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Castle Frenzy

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Game Center achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
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100 Boars (50 points): Kill 100 boars.
100 Dark Elves (50 points): Kill 100 dark elves.
100 Goblins (50 points): Kill 100 goblins
100 Skeletons (50 points): Kill 100 skeletons.
100 Trolls (50 points): Kill 100 trolls.
100 Warlocks (50 points): kill 100 warlocks.
Addictied (50 points): Play more than one hour without quitting the game.
Brick in the Wall (50 points): Kill 100 enemies by smashing them against the wall.
Burden of the Troll (20 points): Smash 50 goblins with a troll.
Cash & Carry (50 points): Get 1,000 gold in one level.
Challenger (150 points): Complete all challenges.
Free Your Mind (50 points): Kill a warlock who is controlling other enemies.
Ice Mania (50 points): Freeze 50 enemies into ice statues.
Liberator (50 points): Free 20 wild boars from their riders
Lock & Load (75 points): Purchase all upgrades.
No More Strangers (75 points): Encounter all the enemies in the game.
Picky Customer (100 points): Skip a level when buying an item.
Playing with Fire (100 points): Kill enemies with each bounce of a Level 3 Fireball.
Recruit (200 points): Complete the campaign on EASY dificulty.
Soldier (250 points): Complete the campaign on NORMAL difficulty.
Ststue Garden (50 points): Petrify 100 enemies.
Treat Pets Well (50 points): Feed the Hydra with all eatable enemy types
True Defender (300 points): Complete the campaign on HARD difficulty.