go to the end of Snow World. Blow the horn near the entrance of the Ice Castle. This orb mauls enemies and friends that are very low on health.
  • Bitey Bat: Kill Pipistrello in his cave. This orb chomps enemy heads.
  • Burly Bear: Go to Tall Grass Field and get to where you climb up the cliff. Use a sandwich to lift a boulder and reveal a cave. Bomb the cracked wall inside the cave and enter the opening to get Burly Bear. This orb gives +2 Strength.
  • Cardinal: Go to Industrial Castle. After the elevator ride fight the large knight whom has Cardinal. This orb helps you find secret items.
  • Chicken: Go to Medusa's Lair. At first dig spot you find should be the Chicken. This orb increases Strength, Defense and Agility.
  • Frogglet: Go to the Marsh. Dig it up by the first graves. This orb picks up items with its tongue.
  • Giraffey: Go to the Desert. Dig it in the desert before you reach the alien ship. This orb gives +10% experience points.
  • Hawkster: Note: You will need the horn. Go to Tall Grass Field. At the first white bear camp you encounter will have sign that shows the horn. Blow the horn and out comes Hawkster. This orb picks up fruit from trees and attacks fallen enemies.
  • Install Orb: Go to the Alien Ship. While escaping look for a gap on the back wall. Walk through it to get the Install Orb. This orb attacks enemies with photon beams.
  • Meowburt: Go to Cyclops Cave. Exit to the left back to Parade to find Meowburt. This orb gives Agility +2.
  • Monkeyface: Purchase at the Church store for 750 gold. This orb increases your luck for finding items.
  • Mr. Buddy: Go to Home Castle when you have the shovel. Go to the party room, then go all the way to the back of the room until you see a dig spot. Dig there to get Mr. Buddy. This orb helps you dig faster.
  • Owlet: Go to Forest Entrance. Follow the path until you reach a place where you will see black musical notes. Go to the notes and you will find Owlet. This orb retrieves hidden fruit from trees.
  • Pazzo: Purchase at the Snow World store for 750 gold. This orb helps you find buried treasure.
  • Piggy: Purchase at the Peasant store for 585 gold. This orb allows food to give back more health.
  • Rammy: Go to Tall Grass Field and defeat the mini-Boss bear. This orb knocks down enemies.
  • Scratchpaw: Go to the Sand Castle interior and bomb the wall. This orb increases strength and agility.
  • Seahorse: Go to the Thieves' Forest by the river. This orb lets you move through water fast.
  • Sherbert: Go to the very far left part of the Animal Ark. Use Magic Jump to get it above the locked door. This orb allows you to jump higher.
  • Snailburt: Found in the Marsh. This orb gives -5 Agility and +5 Defense.
  • Snoot: Bomb a cracked wall found early in the Cyclops Fortress. This orb gives Strength +2.
  • Spiney: Purchase at the Volcano store for 680 gold. This orb gives Defense +2.
  • Troll: Go to the Thieves' Forest and bomb the wall. This orb regenerates your health slowly.
  • Yeti: Go to the end of Snow World. It is hidden behind a house at the bottom of the hill. This orb keeps you from getting frozen.
  • Zebra: During the Desert Chase, catch and kill the Saracen on a camel that has it. This orb helps you find food in grass.


Walkthrough (PlayStation3)

Walkthrough (Xbox 360)


Easy experience

  • Go to the Desert area (immediately after getting off the boat) and equip the Girrafey animal orb. It will help you level up faster. This area is swarming with an endless supply of scorpions. Keep killing those scorpions repeatedly to level up faster. Note: You will level up based on how much damage you deal to a target, and not how many enemies you kill. This will require some time and patience.
  • Go to the point in the Lava World area where you need a sandwich to continue, but do not have a sandwich with you. Because you do not have a sandwich, enemies here will drop sandwiches when they are defeated. Do not pick up a sandwich and they will keep respawning. Keep defeating them to gain as much experience as desired. Note: this trick works best with low level characters.
  • When at lower levels, go to Thieves' Forest. Kill the first few thieves until they begin to run away. A large troll will appear and shoot out smaller trolls. Kill as many of them as possible, but avoid hitting the larger troll. The longer he is there, the more smaller trolls you can farm.
  • When between levels 25 and 40, go to Lava World. Follow the walkway until you reach a metal wall. Keep killing Fire Demons while reaching that point. Do not break the wall with a sandwich to keep the enemies spawning. You can also go to Marsh and progress to near the end to find a troll with two Druidic Knights. Allow the troll to spawn smaller ones, and keep farming them.
  • If you are over level 40 go to the last level. Fight the Painter. He will not attack until he is at half health. While he is painting, use your strongest attacks on him. Remove as much of his health as possible before the paintings attack.
  • Created by spiralout1123211.

