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Championship Manager

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Get promoted automatically

First, choose your details but stop when you get to the team selection. Select Southampton and take control. Then, buy only three players of the same league and continue. Then, choose two friendlies and continue with the season, You will then have the best team in the championship and will automatically get promoted.

Get any player

Decide which player you want, then go to "Make Offer" under "Actions" on the player. Make a loan offer (must be 100% wages and one month). If he joins on loan, put him in the youth squad then select "Actions" and approach to sign him. He will then sign on a free transfer.
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Finish a season as a club of your choice then wait until the first of July. Then, go on "Player Search" and on "Contract Status" enter expired. Young quality players will be available for free.

Easy money

Buy small, and sell big. Offer players to rich clubs, like in Spain and Italy, but put a high offer price for them. For example, with a £500,000 player, offer clubs £10 million. Make sure you do not get greedy or no club will want them. Be careful when a new season starts and the new transfer budget is announced; as you will lose some of your newly required huge budget, but not all of it. Spend heavily on quality players before this happens.