Getting Sherbert without Magic Jump

Go to the far left of the Ark where the door is locked (if you have not unlocked it already). Get directly next to the door, so that you can no longer go left. Jump, then immediately press Y, X, Y, X, Y, X (making sure you actually hit the door) until you reach Sherbert. This is a great way to save skill points to use on other attributes.

Defeating the Painter

Note the color of the brush while fighting the Painter in the Wizard's Castle. It will give a clue as to what he will paint next.

Light pink: Unicorn
Orange: Carrot Clock
Teal: Angry Person
Red: Big Monster
Purple: Octopus
Magenta: Clown
Turquoise: Zombie
Light orange: Cat
White: Elephant
Light purple: Nose-Snail


Complete the indicated task to get the indicated item.

Binoculars: Collect it at the end of the Industrial Castle level, after defeating the Boss.
Boomerang: Equip the Cardinal Animal Orb in the Thief Forest level. The cardinal will find it when you find the owl defecating from a tree.
Bow and Arrow: Found randomly in the Thief Forest level.
Compass: Search to the left of the blacksmith.
Horn: Defeat the Corn boss to receive it from a peasant.
Key Weapon: Equip the Cardinal Animal Orb in the Full Moon level. Go up when you reach the mountain path and approach the second hut.
Spade: Go to the first desert level. It is in front of you to the left of the sand castle.
Steering Wheel: Defeat the dragons and go to the end of the lava-colored level.
Treasure Map: Defeat a team in a game of volleyball during a mission at the Sand Castle level.

View development team

Go to the left at the start of the alien aircraft area. You can see the developers floating in a force field.

Terminator2: Judgment Day reference

Fight the Cyclops. He will jump into a pool of lava and give a thumbs up after submerging.

Easy "Animal Handler" achievement

 PC  In addition to the 26 animals that were required for the original Xbox 360 release, you must purchase the two animals found in the Insane Store. Note: The fastest way to make money for the pets that must be purchased is to farm the "Barbarian Boss" level with a strong character. You will get about 120 gold each time. Also, if you purchase a pet in any store in multiplayer mode then get back your old pet, anyone you are playing with can get the pet you bought for free as long as you remain in the area.

Easy "Conscientious Objector" achievement

Start at the first level and pass though the first Boss without attacking anything. Enlist the help of a friend to have them fight the enemies.

Easy "Medic!" achievement

 PC  This requires three controllers. Use your strongest character assign the three controllers to a level 1 character. Go to one of the later worlds and allow the three low level characters to die. Then, resuscitate them.

Easy "The Traitor" achievement

Get minions by winning Arena matches in single player mode in certain arenas. After getting one, start a new singe player game using him.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
ncwyd stc opcat

Kay Eye Ess Ess (15 points): Collect all 4 princesses' kisses in a multiplayer game.
Traditional (20 points): Complete the game using any character.
The Traitor (20 points): Defeat any boss by playing one of his own minions.
Deer Trainer (20 points): Navigate the Abandoned Mill without hitting any obstacles. (Video)
Conscientious Objector (20 points): Complete the Home Castle through Barbarian Boss areas without attacking any foes.
Maximum Firepower (10 points): Using a catapult, fling a knight with maximum power.
Animal Handler (20 points): Collect all the animals.
Arena Master (15 points): Win 40 Arena Ranked Matches.
Glork (15 points): Win 20 All You Can Quaff Ranked Matches.
Melee Is Best (15 points): Defeat any boss without using any magic.
Treasure Hunter (20 points): Find and dig up ten buried items.
Medic! (10 points): In a 4 player game, resuscitate each of your fallen comrades at least once.

Avatar Awards

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award.

Animal Orb - Cardinal: Go to the Industrial Castle and defeat the beefy Brute.
Knight Helmet: Defeat any boss without using any Magic.

King Pack

Necromantic Pack


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